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October is a month of in which we are fully immersed in the rewards of our harvest. This month, the staff chose items that help you find balance, internally or externally and/or helped with partnerships.

Slim Spurling Rings: I find the Slim Spurling Rings really useful for balancing and containing energy and I occasionally go back to work with them when my energy gets off-kilter for various reasons.  The rings are based on sacred geometry – on the Egyptian cubic measurement, which is itself the length of the lintel of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Slim and a group of colleagues based at the Colorado School of Mines researched and developed the rings, which are deceptively simple looking but are based on a very unique manner of construction that creates a positive vortex emitting from each side of the ring. Placing one over your head, or sitting or sleeping in one, helps to balance your own energy back to its zero point center. Folks with various brain organization variances, such as is called dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, etc., find sitting in the rings helpful as it aids them in pulling together the various strands into a coherent whole.  ~ Atala, Founder & Owner

Boji Stones – Boji stones are very grounding. The smooth side has feminine energy & the bumpy one has masculine energy. This helps balance male/female energies and align chakras. The also have a strong earth connection and are beneficial to plants & crops. ~ Jamie, Store Manager

Prasiolite: A stone of transformation which grounds and anchors one physically and spiritually. Balancing and aligning on all levels. A solid anchor for the physical body, as well as for the spiritual body. ~ Gary, Operations Manager

Rhodonite: Great for helping to find emotional balance, rhodonite helps to teach that emotions are responses to feelings until you have formed an opinion any given situation. Because these responses can also be judgments, they can create emotional strongholds. Rhodonite helps to you see the situation differently, drop old patterns, and learn to see others and yourself with universal love. A good stone for self-esteem, self-confidence, and acceptance of yourself and others. ~ Tracy, Social Media Director

Green Kyanite: Kyanite balances the whole being with gentleness. It helps to open up blockages and encourages peace and harmony. Green Kyanite is my personal favorite as it is a heart healer. It helps alleviate depression and helps me to learn and make peace with events that caused pain. ~ Kristen, Crafter

Green Opal – Green opal is good for the heart chakra. I have mine set in front of a statute of Buddha t home and it called to me every now and then. It does because it usually means my heart is emotionally vulnerable. Goose bumps shoot up my arms overtime. It’s light and it makes me feel light as well. ~ Emily, Sales Associate

Singing Bowls – When it comes to balancing the energy in my home, the quickest, most effective way is through the use of one of my singing bowls.  Everyone in my home, including my animal companions, feels the shift towards peacefulness & responds immediately.  Singing bowls make great gifts and now is a great time to get one because we have so many new styles in the shop. ~ Sandi, Crafting Manager