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Cosmic Portals |Practitioner’s Tool Box

As a practitioner, the issues of your clientele are obviously going to vary. The tools and information required to help them along will depend on their needs. Working with crystals is not an exception. Each crystal has a list of properties, and they are not always going to apply to the work you are doing. On the other hand, there are stones that just about everyone can use. Here are three stones have been found to be of assistance in any situation.

Firstly, let review Selenite and it’s uses. This crystal brings down the purest of white light energies. It works with the Crown Chakra and other higher Crown Chakras, offering peace and higher access to a higher consciousness.  Selenite is fossilized salt water, so it can work to purify a nearby water table, or correct the flow of a vortex created by underground water in motion. The high frequency at which selenite resonates will dissolve any negativity in the energy field. This can easily be achieved by using it to “comb” the aura. It also will help to align the spinal column when placed along the vertebrae.

Blue Kyanite is another great stone with an energy that everyone can use. Like selenite, it does not require clearing. These two crystals also connect the light-body to the physical body, grounding higher consciousness and high vibrations. Each person has energy blockages, and kyanite breaks right through them. It aligns and clears the meridians, chakras, and subtle bodies. It also relieves physical pain. Being a Throat Chakra stone, blue kyanite opens the throat, assisting in self-expression and cutting through fears that reside in this area. Additionally, kyanite replenishes life force energy, and aids in realizing the cause of any issue.

Finally, Black Tourmaline completes this trio. Tourmaline has the ability to purify and transform dense, imbalanced energy into lighter, high vibrational energy. When it is actively working in the energy field, negativity passes through rather than sticking to the aura. This allows the user to learn from a negative situation, but not to be directly affected by it. Black tourmaline also removes blockages, connects the chakras, and balances the meridians. Being a Root Chakra stone, it helps to understand yourself as well as others. It increases vitality, and offers a clear thought process. Black tourmaline is also a great tool for alleviating the effects of EMF pollution.

In the above photo are the three suggestions displayed. The uppermost setup is intended for a work space. This could be your office, home, or business. If you have a practice that requires that your client lay down, this would be perfect underneath the table. The large specimens reach out, covering a moderately vast area. On the bottom left, there is a pocket size version of the three stones. This could be placed in a pouch to wear, carried with you, or maybe on a desk. If you are the crafty type, I recommended trying to replicate the item on the bottom right. This is a wand, and originally where this triad comes from. The selenite has a fine point, a surgical point if you will. The kyanite lays on the side assisting the selenite in removing blockages. The black tourmaline is on the end of the wand, placed to protect the healer from any negative energies that the client may be releasing. If you choose to do this, copper wire, leather, and silk are all great ways to hold stones together. A little Gorilla Glue wouldn’t hurt either. Have fun!

Cosmic Portals | The Only Constant is Change

Change – what does that mean to you? Is it a positive or a negative in your life? It can be a focal point around which all else revolves. We try to remind customers of this, when they come into our store seeking a stone to help them work through some change that is either in their life – or that they want or need to make. Two people could come in at the same time, with the same question – and we might recommend rose quartz (compassion) for one and hematite (protection) for the other.

change-good-now-how-get-employeesWe all wish there were some quick and simple solution to the many changes facing our world during this tumultuous time. But even solutions change during a time of change – what once worked no longer will because of new factors thrown into the mix.

All of this change has its good side. We have relied for centuries on the belief that if we comply with the rules, we will be safe. If we break the rules, disaster strikes in some form – legal, social, political, religious. It has been an external process, appropriate to the consciousness set of the Kali Yuga – the Age of Darkness – through which our world has just passed.

We are getting set to move into the next cycle – the Age of Enlightenment or Truth – the Satya Yuga. It doesn’t seem like it very often, does it? So much turmoil everywhere. However, this approaching golden age of spirit means a time when people are connected back to their core essence – to their central spirit. It is a time when we are inner directed, not outer directed.

And what are we seeing around the world? Major clashes between people who would rather face death than live any longer in autocratic situations where they are treated as objects whose only duty is to please the capricious will of others. People want the right to decide for themselves.

