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The magenta light captured in the tree photo shows the activation of the new feminine energy at this point on earth; the photos come from Iny Weese and were taken in Canada. First her story, and then my comments.

After reading a book on the group of seven, I noticed that they did several paintings in the area of this shot. Being an artist, I wanted to go there.  It was only an hour away so I jumped in the car. There was a sense of urgency in wanting to be there ‘yesterday’ which for me usually means something special will happen. 













I walked around and was astounded by the huge rock formation in the area when I reached the point that was closest to the rock face. I turned around and felt drawn to take a photo (of the tree) in the shade on the other side of the point of land.  I did not see the beautiful pink light until I looked at the photograph.

Iny Weese - Magenta LightThere was also a tree on the point that reached out to touch me (no other way to describe it) and I was invited to touch and the power and energy in the spot was amazing, for unknown reasons there were tears rolling down my cheeks. There was some sadness and joy. I am not gifted enough to know what was being transmitted. I will go back to the spot and explore the area of the trees in pink light.

More info on the rock face, some of the jack pines growing out of the rock are about 1000 years old

Regarding the pink light, There was just  the thought to take the shot, even though it did not capture my photographer’s eye.

Our commentary: I was told by my nature spirit mentors that Iny was given the gift of seeing the activation of an important feminine portal on the earth surface. She had to hurry because the opening was about to occur, and she captured its moment of explosion out into the world.

This is not a gift given to just anyone; it needs to be earned by having a good heart and wanting to serve. These magenta portals are slowly activating around the globe. It is the reappearance of the feminine in all her power, glory and force, for the good of earth. Some people call these Mary grids; others goddess grids, it is the same force that is showing.

There is sadness and joy in these activations, for the feminine has been oppressed for so long. The desecration of the feminine is the cause of so much of the sorrow the earth is now experiencing. But there is joy, too, because this time of sorrow for our earth is coming to an end, as the feminine energies come forward to take their rightful place as partners to the masculine. 

Thank you, Iny, for sharing with us.

At her request, we are not publishing the location of this event. Furthermore, it is no longer of significance, for it has now fed into the worldwide web of feminine energy that is gradually making its presence felt.