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Holidays, especially around Christmas, are really full of fluctuating energies. Stress, anxiety, tension, expectation, depression, perhaps even relationships are stressed this time of year. We worried about what to get that loved one, if they would really like it. Last minute shopping, and preparing those large dinners is also in the mix. Uncle Joe and Grandfather Max are both coming, and they don’t get along very well. Some

Lake Superior Agate

are getting sick from all the stress. Then there is the day after, just look at the mess!

So what do we do about all this? We could ignore it and keep trudging along, or we could change out perspective of this, or any situation we find our selves in. The ideal would be to go into it in a positive fashion, and let it fall off our shoulders like rain. That often changes as we get into the season, and things begin to wear us down. There is, however, a solution to these seasonal situations, as well as to any change that we come across on our daily walk.

A change of perspective will assist us in alleviating all of those discordant energies. How you look at the situation determines the outcome for good or bad. What we are doing with perspective is attempting to make it positive. An artist uses perspective in his/her paintings to create the most pleasing scene possible. If there is a dangerous situation with a ship at sea, and two stationary emergency facilities receive the distress call, their equipment can find the exact location and respond. So here is what we want to do in changing our perspective of situations that might occur from the first paragraph.



Questions that you may ask yourself are:

What is the lesson here?  What if I looked at the situation with non attachment? What is going on here? Or as you are putting it into perspective, breath calmly and regularly.

Stones to assist you.

Agate – A soothing and calming stone helps change ones perception.

Ametrine – Removes blockages and negativity harmonizing perception and clarity.

Aquamarine – Removes extraneous thought clarifies perception and perspective

Kunzite – Helps one detach from situations of stress.

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