The other part of the right to decide for yourself is the understanding that we ALL have the right to decide for ourselves. Far too often, when the liberal voice prevails and creates an accepting situation, fundamentalist voices come forward who state that they know the way, they will not cooperate to permit other ways to also exist, and all must do as they wish – or they will take down the entire group in which they exist. We see this in our own government right now. It is a major issue for those who wish to offer true freedom of choice to others: what happens when that choice is destructive, or the choice of some is to eliminate the freedom of choice of others.

The Golden Age of Spirit is not some ethereal spirit that will descend with divine grace on all, but one that must be won by hard work united with a determination to act from source consciousness. AND the ability, learned during the long descent of consciousness in our previous earth cycle, to protect ourselves and others so that those who would destroy freedom for all are prevented in some way from doing so.

Many of those seeking to foster the new consciousness are working with guides from other realms of existence. These guides do not do the work for us, and if we slip in consciousness we sometimes lose connection with their realms. We wonder why we don’t hear them or sense their presence any longer. Working with the higher forces is based in free will, like all else in our universe. When confusion sets in due to local or worldwide situations, it can sometimes muddy the waters of our connection to the inner realms. At such times, it behooves you to use your personal determination to re-establish and broaden your lines of inner connectivity. Some examples, drawn from my own and my clients’ situations:

You feel your guide has deserted you because you used to be able to hear and get help from your guide and now when you call nothing happens. If your guide is true, why are you having this problem/disaster? You thought you heard your guide tell you something would happen and it didn’t, so maybe it was all your imagination after all.

These are all valid concerns but each might have a multitude of answers. It is up to you to learn to see inwardly clearly enough to understand what is occurring in each instance – and each instance may be far different.

The world of consciousness is interdimensional and multi-faceted. When you set out down this road, you gradually acquire experience that helps each of us to understand our own eons long evolution through spirit, our own core level spirit family that assists us, our own unique process of growth.

The only constant in this is your own inner connection to the core source of all – a connection that is based in love, a love so strong that it has sent out a spark of itself to experience free will growth, in the knowledge that eventually – eons from its emergence – it will master the process of acting from the light while in matter of one form or another. To reach that point, it must continually change and adapt, through trial and error and success mastering its own unique existence.

There is not one single human being who is not going through this process. Sometimes the lessons are very harsh, other times the harvest is abundant. But at all times any point at which you are now is merely another point in time before more change occurs.

Since this is the only constant – inevitable change – it helps immensely to set your own personal consciousness and perceptions to this reality. Let your core spirit – your essence or soul – be the constant point, the connection to the eternal – around which all else revolves. When change is imminent in your life, return to the core source, re-examine and reset your trajectory of action, and move forward – again.

Earth Share | Mystic Merlinite

Mystic MerlinThis amazing stone is a composite of various minerals that can assist us in many ways. A form of Gabbro, Mystic Merlinite opens metaphysical abilities, helps us connect to the elemental realms, assists in healing past life karma, clears a channel to our higher self, shields against EMF pollution, and firmly grounds the soul into the body.

This is a stone of deep magic- formed from the knowledge of wizards, shamans, and elementals. It allows you to work with nature spirits and gives you the tools to see and communicate with them.

Place the stone under your pillow for intense lucid dreaming and even astral travel. This is a perfect stone for unlocking your past in order to manifest the future you desire.

Earth Share | Grid for a Productive Classroom

When teaching in a classroom there are quite a few factors involved in maintaining a productive learning environment. Of these factors there is especially a need for patience, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. Every crystal has a multitude of properties in order to assist us in as many ways as possible. This grid will use only a handful of these properties geared towards creating a safe and productive classroom setting. This grid is made up of only six different stone types: Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

The larger, outermost Merkabah is composed of two stone types, Howlite and Blue Lace Agate. Howlite is being utilized for a few of its properties, it brings a peaceful, calming affect. In addition, Howlite works to improve the memory. Blue Lace Agate offers a similar peaceful, and calm energy to the throat chakra, or self-expression. Howlite works with the crown chakra, dealing with consciousness. By bringing a calm, and peaceful energy to the throat and crown chakras, emotions like anxiety are able to easily pass through the energy field rather than disrupting it.

