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Our October Photo Contest is – Spoooooky!  

Spooky trees and rocks always look more sinister in October! It’s Spirit Month – the time when nature is pulling back, crops are harvested, and skeletons are left behind. 

Halloween Man - Atala ToyYour challenge is to take and send in to us a spooky image you’ve seen in nature. Here are some I’ve photographed. To the left: The Hermit. Below: Sinister Beauty. 

Rules: You can submit a new photo or even one you’ve entered into our past contests. Winner receives a $50 gift certificate for use on the Crystal Life website. Submitting means you give Crystal Life permission to publish your photo on its website and in its social media. Photos you submit are automatically entered into the 2018 Nature Spirit Photo Contest. You retain all rights to your photo. You can submit photos (.jpgs preferred) via the photo submission form to the right, or by emailing to

Sinister Beauty - Atala Toy