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April brings the vivid bloom of spring color. In the midwest the forest floors are a riotous bloom of bluebells, daffodils, snowdrops, and other native flowers. When setting our staff favorites for April, we decided to suggest stones that reflected the beauty of spring. 

Blue Calcite: This stone is calming and peaceful, having a gentle energy. It is especially helpful to those who have anxiety. Carry a small piece with you to help curb nerves and place a larger piece in your living space to amplify blue calcites soothing energy.  The vivid blue color reminds me of robins eggs. ~ Tracy


Turquoise: This is my favorite stone. I use for it’s calming and protective properties. Its perfect for spring fever and people who suffer from springtime seasonal depression. It also has a significance in Native American culture. It is believed to help communicate with the spirit world and it is believed to be a fallen sky stone as well as a stone of blessings and good fortune. ~ Emily

Psychic Chakra Prayer Beads: What is a more natural array of colors than those associated with the chakras! These are colors emerging from the light fields themselves, and relate to specific spectrums of energy. As we move into the Spring months with the blossom of colors of all kinds, wearing chakra jewelry that displays the full spectrum of color energy is a good way to bring Spring inside our own personal lives. ~ Atala

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a stone of harmony, hope, and courage. It provides support during changes and works to promote tolerance. Wear or place a piece of aquamarine over your heart when you need encouragement, as it inspires hope, just as the coming of spring does for all of us. ~ Jamie

Blue Lace Agate: Represents a bright, sky blue feeling. Blue lace agate brings calm to any situation. One can feel the balance and serenity of a spring day ~ Gary

Rainbow Fluorite: Grounds & integrates spiritual energy. Enhances flexibility, creativity, & emotional sharpness. ~ Jessica

Green Opal: Green Opal is a cleansing and rejuvenating stone that assists in getting over emotional hurdles in relationships.  It strengthens the immune system & helps get rid of colds & flu. ~ Sandi

Halite: Halite is very helpful if you are feeling “spaced out.” While protecting you from negative energies, it creates inner balance. As it dissolves old patterns, anxiety, and negative thoughts, it increases good will. ~ Lauren

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