On either side of the outer Merkabah there are two pieces of Black Tourmaline.  Having a large collection of people in a room guarantees the presence of imbalanced energies. These discordant energies manifest into things like frustration, and nervousness. Black Tourmaline works to alleviate the classroom of any negativity that may be floating around. It also promotes the understanding of others, and yourself while boosting confidence and dissipating fear. The design of the outer merkabah and tourmaline works with the energies of the class as a whole. It maintains a safe environment where students can flow freely.

The small, inner-most of the merkabahs is composed of Lapis Lazuli and Malachite. In this arrangement the Earth Tetrahedron (downward facing triangle) is Lapis Lazuli, and the Source Tetrahedron (Upward facing triangle) is Malachite. Here, Lapis is working as a thought amplifier, increasing memory as well as objectivity and clarity. Lapis also encourages active listening. Malachite is the grounding stone of the bunch. It helps us to establish boundaries, which many of us have experienced to be absolutely necessary in a classroom setting. Malachite eases the processing of information as well as the ability to absorb it. It also increases the skill of observation, and aids in understanding even the most complicated subjects. This inner Merkabah is configured to work on a personal level with each student so that they are able to get the most out of their learning experience.

Finally, we have a Clear Quartz Sphere in the center. Clear Quartz amplifies present energies. When in the center of a grid it intensifies the other stone energies. In addition to this, it offers an overall sense of clarity. Since this is a carved stone, the geometric attributes also apply. The spherical shape causes the energy to radiate outward, covering a larger area.

This grid is small so that it may be easily assembled in or on a desk, counter, or on the floor. With intention, the grid’s energy can be held over an entire classroom. It can also be made into a larger scale, perhaps around an entire school (you might want to get some larger stones). You may even want to build a layout like this for your own personal learning environment or office.

Earth Share | Vajra Cross

Vajra Cross Pendant

Originally associated with the Vedic god Indra, the Vajra (Sanskrit), or Dorje (Tibetan) is a tool wielded by various Hindu and Buddhist deities, and used in ceremony by Buddhist monks.

The Dorje is a lightening bolt of consciousness that disintegrates ignorance, and is also referred to as a diamond, representing indestructibility and the power of spirit.

Photographed is a double Dorje, though they are typically seen with two ends rather than four. The double Dorje, or Vajra Cross, is used to provide an immovable foundation and powerful protection.

Earth Share | Wood Nymphs

Forest Nymph

Wood Nymphs

Type: Dryad

Deep in the elder forests of flowing green the Wood Nymphs roam, They are mysterious creatures who blend into the scripted bark of swaying trees. They run through the forest their footprints molding into the mossy floor.

Wood Nymphs are the attendants of the Faery Queen. In ancient Greece Artemis (Diana) the Goddess of hunt and moon had Wood Nymphs as her companions.The Wood Nymphs’ bodies become part of the trees they inhabit, their beauty is mesmerizing. They are known to be the symbol of good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, and grounding energy.

When you go on a nature walk carry Tree Agate with you to connect with the Wood Nymphs, meditate in the forest to connect with the Fae realm.

Earth Share | Grid for Nepal

Crystal Grid for Nepal

Crystal Grid for Nepal

In efforts to offer assistance to those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal, we have created this crystal grid. It’s intention is to guide those who lost their lives and to bring peace and healing to the land and its people. It is also designed to balance the ley lines that run through the Nepalese area.

We urge you to meditate with this grid and use it to send healing energies to those who are in need at this time.

Crystals Used:

  • Tibetan Quartz – enlightenment, raises vibrations
  • Celestite – celestial guidance, angelic comfort
  • Danburite – consciousness, healing
  • Aragonite – aligns ley lines, earth healing
  • Brown Selenite – grounds and clears earth energies
  • Magnetite – balances energy, corrects magnetic fields
  • Black Tourmaline – dissolves negativity, protection
  • Clear Quartz – balancing, clearing, magnifying


Earth Share | Live in Peace

In American tradition, it is customary to wish that the deceased may rest in peace. While this is a wonderful intention, why not apply this to life? Why do we not find it customary to wish people to live in peace? There are many stresses that a person may take on in this day and age, anything and everything from relationships, to work, to the spiritual journey. Many of us forget that life is easily as peaceful as we allow it to be.

