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The shortest month of the year, February has been a month of romance for millennia.  Since Roman times and the pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia, to our modern Valentine’s Day traditions, February has been about love, abundance, and fertility. Because of this, we decided to choose stones this month that pertained to all types of love. Self-love, healing the heart, learning to be more open to love, removing blockages, and much more. 

Larimar: Larimar radiates love & peace. It is useful in helping heal heart trauma & removing self-imposed blockages, such as guilt & fear. A goddess energy stone that assists women reconnect with their divine feminine energy. ~ Sandi

Pink Tourmaline, Tumbled

Tumbled Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline: Promotes self love, showing that to truly love another one has to love-self. Provides the ability to trust love. ~ Gary

Rose Quartz: This is the classic stone for love. I really like it because it works at so many levels. It is in the quartz family so its basic molecular structure is the star tetrahedron, which is the geometric of creation itself – it balances and encourages positive growth. The rose color connects to the quality of universal love and compassion – for yourself and for others. So it brings forth this nurturing energy no matter what aspect of love you are looking to enhance. ~ Atala

DanburiteI chose Danburite as one of my favorite crystals for love because as it is a heart stone. It also works with the third eye and crown chakras, taking the idea of love to a spiritual plane. It is a karmic cleanser, getting rid of ideas and ways of thinking that hold you back from being able to love yourself or accept love from others. Danburite helps you to see love is actually a choice rather than just a feeling. You can choose to love and to accept love from others. ~ Jamie

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