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Elephant Tear WI

Elephant Tear – This elephant has a tear for us and our issues. She lives next to the labyrinth at The Clearing retreat in Wisconsin.

It’s a time in our world when we all could use a bit more strength. The image of an elephant keeps coming to mind – that steady walk of strength, that fierce love and protection of community that elephants have.

Elephant-Mouse Geneva IL

Elephant and mouse co-exist in the same tree. Large and small – timid and strong – pull together the opposites in your own emotional life right now. This tree lives at Island Park, Geneva, Illinois.

The elephant energy is a grid that circles our earth, and its image manifests itself at key nodal points. You can identify with elephant energy – or any other positive, inspiring energy – when you need to tap into that world to help you with your personal situation.

Go for a walk and see what energies you find in your area trees and rocks – you’ll find the energies you need right now. Stay there awhile and absorb that energy into your life. Ask that energy to help you.

Here are some elephant images I’ve found over the years; you can identify with these energies right where you are now, reading this.

Like all energies, the elephant grid is subtle and complex. Each of these images calls forth an aspect of elephant energy and strength. Explore them as they pertain to your life right now.

I hope you find them inspiring. Tap into their strength – it’s a world energy that you can identify with and make part of your own life or situation!

Warrior Elephant Peru

A warrior elephant in helmet, located at the back of the Machu Pichu, Peru complex. His strength forms the central part of the protective structure

Elephant totem hat on an African. Jamaica, West Indies. Here the elephant strength and love of community is shown as the spiritual strength supporting the local people who work near this tree.

Elephant Stack WA

This is the famous Elephant Stack, located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Its strength permeates the energy of this wild and rocky area. It interacts with water, the common component of all life.

This is a very peaceful elephant who is part of a family community of rock beings. Estes Park, Colorado.

This elephant (a root structure) is filling itself with the pure, peaceful waterfall pond energy, as do many of the visitors to Madison Falls, Washington.


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