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Thank you to Ezra Gayatree Sky  for submitting these images of an Indian Woman Nature Spirit!

In Ezra’s words:

I saw this rock that looked like a sitting old Indian woman, looking towards the ocean. I later learned that she was commonly referred to as Grandmother Rock.

The magnificent Grandmother Rock seems to be sitting cross legged, she seems to maybe be pregnant. Her green trailing hair is made out of beautiful succulents which naturally grown on rocks in this part of the Pacific  Coast.







The other view of the Grandmother rock seems to capture her at an older age, looking up and maybe frowning a bit.








The 2 Orbs appeared after I took more photographs of the rock from farther away, this photo has been cropped to see the orbs better, they both seem to carry some of the same tone of  green color of the rock’s (succulents) hair.


Grandmother Rock is located in Trinidad, California