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Perhaps you are familiar with the carpenters level. It is a tool of any length, made of metal or wood. Centered in this base material is a glass or plastic tube filled with a liquid. Within this tube of liquid is a bubble. On either side of the bubble, there are lines. This instrument is used to square or balance an object. If you are hanging a shelf on the wall, you will use a level to get it perfect, both ends even, or else objects will tend to drift to the lower side and fall off.

So what is a Level Quartz? When this quartz was forming, there was a drop of water trapped within. So when you hold and move the quartz piece, the water works as a level.

The qualities are:

1. Helps one to get their balance, on all scales.

2. Is an excellent interdimensional communication tool.

3. Helps to access past, present, and future time events.

CAUTION! Do not leave these crystals in excess heat, as the water will evaporate. Do not leave in a cold room 32 degrees or lower, as the water will freeze and may crack the Quartz (just like a pothole).

…Gary Lupton