Peace CoexistIn relationships, no matter the origin, it is inevitable for some form of friction between two people to arise. It is natural for things like this to surface, as most people believe “it is impossible to get along with everyone.” This friction does not have to be exacerbated. If we find peace in ourselves, with who we are, things that may cause tension are able to roll off of us like beads of water. Don’t take things personally. Ever. There is purpose behind every interaction that we share with others. It is our conscious decision to make our interactions positive or not. If someone offends you, analyze why this may be. Simply “not liking” someone is not the answer. It is because they jabbed you in one of your “soft spots”. These soft spots are not only emotional, they are very much energetic, and can be healed with energy work like visualizations, Reiki, or crystals.

Work is probably the most common cause of stress. When things get busy, we tend to lose ourselves, we give ourselves to the stress. How can we avoid repeatedly falling into that vicious cycle? The solution is a simple concept, it is remembering to apply it to your daily life that makes it difficult. If work starts swirling around you, be still, breathe, peacefully sit on top of the situation. The stress is not going to take over your life unless you let it. Remember that you CAN manage the work load, and that accomplishing a challenge is very rewarding. Look at what is making the situation a challenge. Are extra tasks being handed to you? Ask for help, or maybe an extension on your deadline. Are you spacing out, making it difficult to focus? Analyze why you are spacing out. Take a moment to re-center yourself. Find a reasonable solution to your issue, it is there.

On the Spiritual Journey, we become aware of the energetic waves that we are riding. When life comes crashing down on you, remember that you have made it through everything else thus far. What makes this situation any different, any more stressful than the rest? The answer is nothing. It is an illusion that times are tough. Things may appear overwhelming, but you have complete control. What makes something intense, so much that it seems too much to handle? Your perspective. When life hands you a challenge, accept it with a grin. Gratefully accept, and you will find yourself in a state of peace. True peace is not the calm period between storms. True peace is acceptance of the storm and knowing that this too shall pass. Do not wait for the storm to pass before you allow yourself to achieve this state of acceptance. Create your own bliss. Enjoy everything you experience. Love life for the beautiful journey it is, and you will discover that peace was inside of you all along. It was just a projection of turmoil that you were facing. Instead, project peace from your heart.

Animal Totems | Animal Totem Meditation

This meditation is based on shamanic concepts, but is integrated with modern visualization techniques.

Rainforest Spirit Shield by Ssantara

If you have someone with you, ask if they can drum a steady and consistent beat for you while you travel inward. The drumming serves as a guide to the spirit world, and then back to your body after the meditation is finished. Have them quiet the drumming, read this guided meditation to you, and then start the drumming again to lead you back home. Another option is to find a shamanic drumming track online, and remember this visualization as much as possible.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax and focus solely on the drumming. Visualize the room you are currently in. Step out of your body and head toward the door, and then outside. There is absolutely no sound and you notice there is a thick fog to the South. You head slowly into the mist. Keep walking into it, farther south, further into the spirit world.

(Drumming stops.  If you are using a recording, it is okay to let it continue playing.)

The fog begins to lift, and you find yourself in a clearing in the forest. These woods are familiar to you. You have a sense of safety and home here. You see a path across from you and you head toward it. As you reach the path a small animal appears. It has been waiting for you. It wants you to follow it down the path. Your new friend encourages you to take in the beauty around you and to stop along the path as much as you would like. There is no urgency here.

The path finally ends at another clearing in the woods. This time there is a large group of people sitting in the center around a fire. They beckon you over and your animal friend bids you farewell and returns to the path from which you just arrived. You slowly approach these people gathered together and realize they are all here for you. These are all of your loved ones, and ancestors. Old, new, and unknown. They have traveled from all over the world, and across time. They are celebrating you. They are honoring you. They greet you with warm hugs and kisses.

You join them, and have a seat next to the oldest of them,  an elder with lines of great wisdom written all over their hands and face. The elder hands you a gift. Accept it. They then point to a new path that you hadn’t noticed earlier. All of these people have honest smiles with twinkles in their eyes. They are telling you to go on your journey and that they will always be here whenever you need them.

