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Cosmic Portals | Rubies & Royals

Ruby is an earth stone. It energizes and activates the mental and emotional body. It enhances self-confidence and your passion for life. It is a protective heart stone that eliminates feelings of hopelessness and defeat.


Ruby provides you with the energies of optimism and determination (great for the business and school world). It is a stone for courage, helping ease anxiety as it brings adventure and opportunities into your life. Use Ruby when you are needing strength and change.

History and Lore:

Royals such as Queen Elizabeth I of England and Queen Mary of Scots wore rubies as a tool for protection. It was believed that rubies would darken (dim) if they were in danger.

During Elizabeth’s claim to the throne and reign over England, she had many assassination threats from groups. Even Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Mary wanted her dead. That is one reason why rubies can be found on the crowns of Royals.

Ancient warriors wore rubies to make them invincible in battle.

Rubies were the most desired gems of European royalty and the upper classes. Medieval Europeans wore rubies to obtain good protection, wealth, wisdom, and success.

Where to Keep It:

  • Wear it as a necklace so that it hangs close to your heart
  • Wear it on your ring finger, in western culture (European) it is associated with the heart line
  • Keep a small piece in your pocket to keep its energy close
  • Place in in your office or space of learning (desk) to bring in prosperity and good fortune


ISIC | Cords, Anchors, and Intrusions

Many energy workers are well aware of the energetic structures that drain energy. While there are positive lessons to come from their presence in your life, it is wise to ensure that your energy field is clear of these obstructions after observing the lesson at hand. If you are unable to learn from them, they will continue to pose an issue in your life. As with anything in life, once you are conscious of the reasoning, the problem will be resolved.

There are many ways to interpret energy being drained. Sometimes this manifests as a cord. Cords come in all shapes and sizes. They can be described as tentacles that extend from the auric field, and burrow deep into the field or energetic body of the person being drained. Typically someone who you have a close relationship with is attached to you by a relatively thick cord. If you have an acquaintance that happens to drain energy from you, the cord would be much smaller than someone dear to you. This can be attributed to the length of your relationship, and how much you are willing to give up for this person. Most of the time, being energy workers, we are unconsciously willing to offer our energy for the benefit others. We must leave behind the martyrdom and decided to take care of ourselves. When “cutting cords”, a handy tip it to visualize not only the cord being severed, but also cauterized so that they may not reattach. It may also be helpful to silently offer a distance healing session to this person, or perhaps a prayer that they, in addition to yourself, may be wrapped in healing energy.

Anchors (or “Hooks”) are a slightly more aggressive form of cords that appear in people’s energy field. These require a bit more visualization and intent to remove. Before doing any energy work, it is crucial to keep in mind that you CAN do whatever you intend, and that it WILL work. Intent is where your power lies. After removing any form of cord, the hole in the field must be patched up. Depending on the strength of a given energy field, this may require a range of attention. Visualizing the gap being filled with white light (therefore restructuring the grid) should do the trick.

Much like a leech, an intrusion is a small being that feeds off of the light body. Usually these are not associated to another person, but rather they are independent. Intrusions also come in a variety of embodiments. They can show up like a worm, a cluster of tiny specs, or a spiked ball. There is a vast amount of different kinds. Salt baths, in addition to visualizations will get these out of your field. You may ask that they be joyfully returned to their source after expressing your gratitude for the lessons they offered to you. Sound healing like Singing Bowls, Tingshas, or humming certain notes associated to the Chakras are great techniques for disrupting dense negative energy that is difficult to manage with only visualization.

We all must remember that a majority of the time these cords and anchors are not intentionally sent out. They are, in a sense, a call for help. We must also remember to cut and remove the cords that we are sending out to others. Most people do not want to admit this, but I’ll be the one who says it, we all do it. Until we are fully conscious of our energy fields, there will be unintentional cords coming into and out of us. Let it go and cut the cords. Likewise, until we take control of the stability of our energy field, many energies are able to enter without our knowledge. One may say that the general purpose of these experiences would be to strengthen our awareness of ourselves and our varying energies.

