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chrysocolla abstract-simplify

Chrysocolla – abstract – simplified in Topaz

It’s February – that time in the northern areas of the USA when folks usually find indoor tasks and games to do! So we are inviting you to have some fun with rocks! This month’s contest is, admittedly, for computer geeks – those of us who enjoy playing around with various photo programs like Adobe, Topaz and Nik. You can use these programs to enhance photos – or to turn them into art pieces of various styles.

Chrysocolla – Van Gogh style via Topaz

I had some fun with a lovely chrysocolla specimen that had a nice variation of colors from blues through greens into browns, as you can see here.

So – take one of your own rock photographs and have some fun with it. Send us your original photograph and your favorite adaptation. The transformation we find the most fun and attractive will win this month’s Nature Spirit Photo Contest.

Now – while this is a fun contest, it does have its deeper levels. It is asking you to look at your rock with new eyes. Rocks are beneficial to humans in many ways – from building shelters to providing nutrients. They are like all life forms – sometimes they like to be “guzzied up” – decorated in style! So – what kind of fun would your rock enjoy having its physical characteristics experience?

chrysocolla abstract-liquify 2

Chrysocolla – liquified in Adobe

Have some fun – spread some winter fun as well! Winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and their image will be featured in a blog and in our monthly Nature Spirit Newsletter. Send the original and your favorite variation to


Chrysocolla - Card

Chrysocolla – where it all started – the original specimen photograph

Spirit of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla – “Twirled” in Adobe

chrysocolla abstract

Chrysocolla – the close up section used in this project