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How small can you go, in photographing a nature spirit? That’s our contest challenge for November. 

Sometimes we capture nature spirits working on a grand scale – whole mountainsides, for example. Other times we capture very tiny nature spirit beings who live in moss, ferns, leaves, and nature all around.

Greetings from the Fairy Worldantique fairiesOld style English paintings often feature the artist’s imaginings – or actual viewings – of these tiny folk. Here are two examples of English paintings.

Today, some of us can actually take photographs of small life forms who have solidified enough in our world to be photographed. This is the challenge for November – finding and photographing on this scale.

Salvador Navarro - fairy







Here is a delightful image of a fairy that Salvador Navarro took. Note the division of the legs.







Below are two small images I took. The chakra Buddha orb is about 2″ tall. The moss faery (pink shirt and white pants) is about 3″ tall. Note how difficult it is to see the moss faery – and see my tips below to get a better shot than I did (this was my first nature spirit photograph). Moss Fairy at Home

Buddha Orb


You can submit your Nature Spirit Photo of small beings in two ways. We think the most fun way is online. We’ve formed a Facebook group for sharing. Our group is called Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts.  You’ll need to request admission – we keep it a closed group so all communication can be safe and peaceful. You can post your submission there. You can, alternately, send us your photo, to   

And, of course, we invite you to post any other images you have of other nature spirit forms to the Facebook group. We started this group so that all the wonderful submissions we receive each month can be appreciated by all – not just the winner’s photo made public!

The winner of the month receives a $50 gift certificate to shop at Crystal Life. All submissions are also automatically entered into our annual contest.


Some Contest Tips

When you head out to do your photography – you get help from the local faery folk if you will pause and salute the guiding nature spirit of the area (called a deva). Let them know what you are seeking to achieve, and that you would like to work in harmony with the spirits, in part to prove to humans that they are real and should be respected and can be worked with for the good of all.

When you feel you’ve photographed a small spirit – thank the spirit and the deva of the area for assisting you. Then take some more photos. You should see the life form has moved – just like us, they move about. If there is no movement – you probably have photographed some object or shadow that has a human shape to it. It’s a way to double check yourself.

It is very hard to get a good sharp photograph of these small life forms, as we often have taken a photograph of a large scene – then discovered the life form has manifested in it, and we enlarge the photo and crop it. So it is good to work with a camera/cell phone with a lot of pixels available. Save the photo in its pristine form – make a number of copies and work on them. Work in a lossless process such as NEF, jpeg, tiff, psd – you can convert your original image if it was a .jpg, to one of these formats and then work on the image. The issue with working in .jpg is that each time you save – you are losing pixels. Eventually, the image gets grainy beyond good recognition.

The last thing you do is convert the image to a .jpeg that is no larger than 1000 pxls on the long side.If you are submitting via our Facebook community, Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts – please put all three photo variations into one photo album and post them. Otherwise, post the photo you have. You can also send us photos, via  But we all would prefer to have the photos posted to Facebook, so everyone can enjoy seeing all images.


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