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January’s Nature Spirit Photo Contest is discovering the artist in the rock. Many rocks have fascinating patterns – added to by lichen and moss. So send in the most beautiful or interesting piece of rock art  that you’ve seen. It has to be an abstract image – just the pattern!Sausalito Red 2

Winter in the northern states is a good time to get out and photograph rocks – they can be seen in the landscape much more easily than in the summer!

Here are two I photographed. Although, actually – these were in the rocks that line the seawall in Sausalito, California. Taken on a warm winter day!orange flames 1


Rules are: 

Submit your art work – up to five a month are counted – and send to Crystal Life Technology at

At the end of the month, our panel will select the winning image and that lucky person wins a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life – plus their art work appears on our website and in social media. Your submissions are automatically entered into our annual Nature Spirit Photo contest.