ISIC | 5 Tips for Creating & Maintaining a Self-Sustaining Holistic Practice

Starting a holistic practice is both an exciting and intimidating venture. Furthermore, maintaining a self-sustaining balance can be tricky. Here are five tips  on how to ease this process and to make the best of your resources.

photo-rocks-mist1. Do what you love and have fun doing it.  These days most practitioners have a variety of certifications in different types of energy work, intuitive training, and body work.  With all the different classes under their belt, sometimes it is easiest to start a business performing the service that “people want and know” instead of starting a business doing the one thing that you love the most.  We have all heard the saying “do what you love,” but we may be scared to try it.  Overcome that fear, and do it.  Do the one thing that makes your heart sing and keep that forefront in your heart and mind even as “side jobs” pop up along the way.  Red garnet helps one connect their passion with their heart.  Meditate with it to help decide which it is that you love the most, and continue to use it to keep what you love at the forefront of your actions.

2. Even holistic practitioners need a business plan. No matter what field you are going into a business plan is a must. Having set goals and procedures will prove to be beneficial. It is very important to know exactly what you are offering to the public.  Having a marketing, and advertising strategy, which is part of the plan, will help get the word out and create a clientele.  Creating a business plan will help you to gather all of the details required to create a stable practice. This website has useful information to get you started. Once you have a plan, take time each day to work on and complete the items in it. Suggested stone: tiger eye.

3. Surround yourself with a support network.  Running a business is a lot of work.  Yes, at first, finances might make it impossible to hire help.  There is more to a good support network than employees.  Join the local chamber of commerce to get to know fellow small business entrepreneurs.  Visit your local community college’s small business center.  They are there to help provide support and resources to business owners.  Be open to accepting help from your friends and neighbors when they offer.  Remember that there is good help out there, and it is up to you to utilize it. Suggested Stone:  pietersite.

 4. Know your strengths and weaknesses. It is very important as a practitioner to be in touch with yourself. Perhaps you excel in marketing and you lack in financial organization. That is fine, you can’t expect to be an expert when you are just starting off. Once you have a support network established there will be plenty of people who are able to assist you in areas you require aid. In knowing your strengths it will be easier to adapt to situations that may not be within your comfort zone. Also know your limitations. It sometimes is a slippery slope if you agree to do something that you are not quite experienced with. Some people live by “fake it until you make it,” but if you are one to be easily overwhelmed, this may not be the philosophy for you. Suggested stone: black onyx

5. Make time for yourself. Being a healer can be exhausting. As mentioned above, know your limitations. Never overload yourself with work to the point of burning out. Burning the candle at both ends may seem efficient, but who will care for your clients if your light has been expended? Even if your are not functioning at maximum capacity 24/7, still take time for yourself. If you are sleepy, take a nap. Never skip meals, and designate a block in your schedule to relax. Try spending time meditating and being mindful through out the day. While these things may sound obvious, it is easy to get caught up in what you are doing. That is when we forget to take care of ourselves. The more healthy and happy you are, the healthier and happier your clients will be. Suggested stone: malachite


ISIC | Grid for a Productive Classroom

When teaching in a classroom there are quite a few factors involved in maintaining a productive learning environment. Of these factors there is especially a need for patience, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. Every crystal has a multitude of properties in order to assist us in as many ways as possible. This grid will use only a handful of these properties geared towards creating a safe and productive classroom setting. This grid is made up of only six different stone types: Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

The larger, outermost Merkabah is composed of two stone types, Howlite and Blue Lace Agate. Howlite is being utilized for a few of its properties, it brings a peaceful, calming affect. In addition, Howlite works to improve the memory. Blue Lace Agate offers a similar peaceful, and calm energy to the throat chakra, or self-expression. Howlite works with the crown chakra, dealing with consciousness. By bringing a calm, and peaceful energy to the throat and crown chakras, emotions like anxiety are able to easily pass through the energy field rather than disrupting it.

