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From Our Friends | Modern Transcendentalist

This is another blog written for the Crystal Life Tumblr! Sarah and Victor’s blog features four catagories of posts: Element Energy, The Crystal Alchemist, Legend & Lore, and Balancing belief. Check them out here!


“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

-Christopher McCandless

Into the wild is where our thoughts wonder, on pathless roads between elder trees and wild flowers. It’s human instinct to be drawn to nature, it’s the core to our whole being. Our pasts rooted deep, and our futures reaching high, all of mankind grows together.

The modern world is filled with distractions. We lose sight of the things that matter, we focus more on working and getting through the day. We get stuck in the patterns of our daily activities and forget that it’s ok to venture off and explore new things. Yes, change is scary but so is dreaming about an ideal life and not living it.

These stones assist in manifesting those dreams and creating a strong reality that will allow you to have a sense of purpose. They create balanced connection with nature, allowing you to flow peacefully down the path of your choice.

Epidote: Helps the individual live life to the fullest. Provides courage to manifest dreams and strengthen identity and personal power. (Earth,Water)

Green Tourmaline: Dispels negative energies. Opens the heart to moving on and growing in new ways. (Earth, Water)

Chyrsocolla: Brings a serenity to all situations, while providing soothing energy during times of change. Opens the throat to speaking truth. (Water)

Into the wild you go.

ISIC | A Power Within

There is a power within each one of us that is life affirming. Without its presence, there is no life. This power is the power of breath. The body can continue for days without the nourishment of food. Many religious leaders have gone without food for forty days or more and have survived. But when the body is deprived of oxygen (the act of breathing), it ceases function, and life will cease to continue.

refectIn our modern society we do not think about breathing, after all it is an autonomic response. The body just does it, right? Why should we think about breathing?

Those who practice breath meditation upon inhalation they bring the breath down to the lower abdomen, and hold it there for a count, or pause, and then release it in exhalation. By this process they are engaging the torso from collarbone to navel in the breathing process. This process causes the diaphragm to expand and contract, successfully stimulating the body’s organs. The inhaled breath fills the lungs to capacity, goes into the bloodstream, and provides oxygen to the organs and other parts of the body.

We need today to focus on our breathing habit. We need to increase our intake of oxygen for increased nourishment of the bodily organs, and their functions. There are many, many medical aspects where breathing is impaired, and one needs to rely on their doctor’s advice and treatments above all else. As we are able we should begin a conscious breathing exercise which will assist the medical treatments. By doing so we strengthen the lung capacity, revitalize our overall intake of necessary oxygen, and reduce stress levels of all kinds.

Whether by meditation practice, or just conscious breathing, I encourage you to take that first breath. It has helped me greatly over the past month on many levels.


ISIC is a non-for-profit group for professional holistic practitioners providing information on subtle energy. Visit ISIC’s website to learn more about our group, our monthly meetings, quarterly public workshops and to view a listing of holistic practitioners in our area.


ISIC – The Power of “Word”

wordsPerhaps you have listened to a person giving a speech and left feeling uplifted, empowered, even encouraged to take up the banner and move forward. Such is the power of speech.

Perhaps you have heard someone speak and your spirit falls. You are saddened, depressed, even to the point of defeat. Such is the power of speech.

If we look closely, we will see that the spoken word is energy – a frequency that carries specific vibrations depending on tone, inflection, and yes, even emotion. Thought creates the process, then is added to or diminished by the inflection and emotion.

When the word is written down, that word (“No” for example) is held in a container. Depending on it’s context, your thought and speaking of the word causes it to leave its container (the printed word), and may, by its expression, release those frequencies into action.

Ex: If you softly said “No” to a child, he will understand that he should not do something.

If you were to say “Oh NO!” regarding some tragic event, you release fear and sadness.

If you in anger say “NO!!” You have released another frequency altogether. There is a power in the word that affects everyone, and yes, everything around you.

Each one of us are the thoughts and speech we release from ourselves. We are responsible for where they go, for who is harmed, saddened, gladdened, inspired, or deflated by those actions. Most of all we are responsible in speaking of and to ourselves. Is it someone else’s fault that I may have failed? Is it my responsibility that I have misunderstood? Take the words you hear. Learn from them, and make them positive.

If there is judgement, anger, or reprimand, let us each understand the situation and the words we would use. Especially what emotion is behind it before we speak.

