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Check out these gorgeous macro shots of stones…They are by members of the Morton Arboretum Photographic Society – a very active club for nature photographers in the Chicago area. 

Every few years I bring in about 40 specimens for my fellow members to enjoy a still life & macro outing – a morning’s worth of shooting by however many members wish to participate. Twenty-five photographers participated this year. It always amazes me how many unique ways people photograph the same stone! Here are a few of their images. Some chose to approach it classically – and others with artistic fantasy. If you’d like to see them all, visit the MAPS Outings website. 

MAPS has lots of interesting programs, outings and workshops. We meet at the Morton Arboretum – located in Lisle, IL –  a great location for hiking, and enjoying and photographing trees of all kinds. Morton Arb calls themself “The champion of trees.” You can learn more at their website!

Andy Dichter - Septarian Dragon Egg

Andy Dichter – Septarian Dragon Egg

Bill McDowell - Angel Wing Calcite

Bill McDowell – Angel Wing Calcite

Bill McDowell - Grape Agate

Bill McDowell – Grape Agate

Cheryl Rausch - Malachite

Cheryl Rausch – Malachite

F.B. - Ammonite Kaleidoscope

F.B. – Ammonite Kaleidoscope

Jim Olufs - Boulder Agate

Jim Olufs – Boulder Agate

Mary Mehl - Smokey Quartz

Mary Mehl – Smokey Quartz

Nancy Almeida - Angel Wing Calcite

Nancy Almeida – Angel Wing Calcite

Sue Dichter - Prehnite & Epidote

Sue Dichter – Prehnite & Epidote