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 “Whenever I broached the subject of hearing voices in a very general way, the cultural message of that time was that only crazy people hear voices, and they are sent to asylums. So I kept silent about it, as most people do even today in our society……We are like radios, receiving many frequencies at once. We need to be taught how to tune into only one frequency at once. We need to be taught how to tune into only one frequency at a time. We can then learn to turn the dial to receive the frequency we are interested in knowing about and communicating with.” ~We Are Not Alone Guidebook

At our Blue Papaya gatherings we’ve centered on holding energy, and discovering how different individuals perceive the energies attached to, created by or are part of a particular object, place, or life force. It’s very interesting to see all the different gifts and similar gifts that are clairaudienceshared, and learn how everyone copes and fine tunes them.  However, there is one area we have yet to cover, and that is clairaudience.

Clairaudience is ‘clear hearing’. It is defined as the act or the power of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality. Clairaudience can include hearing sounds such as music or ringing, as well as voices and can be divided into two types: objective clairaudience, which occurs in the real world so that anyone can hear it if they are open and receptive and subjective clairaudience, which occurs in the mind. It is believed that objective clairaudience is considered a far rarer gift than subjective clairaudience.

Do you know you have clear hearing but refrain from telling others?  Do you rely on it, or is it a passing impression that you act on when you sense it is to be trusted or acted on?

I come from a family of many private and some would say secret clairaudients. My grandfather was an animal whisperer and could hear the voices of wild life. My Aunt confessed near the end of her life that she’d always heard a voice, and that she knew the advice given was always sound but she feared what others would think so this was her private and treasured gift. She only shared her understanding because I told her of my experiences!  She also told me of her sister, who was a gentle, creative soul who had passed on years before, but she too had private council, the ability to hear what others could not see.

I have always been able to hear different things, items that many individuals would surely not believe had voices, or were alive. Such as the kitchen table that had politely asked my brother not to kick it’s legs to spite me (I’d mistakenly confessed that the table had feelings and voice when I was about four years old), or hearing the voices of the flower sprites that lived in my mothers treasured peonies discussing their observance of the lilacs and how their blooms truly weren’t up to par that year. But those were objective, and what I’d always wanted was to hear my higher self clearly and my guides distinctly. To recognize their energy with hearing as well as I recognized with my other senses.

I had an opportunity for this clarity when I undertook a daily meditation process a friend had suggested to me. Within six weeks a brilliant white orb would descend over my right eye, and I could hear what it had to say. Practical, wise, sage advice on everything.  I came to know this beautiful orb is my higher self, who is always present, but always more so when I allow myself to move into a slight hypnotic state.

But this didn’t solve my challenge of hearing my guides or rather, knowing what things I was hearing came from my guides and not from energy outside of my trusted crew.  I’d come to know that I’d chosen mostly males to assist me in this life, their names and even past lives shared together. These were fun, extremely funny, charming and cunning men who I’d known for eons. While this knowledge helped me on one level, it didn’t provide me that assurance, that certainty, that trust my Aunties had with subjective clairaudience.

Atala gave me some great advice on this, and ironically it was also addressed in her Cosmic Portal blog topic just yesterday, October 20. I needed to work on finding a main source, for her it is Metatron, for me it is Mary. She then directed me to focus on making my line of connection to the source stronger, so that I would learn to trust what I was hearing from her, and know that it is always truth. Once I had done this, if I received/heard something I was not sure of, she would be my litmus test for truth. I could go to her and ask if what I was hearing was honest, and true, or if I should disregard it.

I was quite pleased to learn this lesson from Atala; to find someone else had also needed to tune their frequencies and had, obviously, success at doing so. It’s a recent suggestion and lesson taken, but already I can feel a difference just from my commitment to hone this aspect of my perceptions. The guidance is strong, no wavering what so ever. The intention to establish a clear, firm line of communication is on it’s way.

Are you or your child clairaudient?

Some questions to consider if you believe you or your child experiences clairaudience:

1. Do you experience subjective clairaudience, objective clairaudience or both?

2. If you experience subjective clairaudience does communication come through a conversation, individual words, or a mixture of both?

3. If you experience subjective clairaudience, how do you personally, know that what you are hearing is clairaudience and not your imagination – do you have any advice how to tell the difference?

4. Has your perception of your clairaudience remained the same, or has it changed and if so, in what way?

5. Do you ever experience a ringing sensation, noises or pressure in your ears?

It’s very important to NOT tell your child that they must be mistaken in what they hear. Very young children often are told not to trust what they hear, and this causes weakening within their gifts. Just because an adult isn’t clairaudient, it does not mean the child is not. In fact it’s quite probable that the adult had audient gifts that have been put away by another adult telling them as a child that what they were hearing was silly, incorrect or some other wording that stifled that gift from properly emerging.

It would be better to ask open ended questions, ask your child how they feel about these things they’re hearing, and after having an open discussion, let it go, let them decide what is right and truth for their existence.


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