You alone are responsible for the energy of “word” that you release in a created life force energy. First think before you speak, and then ask “How can we speak to one another in a way that uplifts us both”?

To help you with the power of correct words, here are a few stones who desire to help you:

Blue Topaz – living your truth

Blue Chalcedony – fluent speech

Chrysoprase – fluent speech

Emerald – mental clarity

Lapis Lazuli – power of the spoken word

Blue Apatite – public speaking

Blue Kyanite – public speaking

Turquoise – public speaking

Grandfather Buffalo – The Crystal Life Buzz

A personal reflection of my experience with Crystal Life Technology.

I have been with the crew for about five years, give or take, and I would like to share my experiences. We obviously have all grown over the years here, and many things have happened to each of us. So, even though it is a personal experience, I choose to say “We” because I believe it to be a shared by all the Crystal Life Technology group.

 Crystal Life BuzzAs we have worked together there has been a sharing and a trusting of each person’s abilities and desires. The staff has not remained fellow workers, but become a family that is truly interested in each other within the store as well as what is happening outside in our personal lives. We laugh at ourselves, and with each other, perhaps sometimes seeming to put the other down. We, however, know, and show respect to where each one is on his or her path, hopefully coming across as supportive.

So yes, I feel we are a family, and I trust that each of our guests feels the same when they walk through our door.

We (I) have seen many of you walk in slightly stressed, disturbed, or just looking for something, but not knowing what. The staff has greeted you, inquired if assistance was needed, and/or moved out of the way to allow you to find what you need.

Many have come in for the first time just to look around to see what we have, and very few (counting on one hand) have left dissatisfied. We, ourselves, having been stressed to our limits, have entered the store, and after a few minutes or having worked the day shift, have left in a totally different frame of mind from when we came in. We may be tired at the end of the day, but we are energized by the fact that you, our guest, have satisfied yourselves with the uplifting Crystal Life “Buzz”. So many of you have stated, “I walked into the store and was immediately uplifted. The energy in the store is great. The service is great, and I really do not want to leave.”

Again, let me stress that I am not simply writing this to promote the store. I am expressing my experience here, not only of myself, but of your response as well. I sometimes find myself to be “Mr. Motor Mouth,” but am truly interested that you are able to have your personal needs fulfilled in whatever way is necessary. The fact that you keep returning to Crystal Life, time after time, tells us that we are serving a true purpose in this community and beyond.

We will be waiting to see you again.

ISIC – Time in Our New Paradigm

Have you ever heard the statement “I just do not have the time to do what I need to do,” or perhaps you’ve heard “Where did the time go?” Or “Boy, the time really got away from me.” There are many statements like this heard everyday. In our society today, we move helter-skelter from one project to the next, many times never completing them.

In my moving process, (I have moved from Elburn to Geneva), I came across a book by Jose Arguelles on Time and the Technosphere. He speaks about artificial time (the 60 minutes/24 hour system) and natural time (which deals with nature and/or cosmic time).

There is an interesting concept that I learned many years ago when I was attuned to the Reiki modality. It was that a fifteen minute energy session is equivalent to an hour of rest on the 60/24 modality. If one is doing meditation or shamanic journeying, you are doing so in natural time, or we could say out of time. You are able to go backward to an originating incident, say a back injury or some trauma and rework it in order to clear the energies. Equally you may go forward and see a new job or other situation and therefore manifest it.

We cannot say any longer, “I don’t have enough time to do what I need to do.” The current paradigm suggests that time will be dependent on what you make of it. Say to yourself, “I have all the time in the world to do what needs to be done,” then go do it.

Cosmic Portal – Stones Provide Stability During Change

unakite jewelryThere is no doubt that our world is in extraordinary turmoil now, between social upheavals and earth changes. The question for each of us is: how are we to adapt quickly to these changes, and to assist our selves, our loved ones, our community and our world.

There are times when staying centered and holding strong are needed, and times when staying centered and swaying with the flow are needed. We need the oak and the willow, the bear and the snake, black onyx and green unakite, power and peace, stability and flow.

We also need to keep returning to center, so that we can readjust, bend, flow, and are able to act in strength from within the lines of change themselves.

Commonly available stones to work with during times of change are unakite – the stone of change from within earth stability; and the calcites – stones that keep clearing debris from our energy fields so that we have the energetic freedom and free will to adapt.

Look through your own personal collections of stones and jewelry to find any items of unakite and/or calcite. Bring them forward, give them a good energetic wash, and start using them.

