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For some people, all it takes is an interest in the topic – and some natural connection to the realm of the esoteric! Sylphconnection down in Australia decided to try his hand at nature spirit photography with astounding success. Here are some of his images.

Orbs - Australia

Orbs outside King’s Cave at Linden Blue Mountains.

orb enlargedSylphconnection photographed these orbs outside King’s Cave, Linden Blue Mountains, Australia. On the right is an enlargement of the bright orb on the right side of the large photograph. Notice the internal information – one of the signs indicating this is a life form, not a rain drop, dust, etc.




Selfie with orb

Sylphconnection tells us:

After accidentally finding I could capture Orbs, I went back to the cave where I 1st captured them, meditated, then asked permission to photograph them.
I had already captured many this night, 03/19/17, some pictures filled with Orbs, and was vibrating high when I captured this bright one next to me.






Tree Spirits - Australia

Here’s a wonderful group of tree spirits. Sylphconnection tells us:

One day I felt a strong pull to walk off the track and into the bush.
At the base of this tree was an expensive lawn mower with blankets and branches covering it.

When approaching the tree the head figure was very apparent.
My feeling is that this is the spirit of the tree, and it was showing me the mower knowing I would rid the bush of the negative energy it being hidden there was creating.







Cliff Faces




Here’s an Australian cliff with many spirits looking down.