You bid them farewell and head to the trail that has just appeared. The gift the elder gave you begins to glow a warm light that radiates, and illuminates the path before you. It is leading you to your destination, to your animal guides. You follow the trail down hill. There is a stream ahead of you and a large tree trunk that serves as a bridge. You cross over the stream and continue on your way. The path curves and you see an opening ahead. You hear ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

You race down the rest of the path until each step you take starts to sink in the sand. There is a person standing beside a giant boulder. They are waiting for you to come to them. They smile and congratulate you on reaching your destination. They point to white robes laid out on the boulder and tell you to remove your clothes and change into the new clothes. You turn to express your gratitude, but they have vanished. You change your clothes and head to the water.

As you reach the water you stop and close your eyes. You take a deep breath and exhale into the wind. The water laps over your feet and a light mist graces your skin. You feel whole again. You feel at peace with yourself, and with nature. You are one. A light appears in the sky directly above you. You look up to admire its divine beauty and are overcome by the energy of this celestial being. It is the most peaceful and serene sensation you have ever felt. It is as though this light has embraced you with a great and powerful hug.

The light begins to dim slightly, but still remains. You can’t help but to smile as you notice animals slowly emerging from every direction. From the water, from the sky, from the woods, and from the cliffs. They are all here to greet you. They each come with a message. Many of them stay where they are right at the edge of the sand, but a few decide to come closer to you. Approach them. They have gentle eyes, and are here to offer you their guidance. Let them whisper to you. Remember what they have said. You sit with these animal spirits for a while in the sand. It is as if you  are among old friends on the beach.

Much time passes, and it is time for you to bid them farewell for now. All of the animals return to the directions they came. You change back into your clothes and leave the white robe on the boulder. Head back up the curving path, and continue on it across the stream. Take your time walking it and reminisce on the experience you just had. You make it to the clearing with all of your ancestors and loved ones. They are waving to you and you wave back as you head toward the path that leads back home. Your small animal friend is waiting to guide you back. You hear a quiet drumming in the distance, it gradually becomes louder as you walk farther up the path.

(Start drumming very softly, and get louder as you read the next paragraph.)

You have reached the first clearing you found earlier. You can feel the vibration of the drum in your chest. The mystical fog starts to fill the space. It is so thick it is hard to even see your hand in front of you. You smile as you remember the journey you just took and head into the fog toward the drumming. You keep walking and it begins to clear. Look around, you know your body is near. Walk in the front door and walk towards your body. As you settle back into your skin you are overcome with joy and are happy to know you have new animal totems to guide you in life. Slowly open your eyes.

(Stop drumming.)

Whenever doing a deep journeying, or meditation it is important to journal right away, and drink lots of water. Don’t be too quick to stand up. Take your time.

When reflecting on the meditation take note of what the gift you were given looks like. What animals came up to you? Which animals did you notice the most out of all of them?


Credits: Image by ssantara

Earth Share | Shiva Symbolism

SHIVA SYMBOLISMtumblr_navdvzeN0F1tdvxjio1_1280

  • Trishul – Represents the three basic Nadis, Shiva’s ability to destroy evil and ignorance.
  • Ash – Symbolizes the ability to transcend this world and to not be affected by it. The end of the material existence.
  • Cobra – Filter for poisons (physical, emotional, mental, etc.), coiled three times (past, present, future), symbolizing Shiva’s transcendence of time.
  • Rudraksha – Uncompromising, order of the universe.
  • Drum – The manifest and unmanifest, when struck it creates the Aum (sound of creation).
  • Crescent Moon – Cyclical nature of the universe, creation and destruction.
  • Tiger Skin – Symbolizes Shiva’s victory over every force, potential energy.
  • Third Eye – Spiritual wisdom, Shiva’s ability to see beyond the illusory reality of this world.
  • Dreads – Integration of spiritual, physical, and mental.
  • Three Lines on Forehead – Immortality of the soul, glory of the Lord.
  • River Ganges (not pictured) – Purification, nectar of immortality.