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Do you have a special photograph you’ve taken that shows something – strange and out of the ordinary? We love seeing these images! Very often folks photograph some life form from another realm that just happened to – or very purposefully – enter our human third dimension via a digital photograph.

This is the 9th annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest that Crystal Life has sponsored.

The rules this year have been a bit different. There are so many wonderful photographs of life forms being taken now that once a year was not enough! We’ve been holding monthly contests, each month a different theme, with monthly winner receiving a $50 certificate to Crystal Life and their photo published in our social media. All photos entered into the monthly contests are automatically entered into our annual contest as well, so you don’t need to resend anything.

1 Pan - Estefania Mondragon

1st – PAN – ESTEFANIA MONDRAGON. “This photograph was one of my first photos of a nature spirit. I had just finished reading Atala’s Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts book, which I really enjoyed and helped me remember things that I knew as a little girl but had forgotten… (this nature spirit) appeared to me in 2015 after meditating and talking to the pine tree he was guarding. His tree was about to be cut, I was very saddened by the news and wanted to figure out a way to prevent his removal, I sat in front of the tree closed my eyes and I received a beautiful message about the ephemeral nature of life….His voice was deep, serious, and very wise. “

Shown here is the winning photograph and 2nd place finisher for 2017. You can learn more about these images, and see others as well, at our Public Submissions Nature Spirit Photo Gallery.

2nd Place. The peaceful Warrior. Caroline Potter

2nd Place. The peaceful Warrior. Caroline Potter

Any spirit image qualifies for the annual event – it could be plasma, orbs, nature spirits, ghosts…or something else. We prefer photographs to be 1000 px on the long side, saved as a .jpg . Tell us a bit about yourself and the photograph (where it was taken, the occasion). In your email, give us permission to publish your photo on our website and social media. You retain all copyright rights.  Send your information to  Winners will be announced the week after the contest closes, and the winning photographs are featured at our Crystal Life Technology store in Geneva, Illinois throughout spirit month – October.

First prize is $100. Second prize is $50. Third prize is $25. There will be 9 finalists who will be recognized, but there is no award associated with this.