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It’s holiday season for many of the great world cultures – Christian, Jewish and Pagan, to name a few. So to get into the spirit of the season – this month’s contest is “It’s the Holiday Spirit!”  The challenge is: what nature spirit image do you have that would make a good greeting card – in whatever is your tradition. You can include text or just use a photo. It’s a way to take your talent of being able to see nature spirits – and bring this into the everyday world we all live in!

Post your images online in our Facebook Community – Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts. And also send ones you are specifically posting for the contest to  An individual can submit up to 5 photos a month for the contest…and just for sharing with other community members, up to 3 posts per day on any nature spirit topic in the community pages.




Nature’s sharing in the Holiday Spirit can be anything from rocks to trees to holiday scenes. Here are two I’m especially fond of. One is a collection of rock HooDoos who live on Mt Lemmon, Arizona. They look like the Three Wisemen and Their Camel. They look out over the valley below, as if searching for the child…

all is calm all is bright









And here is a Holiday Tree with cheery red Christmas ball, in a winter snowstorm.

The contest continues throughout December, ending midnight on the 31st. Winner receives a $50 gift certificate to and is recognized in our blogs and our Nature Spirit Community.

Happy Holidays!….Atala

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