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My inner team took me to task for taking so many photos of our nature friends…and then not doing anything with them. So they put me on a strict regime of culling through my photos and keeping only those I would do something with. Tough love!!!

The result? I am overwhelmed with how many photos I have of nature spirits. Most are ones I consciously took but some are those where the energy said “photograph over here” and I willingly complied, even though I couldn’t see a thing other than a lovely tree.The Wild Thing

Here are some photos I took a few years back on a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from Marina del Rey, California…a day of sightseeing on a trip West for a family wedding.

This fine fellow, left, lives at the Adamson House – a pioneer home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He looks like something out of Where the Wild Things Are!


Rock Admiration












This marvelous rock spirit and tree (above) live at at the outskirts of a Christian college a bit farther north. Look at the colors in the stone spirit. Those are the colors that are there, with the variations in density. How detailed can you get!

How many faces can you find in the tree? And there are more on the other side…

Heart on my head




This is the back side of the tree above. Notice the heart the one form is wearing on its head – the heart is a head itself! There’s another on its throat…and a rather grumpy guy watching from the rock below!



It’s interesting how discerning different types of nature spirits is a learned art…at least for me. I started by communicating with nature spirits with whom I felt a close connection. From there I gradually expanded to be able to see and photograph other types of nature spirits. Some I learned to see by taking their photograph, when I heard or felt them request this, and then when I downloaded onto my computer, I made sure to pay special attention to those photos, to see what the camera was able to record. A camera is an excellent instrument for this type of work for it becomes sensitized by working with a photographer, whatever their specialty, and starts doing part of the work itself. Your camera has its own consciousness as well!

Because the camera does not have the strong emotions that humans have, it is easier for it merge with and record life forms existing in subtler realms.

It’s important to listen when your inner team, and/or the nature spirits, make requests of you. Especially if you are in service to Earth in some way, and have life forms of other realms helping you.

It’s sometimes hard to keep all the parts going, if you feel you are doing it all yourself. But when you know and understand that you are part of a group effort…then the group has its part to play as well…it needs to help you stay organized and focused.

In my case, my team said…no more having fun tramping through the woods talking to spirits and taking photos until you start working with the photos we’ve provided you! So…stay tuned!

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