If you don’t have any, visit our website and do a search for jewelry and stones of unakite or calcite. Our energy jewelry that includes a maroon ceramic catalyst bead is also good – the energy of that bead helps us change and adapt.

You can “sit” with these stones, holding them in your palms so that you pull in their energy to clear and strengthen your own.

If you have unakite and calcite as jewelry, start wearing them again. Don’t forget to honor the stone energies for their assistance to you; this strengthens your own respectful adaptation to that energy, and also encourages the stones to be more active themselves.

Also, be sure to give the stones some rest if you are working with them strongly, and clear them as well. These are not stones that do well with a salt bath – they are soft and can disintegrate – so either put them in a glass bowl that is resting on the salt, or clear them by passing them through incense (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense are good incenses for this), or place them in the moonlight, or on a bed of soft moss (either harvested in the wild, or available from a craft store or florist).


Starting next week, this Cosmic Portal blog shifts to Tuesdays, and will be combined with Tuesday’s current blog, Nature Spirits.

ISIC – Live in Peace

In American tradition, it is customary to wish that the deceased may rest in peace. While this is a wonderful intention, why not apply this to life? Why do we not find it customary to wish people to live in peace? There are many stresses that a person may take on in this day and age, anything and everything from relationships, to work, to the spiritual journey. Many of us forget that life is easily as peaceful as we allow it to be.

In relationships, no matter the origin, it is inevitable for some form of friction between two people to arise. It is natural for things like this to surface, as most people believe “it is impossible to get along with everyone.” This friction does not have to be exacerbated. If we find peace in ourselves, with who we are, things that may cause tension are able to roll off of us like beads of water. Don’t take things personally. Ever. There is purpose behind every interaction that we share with others. It is our conscious decision to make our interactions positive or not. If someone offends you, analyze why this may be. Simply “not liking” someone is not the answer. It is because they jabbed you in one of your “soft spots”. These soft spots are not only emotional, they are very much energetic, and can be healed with energy work like visualizations, Reiki, or crystals.

Work is probably the most common cause of stress. When things get busy, we tend to lose ourselves, we give ourselves to the stress. How can we avoid repeatedly falling into that vicious cycle? The solution is a simple concept, it is remembering to apply it to your daily life that makes it difficult. If work starts swirling around you, be still, breathe, peacefully sit on top of the situation. The stress is not going to take over your life unless you let it. Remember that you CAN manage the work load, and that accomplishing a challenge is very rewarding. Look at what is making the situation a challenge. Are extra tasks being handed to you? Ask for help, or maybe an extension on your deadline. Are you spacing out, making it difficult to focus? Analyze why you are spacing out. Take a moment to re-center yourself. Find a reasonable solution to your issue, it is there.

On the Spiritual Journey, we become aware of the energetic waves that we are riding. When life comes crashing down on you, remember that you have made it through everything else thus far. What makes this situation any different, any more stressful than the rest? The answer is nothing. It is an illusion that times are tough. Things may appear overwhelming, but you have complete control. What makes something intense, so much that it seems too much to handle? Your perspective. When life hands you a challenge, accept it with a grin. Gratefully accept, and you will find yourself in a state of peace. True peace is not the calm period between storms. True peace is acceptance of the storm and knowing that this too shall pass. Do not wait for the storm to pass before you allow yourself to achieve this state of acceptance. Create your own bliss. Enjoy everything you experience. Love life for the beautiful journey it is, and you will discover that peace was inside of you all along. It was just a projection of turmoil that you were facing. Instead, project peace from your heart.

ISIC – Defining Your Personal Space

Defining your personal space can mean a variety of things. Though there are many aspects to personal space such as self-esteem, and communication, ultimately it is a matter of energetic stability.

Many people are prone to saying, “Yes,” in a pressured situation. While they may have good intentions, this can cause issues to arise. Setting clear boundaries in a relationship is key to achieving the higher good for all parties involved. Most of us want to please each other, and are willing to put ourselves on the line in order to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. While the effort is respectable, this not only hinders a person’s ability to enjoy their work, but can also waste time or resources for the one asking for the task to be completed. Why is this? If you are reluctant to do something, are you really going to invest your all into it? Commonly the answer to this is, “No,” whether you are aware of it or not. Eventually it is draining to do something that your heart is not in. We must be honest with ourselves and with each other, otherwise no one wins.

