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Celtic Tree Reading | December 5 through December 12, 2018

The Celtic Tree, also known as the Ogam, this week is Ioho, which is the Yew Tree. This is an Ogam of death, rebirth, transformation, or transition. Remember, with the New Year coming, things are leaning toward new beginnings. Clear out the old and non-serving issues. Look for the light of the new. 


I am open to new beginnings


Crone aspect of the goddess, Anubis


Grim Reaper, Vulture


Crystals can help your journey through energy. These are the crystals best for this week. 


There are many different types of calcite. As a whole, the calcite family can help you with a connection to your higher awareness, as well as cleansing the subtle bodies. I have chosen several different types of calcite for this week’s energy, each having these additional properties. 

White Calcite

Yellow Calcite Flat

Yellow Calcite Flat

White calcite detoxifies at a physical level. 

Green Calcite

A mental healer, green calcite dissolves old programs and balances the mind. 

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite energizes and cleanses the chakras. 

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite helps initiate heart contact with the Angelic Realm. 

Celtic Tree Oracle

Celtic Tree Oracle

Red Calcite

Increase your energy with red calcite

Yellow Calcite

Use yellow calcite to connect to a Higher Source of spirituality. It also calms, relaxes, and assists with intuitive creativity. 

I used the Celtic Tree Oracle for this reading. If you would like to learn more about The Ogam, read Ogam – The Celtic Oracle of the Trees

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