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The 1960s were full of passionate individuals who aspired to change and progress our country’s consciousness. These individuals, a mix of Indigos and spiritually in-tune souls, spurred social change that has had ripple effects far into the future.

Today we have a new wave of souls who are passionate about making the world a better place for everyone. Comprised of many souls from different worlds, these young adults are passionately concerned about politics, bullying, the environment, social justice and so much more.  Crystal ActivistsThey heed the calls for change that resonates in their souls and are known as Crystal Activists.

These Crystals are seeking roles in many different fields, striking out where their passion burns most brightly. Many of these youth are finding ways to take situations in their school years (elementary – high school) and turn them into something that can impact society positively, and productively.  Their roads of creation are as different and unique as they are, and yet they are tackled with such emotion and discipline, it is quite likely they will be successful.

You may find them going into law so that they can support the environment in a way that goes beyond protests or extreme environmental groups. These Crystals are getting the education that will allow them to help create laws, or work effectively with environmental agencies so that they can help Mother Earth and, staying true to their Crystal personalities, avoid unnecessary conflict while taking steps that will improve the quality of life for everyone and our planet.

Other Crystals are venturing into support systems for mental health. Whether they’re venturing into Psychology, Psychiatry or Social Work, these individuals have seen the impact of poor relationships, bullying, and toxic interactions and have chosen to find a way to help the youth and adults who suffer with and through them. They have a devotion to creating positive relationships and good mental health that is sometimes coupled with coping skills they themselves have used. These coping skills are a part of curriculums but are not main stream in education yet: dance therapy, music therapy, and art therapy are just a few of the possible couplings with mainstream mental health therapy.

Crystal Activists are also drawn to social justice. These individuals go into many different careers, having a very strong desire to continue to break old social traditions and to create a better government for everyone. Some have chosen the traditional route to begin their journey towards a career as a government official, while others are pursuing other careers and keeping their political activism as an enthusiastic interest. Many of these individuals are involved with the Occupy movements that are active around the world.

While the press and media have done much to discredit what the Occupy movement is about, there is no denying that at the core these individuals see the very big issues within the world governments that aren’t beneficial to the population as a whole. Occupy movements are about a spur to action, a call to change, and this is a perfect example of how the Indigo traits of spurring change are still a large part of the children of the new consciousness. Indeed, it is time to readjust thinking and accept that every group of new consciousness children is going to make a difference not in only how we love, but how our societies exist. Just as we saw in the latest United States election and the shifting voting populace, Occupy members are sure to become a part of how our voting topics and candidates are going to change with time.

So here’s to the youth who wants to make a positive difference in the world! No matter what direction their passion takes them, these Crystal Activists are already beginning to make an important difference in our world.


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