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On August 21, 2017 there will be full solar eclipse. This eclipse will be viewable across the continental United States, the first to do so in over thirty-eight years. Some are calling this the Great American Solar Eclipse because it will occur over a wide part of the country, starting in

Photo courtesy of NASA

Oregon and ending in South Carolina. Everyone is able to see a partial eclipse, but those in centrally aligned places will see the eclipse in it’s entirety. Nashville, Tennessee is supposed to have the best view of the total eclipse, though our friends down in Carbondale, Illinois will have one of the longest time periods to view the eclipse, over two minutes.

Eclipses are always powerful energetically, but this eclipse will be even more so. How can you harness this energy and use it to your benefit? Let’s explore! 

Solar eclipses occur at the same time as the new moon. The earth, sun, and moon will all be aligned in a row, the moon between the sun and earth. Take this time of manifestation and new beginnings and use it for your benefit. Because of the eclipse, these seeds will be energetically magnified.

African Citrine

A stone of prosperity and wealth, Citrine is also a good manifestation stone. Citrine helps to raise your self-esteem, promotes confidence, and helps with your focus of intention. These properties make this a powerful tool at the total solar eclipse. 

Sunstone harnesses the energy created during the full solar eclipse. Use it to help with your manifestations, dreams, and personal energy. Sunstone naturally helps boost your life force energy. Use this stone with the intention to help remove negative emotional conditioning and memories in order to live your life with more joy and purpose. 

Herkimer Diamonds clear your chakras and open your energy channels for spiritual energy to flow. They also attune and link people together who are separated, each individual carrying a stone. Use a Herkimer during the eclipse to open yourself to spiritual guidance.  

A combination of smokey quartz and citrine, Smokey Citrine is perhaps the perfect stone representation of the eclipse. Use it to protect yourself from unknown forces and the unknown. This is a great grounding stone during the eclipse. If you’re one who tends to feel “floaty” during celestial events, carry a piece of Smokey Citrine with you. Smokey Citrine will also help you to release shadow emotions, which will improve your emotional state. 

These crystals will work well at any solar eclipse. Remember to never watch a full solar eclipse without protection. Visit the NASA official page for the 2017 solar eclipse to learn more.