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Nature Spirit Photography Workshop

Nature Spirit Photography Workshop

“I can say there have been two times in my life (previous to your workshop yesterday) where the leader completely revolutionized my awareness and consciousness. I now gratefully add you to third to this amazing list. I have never had any idea or understanding of nature spirits, at all. The way you so easily connected and led us totally astounded me. (it takes a lot to totally astound me). Previously, I would look at your pictures in your shop and had absolutely no idea what you were doing to be so highly connected and able to capture on film these amazing spirits.”

“I am only guided to learn from people that are absolute pioneers, who can firmly and resolutely in the face of all kinds of nuttiness to stay clear to their own guidance.  Those who are willing to stay connected to the original purity and love of their calling, despite the major adversity and challenges. I deeply respect you and your work.” ML, Geneva IL

“I have never seen nature spirits before.  I’m hooked and now want to get a really good camera.  Thanks Atala for opening the door for me to see further.” SL

“Atala, we are so grateful for the time we spent together and for the phenomenal job you did in assisting me in dealing with my house and the transition. As you know, the house sold the next day after your visit with us. Thank you again for sharing your insight, abilities, and spirit with us.” — CG, Barrington, IL

“I want to thank you most sincerely for your visit to our home two days ago. As you know, we have been trying to sell our home for several months with increasingly frustrating results. We had faced a myriad of physical problems with the house and two failed offers from buyers who were insincere…We had become a bit disheartened and anxious especially since we had already purchased the new home and were facing an unacceptable financial drain owning one home too many. We had tried everything we knew…to help the house sell faster, like baking cookies, placing candles and flowers around the home, burying a St. Joseph statue in the yard, etc. Nothing seemed to work and our level of concern had increased a lot.

My wife had heard about your special abilities…you put us all at ease immediately, explained the theories of your work, and began a process which opened our eyes to a new realm of communication and connection we never even thought existed. I was brought to a place where I could connect with my house in incredible ways and reach wondrous insights into myself and my relationship with the world around me. It was an amazing evening filled with joy and tears and wonder. I felt a sense of peace I had lacked for months. All was in order and things seemed calm and tranquil.

One day later, a perfect buyer fell in love with the home, and made a significant offer…and the closing date was set for 6 weeks forward. I do not believe in accidents or coincidences. By any definition, something wonderful happened that evening…a perfect solution to the entire situation. We are most appreciative of your skillful and effective assistance. Thanks to you all the spirits are happy and can move on to new lives and new experiences. We all thank you so very much.” —JS, Highland Park

“Thank you for the wonderful session you provided our family via the phone and map dowsing. We moved our son Eric’s bed, and he has been sleeping well ever since.” — JS, Erie, PA

“Thank you so much for the personal telephone consultation. I appreciate your helping me to make contact with my own personal guides; at last I clearly heard them communicate with me.” —BB, Indiana

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  1. Karen Tevis

    Hello Atala, My Mom has very very fine, thin hair. Which crystal could I purchase for her that would help with this?
    Thank You,


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