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Today we are sharing with you a collection of photographs sent to us by members of our on-line community. We thought you’d enjoy see this array of life forms folks just like you are finding in their photographs. Each submitter has taken a photograph that has some anomaly in it that has stirred their awareness. They’ve sent us the photo, with a short comment.

Kelly Kamas, a regular contributor to this blog, sent us these two tree images. The first has a Greenman looking to the right and the second has some nature spirit energy flying around the Greenman tree. Kelly tells us:

My kids and I took a nature hike in a new set of woods yesterday. Look at this grand hickory tree! Can you see the Green Man? Pictures 129 I took with my nice Canon DSLR camera. Picture 7656 I took with my pocket sized Canon digital camera–you know, the cheap kind that allows orb energies to show. Look to the right of the tree at the bright energy! What do you think that is??
Thanks for your input! I am so glad that you wrote the book on photographing Nature Spirits. It has literally changed my life 🙂










Here’s a photo of an algae heart that Rachael Levine sent to us. She explains:

I took this photo in early August while in Stonington, Maine. This is a picture of the algae in the Atlantic Ocean that naturally formed into a heart. 











Clasina sent us these photographs, telling us:

I found this rock in a river near my home

















I took this photo in Cochenour Ontario and when I looked at the image I saw the face. Oddly I never saw the face while I was taking the photo.