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Crystals are the unique creation of Mother Earth and each stone is one-of-a-kind. Crystal care differs depending on what type of crystal you have. Some are layered, while others are clusters. Some are water soluble, while others, such as amethyst, can be bleached in the sun.  Due to all of these differences, your crystals deserve attention and care that is beneficial to their distinct composition. 

 Why Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

When you first purchase a crystal you cleanse it to remove the energies of those who have come in touch with it along it’s journey. Stones pick up the energy from a room and the energy we carry in our energy field.  In order to keep crystals healthy and vibrating at their optimal levels, they must be cleansed of these different energies. When they aren’t cleansed they can become stressed, and the very energies that they were chosen for are no longer working to help you or your environment. When a crystal becomes very distressed it can break. Maintaining the health of your crystals is just like maintaining the health of your body – you take care of yourself so you are well, vibrant, and capable. Your crystals require the same. 

When Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

Crystals need to be cleansed when you buy them, after wearing them, after use (healing, meditation, etc), this includes jewelry that is gifted to you. Energize them monthly during the full moon by placing them in the moonlight. This can be done indoors in a space that will get moon shine or out-of-doors. Please make sure water soluble crystals are not placed outdoors during inclement weather or when a heavy dew is expected, as it can damage them. 

Carnelian Pendant, Clear Quartz Generator, Blue Kyanite

Crystals That Don’t Need Cleansing

Citrine, Kyanite, Azeztulite, Super Seven

Clear quartz and carnelian cleanse other stones. These two work well with delicate crystals or frail stones, but may need cleansing after they are done helping their crystalline friends.  

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?

Smudge your crystals with the smoke of white sage or by passing it through the smoke of incense. 

Crystals that have been heavily impacted can be buried in the ground. Just be sure to place an upside down flower pot or other marker over the area where you have buried them so you can retrieve them. This practice is good for 3 days to a week. 

Stones in the quartz family can be cleaned by soaking them in a solution of sea salt and water for 7 hours to 3 days. Be sure the water (not tap water)  is the same temperature as the stone you place it to be cleansed. This is because stones cannot expand and contract rapidly, therefore, they may crack with sudden temperature shifts. 

Stones can be placed in the sunlight for clearing – but there are those who fade in the sun, such as rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, kunzite, types of sapphire, fluorite, beryl, citrine, aquamarine, and aventurine

Some prefer to bathe their crystals in the moonlight during a full moon. For this occasion, give a quick bath in salt water at a safe temperature and set your crystals out after sunset. Let them stay in the moonlight overnight.

Stones can be cleared by meditating upon them and having a focus on clearing any energy that is not beneficial to them. 

Reiki energy can be used to cleanse crystals.

Crystals can be placed in dry, clean, coarse sea salt  or clean brown rice for up to 24 hours. Do not use the coarse sea salt in humid conditions. 

Place your crystals on another, larger crystal that acts as an energizer. At Crystal Life we have a large piece of selenite behind the register to help clear different gemstone products. We typically leave them there 12 – 24 hours. 

Our Energy Tube Pendants can be placed next to a crystal will clear and re-energize the crystal in a few hours.

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