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Crystals for a Blood Moon

A Blood Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse -when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow. The moon, earth, and sun are in alignment when the moon passes into earth’s shadow at the time of the eclipse, it will turn a deep red, creating a blood moon.  A full moon with a full lunar eclipse is a powerful energy event – and for those of us who are affected by the moon, it is likely to cause more emotional feelings to rise. Crystals can help you handle with the moons energy with aplomb and connect you to different energies. Here are some of our favorites. 



Moonstone heightens your intuition and empathy. It also encourages lucid dreaming – especially during the time of the full moon. This stone of new beginnings encourages serendipity and synchronicity.


 A water-based crystal, Selenite is associated with the tides during a full moon. Wear or carry a piece of selenite to help your emotions to move – especially if you feel old emotions being dredged up – so you can free yourself from the past.


Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite Pendant

This is a very protective stone. As you experience the Blood Moon energy, wear or carry a piece of Labradorite. Use this stone to help you stimulate your intuition and help with synchronicity.


This pale pink crystal invokes feelings of peace and joy. It is a stone of unconditional love and goddess energy. Morganite is beneficial to those of us who may feel anxious and stretched thin during the full moon.

Black Moonstone 

Black Moonstone helps you to deal with shadow emotions that arise at the full moon. Protective black moonstone opens you to the higher energies of your spiritual guidance. Place it around your home to welcome in abundance.

Don’t forget to lay your crystals out in the moonlight during this powerful event!

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