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Crystals of 2018

Every year there are trends in the crystal world and in our own shop. This year we’ve been delighted by how crystals aren’t just being chosen for their “sparkle” quality. They’re being chosen as natural tools to provide support in day to day life at a greater level than ever before. Our top five crystals of 2018 have provided energy to bring in unconditional love, to support the lower chakras, and to provide peace and serenity. 

Copper Nuggets

Copper Nuggets


For the entire year, copper has been one of our top sellers. Perhaps it is because copper helps you to feel warm or increases your energy. It also helps to ground information and pull in information from higher levels of consciousness. If you ever feel “spacy” or scattered, copper can help you to come back to your body.  

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love has shared our top-seller spot with copper all year. It seems everyone is feeling the need to embrace the warm, loving energy of rose quartz. This lovely crystal helps you to feel loved and accepted, especially when you’ve felt disempowered or unloved. 

Rose quartz stabilizes emotions and helps you to avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Hold rose quartz in your hands to bring in unconditional love and harmony. It will help your heart, your etheric body, and attract loving relationships of all kinds into your life. 

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

The calcite family is large, but three calcites became quite popular with our guests in 2018. Orange calcite is a stone of empowerment and was extremely popular this spring, especially with women. 

This is a highly energizing crystal. Orange calcite works especially well with your lower chakras. The lower chakras are connected to your fundamental emotions and needs – feeling safe, survival on all levels, etc. Orange calcite removes fear, helps you to overcome depression, and maximizes your potential. 

Learn more about the chakras in our chakra room. You can use our Lower Chakras Crystal Grid to improve the health of your base, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. 

Cobalto Calcite

Also known as Roselite, Cobalto Calcite is a stone of forgiveness and unconditional love. This is an excellent stone for soothing intense feelings, emotional healing, and for learning to love yourself. If you’ve been searching for your inner talents, cobalto calcite can help you delve deeper and discover them. 

Cobalto calcite chases away pain, loneliness, and blockages which are limiting your emotional growth. Attuned to the pink flame of pure, compassionate love, it connects your heart and mind. A gentle stone, cobalto helps you to transfer your ideas and dreams into action without overdoing or forcing the timing. It is a good stone for the broken-hearted to heal and to learn to love again. 

Cobalto Calcite

Tumbled Cobalto Calcite

This stone can also be used to help heal from a distance. Ask the calcite if it would like to help you send pink light energy to support another being. If you feel the calcite has agreed to this, place the cobalto calcite on the image of the person needing assistance and ask it to heal whatever is out of balance. 

Blue Calcite

Soothing, calming, and tranquil, blue calcite became quite popular in the last third of 2018. This gentle stone helps to quiet mind chatter and lifts your thoughts to a higher vibration. Like other blue stones, blue calcite is about communication. It works with the throat chakra to improve your communication, especially when you need to express your emotions. Place blue calcite in your favorite space to filter out negative energy.

Blue calcite is beneficial to those of you who suffer from anxiety. Carry a piece with you to bring in peace and place a nice specimen in your most used room to bring in serenity. 

Did you purchase any of these crystals this year? Perhaps you had a different favorite to help you through the energy of 2018. Let us know how you chose to live your crystal life in 2018 by leaving a comment!

Blue Calcite Specimen

Raw Blue Calcite

About Crystals At Crystal Life

All of our stones are hand-selected by Crystal Life President Atala Toy. After hundreds of thousands of years in the earth, they are eager to begin work with their new human partners! When the stones arrive at Crystal Life, they are welcomed warmly by staff members and the store’s resident nature spirits. The stones are energetically cleared on a regular basis, to help them maintain their own inherent peaceful characteristics and personalities while being visited by so many store guests.

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