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As one of the founders of Blue Papaya, and a parent of three Crystal children, it’s not uncommon for another parent to confess to me that they’re amazed by the gifts their child(ren) have or are emerging. They often believe there is no history of expanded perceptions within their family. After instituting practices we have taught at a gathering or simply by being exposed to the openness and vibration of the group, their own gifts start to emerge.

Expanded perceptions often run in families. If you have a child of the New Consciousness there is a good possibility that you have expanded perceptions yourself. Whether it fits into a category or not, you were chosen by your child for your uniqueness within the universe and what you can bring to their life, it’s lessons and purpose.

In my immediate family we have an Indigo (me) and three Crystal children. I have four siblings, one of whom is also an Indigo, and  our father was an Indigo Scout. As our father grew, he was one of three in a family of six who had expanded perceptions.  And if you go further back, there most certainly is a high likelihood of more individuals who were also Scouts, or had what they might refer to in the old country as “the gift.”

We are all unique, our gifts varied, our sensitivities heightened in different ways.  Some are empathic, some are healers, while others keep their gifts close to their chest, using them without fanfare, very trusting of their guides’ help and advice. Some have had past lives as mermaids, others have distinct memories that can be attributed to nothing here on earth, while another can bring forward distinct personalities attributed to past lives when needing clarification about the culture they lived. Animal whispering is a gift afforded one person each generation, though it typically also includes hearing plant life, and insects too.

This diversity is true for all members of the emerging new generation and consciousness.  As we’ve touched on in other blogs, the new generation children and adults are as unique as fingerprints and snowflakes. Some things are similar, but their make up is special to their own destiny and plan for their life.  Different aspects overlap, some Crystals have traits of Indigos because old ideas still need to change and be broken down;  while other children are exhibiting new gifts that previous generations have not.

Allow your child to flourish in their own perceptions,  and trust that you are capable of assisting their growth. And along the way, if you stay open, you might just find some hidden gifts within yourself that you and your child share. After all, it’s all in the family.


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