On either side of the outer Merkabah there are two pieces of Black Tourmaline.  Having a large collection of people in a room guarantees the presence of imbalanced energies. These discordant energies manifest into things like frustration, and nervousness. Black Tourmaline works to alleviate the classroom of any negativity that may be floating around. It also promotes the understanding of others, and yourself while boosting confidence and dissipating fear. The design of the outer merkabah and tourmaline works with the energies of the class as a whole. It maintains a safe environment where students can flow freely.

The small, inner-most of the merkabahs is composed of Lapis Lazuli and Malachite. In this arrangement the Earth Tetrahedron (downward facing triangle) is Lapis Lazuli, and the Source Tetrahedron (Upward facing triangle) is Malachite. Here, Lapis is working as a thought amplifier, increasing memory as well as objectivity and clarity. Lapis also encourages active listening. Malachite is the grounding stone of the bunch. It helps us to establish boundaries, which many of us have experienced to be absolutely necessary in a classroom setting. Malachite eases the processing of information as well as the ability to absorb it. It also increases the skill of observation, and aids in understanding even the most complicated subjects. This inner Merkabah is configured to work on a personal level with each student so that they are able to get the most out of their learning experience.

Finally, we have a Clear Quartz Sphere in the center. Clear Quartz amplifies present energies. When in the center of a grid it intensifies the other stone energies. In addition to this, it offers an overall sense of clarity. Since this is a carved stone, the geometric attributes also apply. The spherical shape causes the energy to radiate outward, covering a larger area.

This grid is small so that it may be easily assembled in or on a desk, counter, or on the floor. With intention, the grid’s energy can be held over an entire classroom. It can also be made into a larger scale, perhaps around an entire school (you might want to get some larger stones). You may even want to build a layout like this for your own personal learning environment or office.

From Our Friends | Modern Transcendentalist

This is another blog written for the Crystal Life Tumblr! Sarah and Victor’s blog features four catagories of posts: Element Energy, The Crystal Alchemist, Legend & Lore, and Balancing belief. Check them out here!


“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

-Christopher McCandless

Into the wild is where our thoughts wonder, on pathless roads between elder trees and wild flowers. It’s human instinct to be drawn to nature, it’s the core to our whole being. Our pasts rooted deep, and our futures reaching high, all of mankind grows together.

The modern world is filled with distractions. We lose sight of the things that matter, we focus more on working and getting through the day. We get stuck in the patterns of our daily activities and forget that it’s ok to venture off and explore new things. Yes, change is scary but so is dreaming about an ideal life and not living it.

These stones assist in manifesting those dreams and creating a strong reality that will allow you to have a sense of purpose. They create balanced connection with nature, allowing you to flow peacefully down the path of your choice.

Epidote: Helps the individual live life to the fullest. Provides courage to manifest dreams and strengthen identity and personal power. (Earth,Water)

Green Tourmaline: Dispels negative energies. Opens the heart to moving on and growing in new ways. (Earth, Water)

Chyrsocolla: Brings a serenity to all situations, while providing soothing energy during times of change. Opens the throat to speaking truth. (Water)

Into the wild you go.

ISIC | A Power Within

There is a power within each one of us that is life affirming. Without its presence, there is no life. This power is the power of breath. The body can continue for days without the nourishment of food. Many religious leaders have gone without food for forty days or more and have survived. But when the body is deprived of oxygen (the act of breathing), it ceases function, and life will cease to continue.

refectIn our modern society we do not think about breathing, after all it is an autonomic response. The body just does it, right? Why should we think about breathing?

Those who practice breath meditation upon inhalation they bring the breath down to the lower abdomen, and hold it there for a count, or pause, and then release it in exhalation. By this process they are engaging the torso from collarbone to navel in the breathing process. This process causes the diaphragm to expand and contract, successfully stimulating the body’s organs. The inhaled breath fills the lungs to capacity, goes into the bloodstream, and provides oxygen to the organs and other parts of the body.

We need today to focus on our breathing habit. We need to increase our intake of oxygen for increased nourishment of the bodily organs, and their functions. There are many, many medical aspects where breathing is impaired, and one needs to rely on their doctor’s advice and treatments above all else. As we are able we should begin a conscious breathing exercise which will assist the medical treatments. By doing so we strengthen the lung capacity, revitalize our overall intake of necessary oxygen, and reduce stress levels of all kinds.

