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Staff Speak-Solar Plexus Chakra

Self confidence, joy, and discernment are all positive qualities of a healthy solar plexus chakra.  Also known as the third chakra, this energy center stretches from below the downward “V” in the breastbone to two inches below the navel.  The digestive organs are mainly located in this area of the body and along with this how well we are able to digest our life is sensed in the solar plexus.

 An unbalanced third chakra can result in depression, being judgemental, overly intellectual or a lack of confidence.  Citrine assists in lifting the spirits and increasing confidence.  Yellow Jasper is a must for balancing this chakra as it helps sooth digestion and grounds confidence into the here and now.  Malachite aids in balancing digestion in both the physical and the emotional planes. Peridot works on digestion on all levels and helps release anger and jealousy that may be stored in the solar plexus.  Yellow Calcite adds joy to daily tasks.

There are numerous ways to add stones into your daily life. A tumbled stone may be taped to the solar plexus area with medical tape.  Elixirs can be made and used daily to balance the solar plexus area(please note that a malachite elixir can only be made indirectly).   A visualization meditation while holding on of the above stones is also a very beneficial way to work with the stone.  Please visit the Crystal Life Technology library for additional information on the solar plexus chakra.