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Elf Warrior Prince

Elf Warrior Prince

This is a marker tree. It defines its geographic area as being under the protection of a powerful Elf Warrior Prince. It is located in a small grove of trees through which people must pass to reach the very popular and immaculately clean river swimming and picnic area that is just beyond. The Elf Prince and his community keep the energy of this area clean, positive and elevating. 

A Highly Sophisticated Nature Spirit Marker

This is a highly nuanced and sophisticated marker image that clearly defines the many facets of a powerful nature spirit’s domain. Looked at one way, it shows him as a fine-featured young man in a beautiful feathered, hooded cloak. Another way it shows him as a weathered warrior in a cloak with a pointed hat. Yet another way it shows the protective yet pleasant and benign bear spirit the Prince embodies: he is wearing a bear skin headdress. The Prince is shown emerging from his home in the inner earth, about 2/3s of him above ground.

Portal Guardians

Portal Guardians

Raven Messenger

Raven Messenger

Guardians of the Portal

This sophisticated, subtle image also shows how this domain is being protected by many specifically delineated nature spirits. They are all guardians of the area, under the leadership of the Prince. The tree door /portal / gate to their inner world is being protected overall by the Prince. The door starts under his chin and every section of it is filled by a spirit guardian with a distinctly well-defined portrait. It is unusual to have an entire portal opening protected in this way. It shows how hard the nature spirits are working to keep this area protected for all.

Raven Spirit

On the Prince’s back is a raven, positioned at the occipital lobe where messages from spirit are received. Its presence indicates the Prince is a powerful, wise leader who listens to spirit. Ravens of wisdom owe their allegiance to the ruler. The ravens travel a domain, gathering information of what is happening in every part, reporting news back to the ruler so that he/she is aware of all going on in that domain.

Location: North Conway, NH

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