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Centering while lying down is a technique used primarily in crystal healing, shamanistic travel, and actually when you are receiving a massage or meditating lying downsome such treatment like acupuncture. All of the preceding are actually using “ley lines” – a dowsing term that refers to the energy lines that criss-cross our earth and carry energy from place to place. Earth is a merkabah, and so too is the human body. In these cases, we are looking at the merkabah as a self-contained energy field in which internal movements create pathways that transmit consciousness in some manner or another.

When you center while sitting or standing, you tend to focus on the descent or ascent of consciousness through the body, and may focus on one energy center or chakra at a time. For example, peace in the mind, then the third eye, then the heart, etc.

When you center while lying down, you tend to focus on the entire length of the body moving into a particular consciousness, or frequency, in different bands that flow through all the energy centers or chakras – for example, peace flowing down through all the chakras simultaneously perhaps on a physical level, then moving to a psychic level and then to a spiritual level and on up into the universe or down into the earth.

When you are lying down, it is easier to do a crystal layout on yourself because you can place specific stones at specific locations, to clear the energy at that spot and have it radiate out from there, in “ley lines” that travel to other nodal connecting points in your energy field. Like the dowsing “ley lines” that may convey the Archangel Michael energy across the length of Britain, or the power leyline that travels through many country capitols, body leylines when tracked can be found to convey the energy of craftiness, or wisdom, etc., from one area of the body to another.

Acupuncture makes use of this knowledge of ley lines, which they call meridians, and they can place needles at nodal points to alter the exchange of energy in specific ways. Inner earth journeying accompanied by drumming is a modern “shaman’s” method to help people relax into the heart beat, internally leaving the physical world to travel to some inner dimension for answers.

When I was first learning to work with crystals, after decades of yogic meditation done sitting, standing or walking, my inner team of Melchizedeks requested I work lying down, for this was a method I had not consciously experienced. It opened up an entirely new way to understand my personal energy field, and I highly recommend you try both methods and test the differences for yourself.

For eight months, I was internally instructed on how to center using only quartz crystals, and I would like to share these instructions with you.

Quartz is the king of the crystal world. Every expert energy worker has at least one quartz crystal in their energy tool collection. Quartz is a communicator and an energy balancer. Its molecular structure translates into the star tetrahedron, the sacred geometry configuration that is the start of all manifestation from the unmanifest source. Quartz is used to call forth energy, send it away, and direct it in whatever manner the energy worker desires. Energetically, it can be used in a layout to clear and balance an energy field so that the individual can be in a zero point state of balance, and can access whatever level of consciousness is required for a particular job.

You can start this exercise with a single crystal point, of any size but around 1″ – 3″ in length is optimum. When you choose to very seriously undertake this exercise, you will want to select a set of seven crystal points, one for each chakra. You want to clear the crystals before first use, and after each use. It is preferable to designate a crystal for a specific chakra for it will start to resonate with that energy field, making balancing easier and faster.

At first, lie down on your bed or the floor and place a cleared quartz crystal on one of the higher chakras – the third eye is an excellent choice, as it will help you to clear debris and enable you to understand what is occurring. Lie there relaxed but aware – try not to go to sleep, but if you do, that is okay, the crystal will balance while you are at rest. While relaxed, identify with the crystal and request it to help you balance out your energy. Give yourself one week to try this exercise: some people will feel the shift immediately, others will have to sensitize themselves to the felling.

Gradually, you will feel the energies in your body starting to shift, actually feel like they are moving around, as your energy body starts its own repair reboot.

After a week, should you decide to continue, you want to clear the crystal well (you can do this by resting it overnight on sea salt or kosher salt, then wash the crystal in water the same temperature as the crystal. End by washing the used salt down the drain – don’t reuse it). Next place the crystal on the heart center. Try this for a week. Then on the sacral chakra (just above the pubic bone). Then on the other four chakras, one at a time.

By this time, should you find the process useful, you will want to invest in a set of seven crystal points because the next stage is to do a layout of one crystal on each chakra.

The direction of the crystal point in all of this is up to you; at the start, it is useful to have the point facing up towards the head, but that is not an absolute rule.

At the end of this prolonged exercise, you will definitely feel more balanced. It is now time for you to start introducing other crystals and gemstones, as per the energy you want to experience. But always return to the seven points for a thorough cleansing. When not in use, the seven can be placed in a circle either facing in, or out, or in some pattern you are inspired to try. This way the crystals assist each other to stay clear and energized, and they also energize whatever room they are in.

Next week we will discuss centering via working with trees.

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