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Many people have no interest in drinking water. They say it doesn’t taste good. In reality, the water is probably almost dead from all the trials it has gone through to get to your faucet. Even most bottled water has lost its life force energy. Here are some tips to start you enjoying water again:

Place Slim Spurling’s  Light Life 1/2 or 1 cubit rings over your faucets, shower heads and garden hoses. As water passes through the rings it starts to rebalance.

Decant water (faucet or bottled) into a glass or ceramic jar. Place the jar inside a 1 cubit or 1 lost cubit Slim Spurling ring. INSIDE the jar place Crystal Life’s Water Energizer packet (a cobalt blue ceramic energy bead and three quartz crystals). This creates another layer of clearing and balancing.

Place in the water a few drops of your favorite flower essence.This imparts a special “signature” to the water, much as a small woodland spring would have.

Let the water stand a few minutes, at room temperature. Drink throughout the day.

For a special energy treat: At night, place your energized bottle, in the ring, on a counter top. Set up another energized bottle, also in a ring, within 1-2 feet of the first. In the morning, when you come near the bottles, you will find they are resonantly conversing with each other. It is a very happy experience. If you put some dried seaweed between the two, the trio is singing a joyous song of the sea!

Rose Quartz Water Energizing Combo | Crystal LifeAnother good combination is to get a set of our Rose Quartz Energizing Combo. It contains four rose quartz stones, a turquoise ceramic catalyst bead and a Slim Spurling 1/2 cubit ring. Place the stones and bead in a water jug or bottle of water, place the Slim Spurling ½ cubit Light Life ring on top or beneath, and the enclosed labels that says “love” on the bottle. Let the combination sit for at least fifteen minutes. You’ll taste the difference, guaranteed. This combination re-energizes the water; it is not a filter so you would use this in combination with your regular filtering devices. To further energize your drinking water: place both hands on the bottle and with all your personal intent project love and compassion into the water. The ring, beads, stone and label will support your own efforts and will help you hold this loving energy in place.

Rose quartz can be used to release toxins and clear fluids in the cells of the body. When used in water, it helps to soften the complexion, clear the skin, soothe and remove wrinkles and soothe the thymus. It helps release heat, such as from summer weather. If taken in large quantities it can be slightly diuretic, a wonderful asset in sloggy, bloating summer weather or during times of PMS!

Water Tip #1 From Reader:

I put water in a gallon container…inside the two 1 cubit rings I have, and several gallons inside the large 3-1/2 cubit ring. I set the large ring on the floor a few feet from the smaller rings. I also put the seaweed inside the two rings.

At first, for many hours, I didn’t notice anything. Later that night, I was pretty surprised when I went to bed…I heard and felt a calmness, a singing, like a deep ocean-like breeze, but it felt watery. And it was coming from the area of the rings!!! It was very deep, kind of a sigh, a gentleness…I couldn’t get enough of the water to drink!!! It seemed to be supplying me with something I hadn’t had, that I needed.

It felt nice. So then, I put two whole bottles of essential oils in the big ring , and then all the essential oils in bottles that I have in there also!!! Wow! Then I put in an amethyst…I seem to be supercharging the water.” —Raha S. WATER

Water Tip #2 From Reader:

I have the 1/2 cubit Life Light Rings on two faucets in my house. With the rings, there is no chemical smell coming from the water. Best wishes, Jan

Water Tip #3 From Reader:

We have a 1-cubit ring with a 1-1/2 cubit ring around it with an attached Acuvac and Feedback loop. We use this setup to Energize (add more light) to all of our filtered drinking water.

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