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April Winners and our May Contest… Here are some of the images submitted to us for our April Nature Spirit Photo Contest…

Have you seen some nature spirits on your walks? That’s our May Contest – “On my walk I saw…” Send us a photo of a nature spirit you discovered on a walkabout. The most intriguing discovery will be featured in next month’s blog, social media and Nature Spirit Newsletter. Winner also receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal LIfe. To receive the monthly Nature Spirit Newsletter, sign up on our website – the form is located at the bottom of the front page

April’s Nature Spirit Photo Contest was to send us a photo of something representing the feminine in nature. Winning photograph, of a happy feminine tree spirit, is by Marcia Johnson.. This cheerful spirit is very earthy – she lives in a tree root.  We especially enjoyed that her face is also a heart. We liked her sparkly, wide open eyes, her happy smile and pudgy cheeks. She is wearing a jaunty bonnet and tucked a very perky green sprig behind Grandmother Treeher ear!







Marcia also submitted a photo of a grandmother tree, which was a runner up in the contest. She writes:  “While in Sedona I saw my Grandmother Tree bending over and looking at all her grandchildren.”

Marcia is an accomplished nature spirit photographer and over the years has won several of our contests, and been a finalist in others. She wins a $50 Gift Certificate first place prize coupon to Crystal Life!





Stacey's GremlinA second image runner up in the contest was taken by Stacey Gendreau. She sent in a photo of a feminine Gremlin who lives in a tree in her front yard. 

Starting this month, we will be publishing other nature spirit images sent to us by the public that didn’t win the prize – but were intriguing. They’ll be coming out on Tuesdays in Atala’s Blog.


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