Whether by meditation practice, or just conscious breathing, I encourage you to take that first breath. It has helped me greatly over the past month on many levels.


ISIC is a non-for-profit group for professional holistic practitioners providing information on subtle energy. Visit ISIC’s website to learn more about our group, our monthly meetings, quarterly public workshops and to view a listing of holistic practitioners in our area.


ISIC – The Power of “Word”

wordsPerhaps you have listened to a person giving a speech and left feeling uplifted, empowered, even encouraged to take up the banner and move forward. Such is the power of speech.

Perhaps you have heard someone speak and your spirit falls. You are saddened, depressed, even to the point of defeat. Such is the power of speech.

If we look closely, we will see that the spoken word is energy – a frequency that carries specific vibrations depending on tone, inflection, and yes, even emotion. Thought creates the process, then is added to or diminished by the inflection and emotion.

When the word is written down, that word (“No” for example) is held in a container. Depending on it’s context, your thought and speaking of the word causes it to leave its container (the printed word), and may, by its expression, release those frequencies into action.

Ex: If you softly said “No” to a child, he will understand that he should not do something.

If you were to say “Oh NO!” regarding some tragic event, you release fear and sadness.

If you in anger say “NO!!” You have released another frequency altogether. There is a power in the word that affects everyone, and yes, everything around you.

Each one of us are the thoughts and speech we release from ourselves. We are responsible for where they go, for who is harmed, saddened, gladdened, inspired, or deflated by those actions. Most of all we are responsible in speaking of and to ourselves. Is it someone else’s fault that I may have failed? Is it my responsibility that I have misunderstood? Take the words you hear. Learn from them, and make them positive.

If there is judgement, anger, or reprimand, let us each understand the situation and the words we would use. Especially what emotion is behind it before we speak.

You alone are responsible for the energy of “word” that you release in a created life force energy. First think before you speak, and then ask “How can we speak to one another in a way that uplifts us both”?

To help you with the power of correct words, here are a few stones who desire to help you:

Blue Topaz – living your truth

Blue Chalcedony – fluent speech

Chrysoprase – fluent speech

Emerald – mental clarity

Lapis Lazuli – power of the spoken word

Blue Apatite – public speaking

Blue Kyanite – public speaking

Turquoise – public speaking

Grandfather Buffalo – The Crystal Life Buzz

A personal reflection of my experience with Crystal Life Technology.

I have been with the crew for about five years, give or take, and I would like to share my experiences. We obviously have all grown over the years here, and many things have happened to each of us. So, even though it is a personal experience, I choose to say “We” because I believe it to be a shared by all the Crystal Life Technology group.

 Crystal Life BuzzAs we have worked together there has been a sharing and a trusting of each person’s abilities and desires. The staff has not remained fellow workers, but become a family that is truly interested in each other within the store as well as what is happening outside in our personal lives. We laugh at ourselves, and with each other, perhaps sometimes seeming to put the other down. We, however, know, and show respect to where each one is on his or her path, hopefully coming across as supportive.

So yes, I feel we are a family, and I trust that each of our guests feels the same when they walk through our door.

We (I) have seen many of you walk in slightly stressed, disturbed, or just looking for something, but not knowing what. The staff has greeted you, inquired if assistance was needed, and/or moved out of the way to allow you to find what you need.

Many have come in for the first time just to look around to see what we have, and very few (counting on one hand) have left dissatisfied. We, ourselves, having been stressed to our limits, have entered the store, and after a few minutes or having worked the day shift, have left in a totally different frame of mind from when we came in. We may be tired at the end of the day, but we are energized by the fact that you, our guest, have satisfied yourselves with the uplifting Crystal Life “Buzz”. So many of you have stated, “I walked into the store and was immediately uplifted. The energy in the store is great. The service is great, and I really do not want to leave.”

