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April Ogam Reading

The ogam for April is Ngetal, or broom. This is a three letter word for well-being and healing. It asks you to work with mind, body, and spirit to clear out those things which no longer work for you. Key words for this ogam are medicine, herb-lore, cleansing, sweeping out the negative, purging. 


I strive to release all negative aspects of my life.

Eagle in FlightAnimal Totems for April

When communicating with spirit, the spirit of these energies can help you through this this time. To learn more about Animal Totems, we suggest Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. 


The eagle represents illumination of spirit, healing, and creation of something new. Eagles also represent the symbolic rediscovery of your inner child. Use eagle symbology to help you get in touch with the things which spark joy and harmony within you. 


Hawk energy is primarily about visionary power and guardianship. The hawk is known for awakening your visionary power which will lead you to your life purpose. Hawks also bring messages from spirit, from the Divine. If you see a hawk repeatedly, meditate on what messages hawk has brought to you. 


Dragon lore is rich in climate and stability in our lives. Changing the climate of your life awakens the fire of the dragon and raises your creative energy to a higher and more strong level. Dragon energy is best used when you are doing so in a controlled manner. Dragon energy usually last 8 months – this is the time you have to create your new life or climate. 


Vulture spirit is about life, death, rebirth, and ultimate fulfillment. It has a Divine power of disposing what is dangerous to health and life – thus why it symoblizes what needs to be removed from your life for your benefit. 

Crystals for April

Carrying crystals or making a grid with these crystals, will help you manage this energy

Selenite Rounded Balls



The white light of selenite cleanses discordant energies out of your body. Selenite aids in hearing higher guidance at all levels. 


Sunstone brings joie de vivre into ones life. Lifts depressive feelings, provides a spark to life and aids in nurturing to self. 


Quartz is a powerful healing stone which also amplifies energy. Quartz raises your vibration to a higher level. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Ogam, we recommend The Celtic Oracle of Trees


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