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A common shared comment of many who visit Crystal Life or a Blue Papaya gathering – “I wish there had been a group like this when I was growing up.”  Many adults we encounter indicate that they knew they were different from their peers as they matured.  Having expanded perceptions hasn’t been easy on many, often isolating and intimidating to them, their gifts pushed away, ignored, or lying dormant until they were at a healthier period in their life.

With more souls coming to the earth plane to assist with our evolutionary shift, the youth of today have more opportunities to meet others who are on the same path, and have similar gifts. These friendships will ease the earlier burden others have felt, but what else can be done to assist these souls so that they may prosper, and they do not retreat as previous generations have?

Everything begins in the home. The ground work for any individual to step forward into the world with strong, centered confidence begins with how they are cared for and loved. Parents are responsible for providing so many basic things – food, clothing, medical care. But the most important gifts a parent can give to a child are love, time, and acceptance.  All of these are the true basic necessities for a soul to prosper strong and sure, and are attainable no matter what the financial situation of each individual family.

Love, as it is in its truest is form, is not delusional about who an individual is. Real love sees clearly and honestly, accepts and understands all aspects of the individual. It is able to put aside fears, abuses, anger and ego and see its object of love with honesty and acceptance. Boundaries, with respect for the entire being who exists, are also aspects of loving in the truest form. Love in the truest form provides guidance and knowledge without belittling, and does not demand its own way.  This kind of love respects the individual, no matter what state of development of the mind and/or body.

Time spent actively with an individual is conveying “I love and care for you” in a very impactful and lasting manner.  Everyone needs to have time spent one on one, or in groups with their family, and parent(s). Taking time to enjoy a variety of activities is showing through action that the individual is valued and enjoyed. All things should be shared: making a meal or a snack, games of all varieties, home improvements (planning or helping to create them), outdoor activities,  cheering the youth – whether it be in sport,  or other passions. All of these equal love and interest, creating a better bond and a stronger individual.

Time also equals listening and open conversation. Our children learn through us how they should expect others to treat them. When we spend time actively hearing what they have to share, we are teaching them that they deserve to be heard, that their voice is important. When we share our own personal experiences with them, they can see we are human, just as they are, and they are less likely to be overly hard on themselves. An apology for actions, judgments and words is a very strong lesson for a child; for an adult to apologize sincerely to them allows them to see that all levels they are honored and respected.

Carving out time for yourself is also a lesson to your child – honoring of self, needs and interests. Whether you are taking additional classes at the local community college, getting your degree, taking an enrichment course, or dining out with friends, it is essential for children to see that as they mature they need to create balance within their own lives.

Acceptance is the greatest gift of all. Our children are gifts in our lives, and we are the blessed ones, for we have been given a gift from the universe to guide and prepare the soul for adulthood. When we appreciate and accept the child for all that they are, then they, too, can love and appreciate themselves.  Their uniqueness is to be seen as a joyous celebration, and never should we soothe our own ego with the desire to make them into miniature reflections of ourselves.

Our biggest wish for today’s youth is that they accept who they are, and that they embrace themselves fully with love, expanded perceptions and all, that they search out knowledge that will make their lives stronger, easier and allow them to move with confidence.  These youth are beautiful just as they are, and they are fortunate to have loved ones who care so deeply for them. It is within the home that we create an atmosphere of peace and acceptance to bring strength to the youth, so that they can move forward into the world respecting and loving themselves.