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Daylight Savings Time Ends


Mar 10 2019


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Daylight Saving Time Begins

Daylight Savings Time Begins

It’s time to spring ahead one hour! Daylight Savings begins at 2 am today. 

Daylight Saving Time History

Most people credit Benjamin Franklin with coming up with daylight saving time, but in reality, it wasn’t Franklin, but an Englishmen named William Willet in 1905 who first came up with the idea we currently use today. He published a brochure in1907 called “The Waste of Daylight” and spent much of his personal fortune enthusiastically promoting the adoption of what the Brits call “summer time.” Germany was the first country to adopt daylight saving time in April of 1916 in order to conserve electricity. 

American farmers did not lobby for daylight saving to have more time to work in the fields.  The agriculture industry was deeply opposed to the time switch when it was first implemented on March 31, 1918, which began as a wartime measure. The sun dictates farmers’ schedules, which meant daylight saving was very disruptive to farming. Why?  Farmers had to wait an extra hour for dew to evaporate to harvest hay, hired hands worked less since they still left at the same time for dinner and cows weren’t ready to be milked an hour earlier to meet shipping schedules. It was repealed in 1919 and was reinstated during World War II. It wasn’t until 1966 and the Uniform Time Act that America began observing Daylight Savings Time on the same date and time. 



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