Again, let me stress that I am not simply writing this to promote the store. I am expressing my experience here, not only of myself, but of your response as well. I sometimes find myself to be “Mr. Motor Mouth,” but am truly interested that you are able to have your personal needs fulfilled in whatever way is necessary. The fact that you keep returning to Crystal Life, time after time, tells us that we are serving a true purpose in this community and beyond.

We will be waiting to see you again.

ISIC | Time in Our New Paradigm

Have you ever heard the statement “I just do not have the time to do what I need to do,” or perhaps you’ve heard “Where did the time go?” Or “Boy, the time really got away from me.” There are many statements like this heard every day. In our society today we move helter-skelter from one project to the next, many times never completing them.

In my moving process, (I have moved from Elburn to Geneva), I came across a book by Jose Arguelles on Time and the Technosphere. He speaks about artificial time (the 60 minutes/24 hour system) and natural time (which deals with nature and/or cosmic time).

There is an interesting concept that I learned many years ago when I was attuned to the Reiki modality. It was that a fifteen minute energy session is equivalent to an hour of rest on the 60/24 modality. If one is doing meditation or shamanic journeying, you are doing so in natural time, or we could say out of time. You are able to go backward to an originating incident, say a back injury or some trauma and rework it in order to clear the energies. Equally you may go forward and see a new job or other situation and therefore manifest it.

We cannot say any longer, “I don’t have enough time to do what I need to do.” The current paradigm suggests that time will be dependent on what you make of it. Say to yourself, “I have all the time in the world to do what needs to be done,” then go do it.

ISIC – Live in Peace

In American tradition, it is customary to wish that the deceased may rest in peace. While this is a wonderful intention, why not apply this to life? Why do we not find it customary to wish people to live in peace? There are many stresses that a person may take on in this day and age, anything and everything from relationships, to work, to the spiritual journey. Many of us forget that life is easily as peaceful as we allow it to be.

In relationships, no matter the origin, it is inevitable for some form of friction between two people to arise. It is natural for things like this to surface, as most people believe “it is impossible to get along with everyone.” This friction does not have to be exacerbated. If we find peace in ourselves, with who we are, things that may cause tension are able to roll off of us like beads of water. Don’t take things personally. Ever. There is purpose behind every interaction that we share with others. It is our conscious decision to make our interactions positive or not. If someone offends you, analyze why this may be. Simply “not liking” someone is not the answer. It is because they jabbed you in one of your “soft spots”. These soft spots are not only emotional, they are very much energetic, and can be healed with energy work like visualizations, Reiki, or crystals.

Work is probably the most common cause of stress. When things get busy, we tend to lose ourselves, we give ourselves to the stress. How can we avoid repeatedly falling into that vicious cycle? The solution is a simple concept, it is remembering to apply it to your daily life that makes it difficult. If work starts swirling around you, be still, breathe, peacefully sit on top of the situation. The stress is not going to take over your life unless you let it. Remember that you CAN manage the work load, and that accomplishing a challenge is very rewarding. Look at what is making the situation a challenge. Are extra tasks being handed to you? Ask for help, or maybe an extension on your deadline. Are you spacing out, making it difficult to focus? Analyze why you are spacing out. Take a moment to re-center yourself. Find a reasonable solution to your issue, it is there.

On the Spiritual Journey, we become aware of the energetic waves that we are riding. When life comes crashing down on you, remember that you have made it through everything else thus far. What makes this situation any different, any more stressful than the rest? The answer is nothing. It is an illusion that times are tough. Things may appear overwhelming, but you have complete control. What makes something intense, so much that it seems too much to handle? Your perspective. When life hands you a challenge, accept it with a grin. Gratefully accept, and you will find yourself in a state of peace. True peace is not the calm period between storms. True peace is acceptance of the storm and knowing that this too shall pass. Do not wait for the storm to pass before you allow yourself to achieve this state of acceptance. Create your own bliss. Enjoy everything you experience. Love life for the beautiful journey it is, and you will discover that peace was inside of you all along. It was just a projection of turmoil that you were facing. Instead, project peace from your heart.