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Becoming a Novice

As we evolve towards a world that is centered from within the heart, we are all going to go through differing stages of vibrational and inner change. Everyone is being asked to move away from the old; it does not matter if an individual has been working with consciousness for their entire life, or if they are newly awakening – we are all asked to be novices.

Becoming a NoviceA novice is teachable, humble, and has the ability to see the world as untainted. A novice is child-like in their perceptions, having wonder and awe for the everyday enchantment of the world around them. A novice is always open to the lesson,  to the possibilities for a new perspective, and does not have an arrogance or superiority. A novice does not believe they have the all of the answers, or that everyone should handle life as they do. They understand that everyone walks a different and unique path, where love and compassion are the center of support and there is no judgment.

These sound like basic lessons, but, in truth, our children live these lessons on a daily basis in their lives as students. All too often they are aware that many of their peers live in judgment, and cold arrogance based on the belief that their way of thinking and/or existing is superior. As adults, we understand that much of that type of peer judgment is due to immaturity, and the child’s need to hold onto such thoughts to feel empowered and in control.

The cold reality is that this line of thinking doesn’t end as individuals mature. It warps and expands into other avenues of thought because it has become the way an individual has learned to exist. In order for our evolution to proceed positively towards a heart centered world, this has to change. As the role models of our children, this type of thought change must begin with us.

Our society as a whole is now being asked to accept and to love without question. To view every energy on our planet as a sacred being that is developing at their own rate, and as the universe knows is best. These energies are not limited human energies, however, they exist and share Mother Earth with us, and it is time for us to see these peers laterally, and not from a level of hierarchy.

To show respect and compassion towards other energies does not always mean that you are at the same state of evolution, or growth. By honoring individuals and their development, you remain open and centered and exist from a state of love. This also allows you to remain open to the lessons the universe has brought to you through them.  This is often the more difficult aspect of our current state, especially when the lessons make you uncomfortable and bring up past unpleasant experiences. When this happens, try to find center through breathing and focus on your heart.

This new time is meant for us to throw away the trappings of ego and arrogance. A novice does not keep a record of gifts, or of accomplishments, for a novice knows that all lessons come to everyone in their own time and it is wiser to give thanks for their experiences and remain childlike in their perceptions.

We are here to evolve our souls, our true selves, and the children of the new consciousness are here to lead and to set an example of heart centered existence, and with our help, they will make a significant difference in this world.  As we continue to move through the continual energy shifts of our time, remember to be as a child, a novice – teachable, open, and with a heart full of love and possibilities.

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