Another aspect of defining your space is in the physical sense. Each of us have our limitations on what we feel is a comfortable way to communicate, as well as perspectives on what is appropriate and what is not. When you allow someone to act or speak in a way that you see is non-conducive to a given situation, the problem is only exacerbated. The behavior will continue, and only cause more friction. You are not saving anyone’s ego by remaining silent. It is impossible for the other person to know that they are overstepping boundaries if you have not clearly established them. This requires that you speak up for yourself. Do not be afraid of offending someone else, so long as you speak and act from the heart.

Lastly, and perhaps ultimately, there are energetic boundaries that require attention and maintenance. This is your aura, your energy field. If your energy field is stable, balanced, and well defined, you are likely to have a much deeper sense of peace than others. Your energy field is a great field map of interactions. What occurs out there, manifests physically in your body or in your relationships. If your field is weak and malleable, it is easy to be thrown off center, and for others to take advantage of you.

So how do we ensure that our energy field is strong and healthy? If you are in a position of poor health, start there. Diet is something that greatly affects the quality of life. If your imbalances manifest emotionally, start to examine these issues. Evaluate what can be released, what can be shifted. In addition to these physical means of strengthening your energy field, use your knowledge of energy work. Breathing exercises and visualizations are great for defining your energy field. There are many crystals that support the aura such as clear quartz, labradorite, and black tourmaline. Crystal Life carries various tools such as Slim Spurling rings, the Flower of Life pendants, and energy jewelry that also assist in this endeavor.

ISIC – Vesica Balance Grid

For this grid, the intention was to create a tool that could aid in balancing the body’s various systems. The endocrine and lymphatic systems both run throughout the human body either releasing hormones or recycling blood plasma. The duties of these systems are far more complex than this synopsis. However, for the purpose of this blog, it is most important to understand that they play a large role in regulating your daily life.

With a specific physical target, I find it most appropriate to reference a crystal guide like “Crystal Prescriptions” by Judy Hall. The stones listed for the endocrine system that were decided to be most applicable were Fire Agate, Amber, Amethyst, Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Peridot, and Tourmaline. Tourmaline is also listed for the lymphatic system along with Moss Agate, and Blue Chalcedony. There are other appropriate stones, however these are the ones that intuitively “stuck out.” Blue Kyanite also wanted to be included in the group, as it very nicely clears energetic pathways.

As with most grids, there are different components which serve separate functions to complete the greater, complete function. Not only can crystals be used to map out the energies, but also other various items such as Slim Spurling Rings. Here there are two rings overlaid to create a Vesica Pisces. This works to achieve a couple of goals. First, the Vesica design offers an opportunity to analyze each of our sides, masculine and feminine. It then allows us to see our in-between parts, the places where our two sides mesh together. In this situation, with the directional aid of a few Clear Quartz Points, the Vesica is also being used as a figure eight infinity symbol. This creates a constant and balanced flow of energies. Standing with a foot within each side of the Vesica Pisces, the crystal energies follow the programed patterns (Vesica and Infinity) up, throughout, and back down your body and energy field.

 Experiment with logical placements and patterns, and also with intuition and aesthetics. The more beautiful the crystal layout, all the more it will resonate and become beneficial.

Grandfather Buffalo – Ammonite in a Working Relationship

A fossilized animal from earth’s ancient past, this stone acts as a tool for the architect, or the person constructing. It is also a stone of protection dealing with the ability of stability and the structure of one’s past.

ammoniteNow let us look at ammonites from a working relationship. I have often stated that in order to work with a stone, one needs to become familiar with it. I have suggested spending a twenty-eight day cycle with the particular stone you have chosen. This twenty-eight day cycle is a course of a moon cycle that is practiced by many indigenous peoples.

Let me relay my experience with ammonite. I have spent the last six weeks sleeping with it. It has been beneficial in relieving stress and tension. If I first acknowledge that before going to bed, these energies are released in a spiral fashion. I am not one to get a good night sleep (on average I am awake every two hours and sleep lightly). My experience with ammonite is that I sleep about the same amount of time, but much deeper. Clarity of thought and insight have also been a result of working with this stone.

One of my new guides, a Troll Shaman, introduced me to ammonite as an aid to working with her. Her modality is working with all levels of frequency. So the fact that this fossilized animal is ancient causes it to carry the frequency of its time period, and because it acts upon my personal frequency a resonance exists. This entrains my energies to properly function for this type of work.

We are currently working to develop a healing process based upon this knowledge. I will offer more information in the future.