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Desert Rose - Selenite

Desert Rose – Selenite

Desert Rose – Selenite dissolves self-imposed negative programs or belief systems. Centers you in your energy field, helping you to find the correct direction to move in.

Desert Rose is a form of selenite found in desert areas, sand becoming trapped in the crystals as they form, creating a swirling design that looks like rose petals opening. Desert rose moves gently through the surrounding energy fields, gently moving energy into coherence; it promotes flexibility. It is very good for the crown chakra, assisting you to clarify and strengthen mental powers for action in the world.

Desert rose is useful for meditation, helps align the spinal column, removes energy blockages, and stabilizes epileptic disorders. Available in single blooms 1 18″, 1 1/4″ and as display pieces of multiple blooms in sizes from 3 1/2″ up. Call store for details ion large display pieces..