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August heralds the last of summer vacations and getting prepared for autumn and back-to-school! Here our some of our staff favorite “tools for school” – whether you are a student, a teacher, off to college, or a parent.  Don’t forget to take a look at our blog, Natural Tools for School & Dorm Life!


My back-to-school choice is sardonyx. It helps with speaking and with making new friends. ~ Jamie

I love working with Unakite because it is a great stone for change and transition. Unakite is a stone that helps a person move forward in a grounded way. It also helps a person see multiple viewpoints which comes in handy when learning. For me, Unakite brings a lot of balance to my life which is what I need when I have a heavy school load. ~ Nick

My favorite back-to-school item is a category – the Energy Jewelry line. This line has at its base resonant ceramic catalyst beads based on ancient Egyptian faiance. Each of them strengthens, in a person’s energy field, specific ranges of frequency. I designed this in many product variations, so folks can wear or carry them as needed. The two I especially recommend are the Protection Pendant. It helps protect from cell phones and computers as well as from stress and from people who are not good influences on you. I also recommend the Peace Pendant. This piece helps protect from cell phones and computers and brings forth peace in a person, to help them maintain this frequency when surrounded by stress or difficult situations. ~ Atala

Blue Kyanite aligns and balances the chakras. It assists in speaking clearly with logical and linear thought. And it encourages clear self-expression and communication. ~ Gary

Salt Lamps have been credited with a range of curative powers, from air purification to migraine relief to protection against airborne germs. Sacred Geometry MugsWhen they are turned on and warmed up, Himalayan Salt Lamps release ions into the air much like the natural ions released near mountains, waterfalls, and beaches, or right before it rains. These ions help alleviate depression, stress and boost energy. They also naturally counteract the effects of EMFs from Wi-Fi, TVs and electronics. The beautiful, warm light is perfect for dorm rooms where candles are not allowed. ~ Lydia

Sublimation products. We create our own versions of Sacred Geometry in the form of mugs, coasters, and mouse pads – all things that students need. Their energy can assist with study and concentration. Our products are mainly focused on Sacred Geometry and the main Chakras. ~ Sandi