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As a society we have anchored ourselves to labels. Whether it is defining an individual by their job or what we perceive as accomplishments, their marital status, sexual preference, religion,  language,  skin color, hair type, etc, the labels go on and on. Our world is based on a superficial mentality that does not come from the heart, but from the third chakra. This type of judgment upon others is one of the issues the new generations of children are here to change and replace with heart chakra energy.

Love from the heart is of an enduring quality, eternal and constant. The heart chakra is the center of love, the balance between the upper and lower chakras. In the heart chakra, love is not dependent on outside influences, but experienced within as a state of being. It radiates outward, bringing love and compassion to whatever comes into our field. The heart chakra purpose is to balance and integrate the various aspects of our being. This brings a sense of wholeness, an acceptance of spirit and matter, and within this wholeness lay the seeds of inner peace.

The new generations have quite the task at hand. Through the last half of the 20th century and into the 21st there has been an ongoing clash to break down labels, and out dated stereotypes. Many brave souls are here breaking down the old ways of thinking and existing.  Some of these individuals arrive with the purpose of creating strong change; sacrificing their own lives in order to get the attention needed so that the process of breaking down the old ways of thought can happen and move the earth’s population towards embracing newer ways of thought and interaction.

Breaking through, creating change is considered an indigo trait, but what we must all realize is that there can be no clear labels and definitions for these revolutionaries. The members of the new generation are representatives from all types of life forms. Some carry energies that are distinctly like a tree, while others are more elemental, and others are like the planet in which their soul originated. They have chosen their purpose here so that their strengths can be used to proudly awaken those that are still asleep to the changes of our planet, and those who refuse to allow change to happen.

Ironically many of these individuals are being defined with all sorts of nonsensical alphabet induced labels as they move through our heavily structured world. Don’t feel sorry for them, they chose this path. Why? They’re learning what labels can do so that they themselves can further change our world when they mature.  They’re also teaching, bringing about awareness to adults who are in turn creating change for future generations. Don’t speculate about what the next group of expanded perceptions will be like. Please don’t give them a new name, a new purpose of which you define.  Operate from your heart, and from love. None of us are an expert on the new generation, though we may have insights what we see is only the tip of ice berg.

The new generation are beings with real emotions, sensitivities, and a purpose, just like you. It is best to give thanks for their roles in reshaping earth’s consciousness, give love that is unconditional no matter how much they may be shaking your own foundations. Be open to what they have to say, because their voices are pure, and clear. Let us help them by losing our definitions of others, set an example of living a life that is love centered, and embracing individuals for their qualities, not superficiality.