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Staff Speak – Self Acceptance

Each and everyone of us has many aspects of ourselves.  Our society and backgrounds have taught us that some are “good” and some “bad.”  In labeling different aspects of ourselves such as a fleeting thought or behavior that is different from the norm as “bad,” we start to have conflict within ourself.  This conflict comes from the inner-self needing to do something, but the aspect of ourself that may be concerned with what society deems “right” or “wrong,” starts to judge the behavior and may start feeling bad for acting that way.  A example of this would be a person who grows up in a college educated family.  The dad is a Doctor, the mother a lawyer and older siblings finishing grad school.  In this family structure it is frowned upon to pursue a career in Music.

Self acceptance is key to minimizing the inner conflicts.  An affirmation such as ” I love and accept myself as I am,” can be said daily to help manifest this into your life.  There are stones that help with self acceptance as well. You can hold the stone while saying the affirmation out loud.  Then keep the stone in your pocket as a reminder of your self acceptance throughout the day.  Agate gently helps with self acceptance.  Pink Peruvian Opal brings in unconditional love and acceptance.  Chrysoprase release judgementalism while stimulating acceptance.  Rhyolite assists with self-respect and acceptance of your true self.  Sodalite helps you be true to who you are.

Staff Speak – Crystals for Reiki

All crystals can be used as tools during a reiki session.  Some are used to assist the Reiki Practitioner with their own field and some used as tools on the client.  It is good practice to connect with the crystals and see if they would like to help with the reiki session.

Before you begin, take inventory of the crystals that you have.  Go through them and decide whether you want the crystal just for your personal use or if you would like to use it for reiki sessions.  Make two piles: personal use, and personal/reiki use.  Take the pile that you would use for both and pick up each crystal, connect with it and ask it if it is willing to/wants to be useful as a reiki tool.  Crystals become attuned to the wearer’s energy and if you were to take a tumbled stone that you keep with you all the time and use it on a person, the crystal’s energy might become overloaded by the client’s energy and it may crack or break.  It is advised to keep the crystals for reiki sessions separate from your personal ones, so it is easy to know what you can use in sessions.

Right before a session, take a moment to meditate and ask for guidance on what crystals may be needed and how they should be laid out.  Always do a quick cleansing of the crystals before a Reiki session.  Do a thorough cleansing after a session.

Some general crystals to keep on hand for use during reiki are: quartz points, amethyst points, rose quartz, carnelian, citrine, sodalite, aquamarine, smokey quartz, and red jasper.  The quartz points are good to use for the crown chakra and are used to grid around the body to pull energy in or move energy out.  The Amethyst points are good to use on the brow chakra and again to pull energy in or move energy out. Aquamarine or sodalite is uselful for clearing the throat chakra.  Rose quartz is used on the heart chakra and in various grids around the body. Citrine helps clear the solar plexus chakra.  Carnelian helps energy flow through the sacral chakra.  Smokey quartz or red jasper can be used on the root chakra.  Crystal Life has a basic chakra set that is perfect for this use during a reiki session.

A different stone can be used for each chakra or you can use the same type of stone for each chakra.  For example, if you are working on learning to love yourself, put a rose quartz one of the chakras before giving yourself reiki.  It is best to go with your own intuition as to which layout is best for each session.

Prehnite, apophyllite, and selenite are good stones to have in your healing space or to wear while assisting others.   Prehnite is known to heal the healer.  It helps seal up any holes in the aura.  Apophyllite is great to place under the table as helps amp up the energy and assists in helping you become a clearer channel.  Selenite is a high vibrational stone and assists in clearing the room and can be swept over your body to remove any debris.

As always, it is best to use your intuition and pick the crystals that will work best for your reiki tool box.

Sixth: Third Eye Chakra

Name Ajna Chakra: “Command Center”, Authority, Command, Unlimited Power. Brow Chakra, Third Eye, Eye of Wisdom, Inner Eye Chakra or Command Chakra.
Location One finger above the nose, center of forehead; approximately 2 fingers deep in head, opens forward. Pituitary gland.
Symbol/Yantra 96-petaled lotus. White circle with two luminous petals that are actually 48 petals each.
Basic Principles
Knowledge of being—intuitive. Clear seeing and intuitive sight. Divine sight. Psychic and occult powers are endless. Seeing and becoming go together. Clairvoyance, intuitive knowledge. “Inner wisdom is always available to me.” Realization, austerity, penance, clairvoyance, intuition. Reveals Divine within and reflects divinity within others. See light around head, aura. Ida (lunar current), pingala (solar current) and sushumna meet here: Three Rivers; negative and positive equalized.
Very few people have completely opened their third eye. Even when incomplete, it can function very harmoniously. Active mind, advanced intellectual skills, scientific research, philosophical truths. Visualization, intuition. As it develops, thoughts become based on direct inner awareness of reality. Clairvoyance, sharpened sensitivity, insight into other dimensions reality (during sleep and meditation at first). Directly perceive energies at work beneath surface of things, see as part of natural order. See subtle planes of reality and the large variety of life forms there. Destroys dark past, hastens golden future, manifests present in supremely fulfilling way. Psychic and occult powers endless. We become one with the thing we are experiencing: seeing and becoming go together. Future can be brought into today. Problem: future very bright, enormity of it puzzles and frightens the seeker; power becomes enemy and destroys.
Functions of recognition, intuition, development of the inner senses, mental powers, projecting one’s will, manifestation.
Ruling Planet Saturn (solar, male)
Astrological Sign Mercury, Sagittarius/Jupiter, Aquarius/Uranus, Pisces/Neptune.
Understanding He becomes sat (true): embodies sat-chit-ananda (being-consciousness-bliss).
Element Mind (manas). All other elements present in purified form.
Sounds A (la). 440.0 cycles per second; sets off upward movement, represents power of inspiration. AUM (“m” 3x as long as “au” focuses attention on 3rd eye; “ee” (as in “easy”). Eastern and western classical music (Bach), the sounds of cosmic spheres, New Age music.
Color Transparent indigo (inner calmness, clarity, depth: strengthens, helps senses, opens to subtle levels perception; is actually intuition and holistic cognition). Also yellow (rational, intellectual thought) and violet (extrasensory perception). Indigo: cleaning subconscious to channel intuition. Purple: balanced state of mind: sees divine perfection in all things.
Deity Ardhanarishvara. Shakti: Hakini.
Animal Swan
Plants, Aromas Mint (dissolves blockages, helps rid oneself of old confinement through patterns; clears and brighten mind, stimulates concentration). Jasmine (mind opened to images and visions carry messages of deeper truth; sharpen senses, combine energies of 3rd eye with heart).
Gemstones Moss Agate. Amethyst (higher): surrender mind to highest part self). Azurite (lower). Charoite. Fluorite (higher). Kyanite. Lapis Lazuli (lower: golden inclusions of pyrite, like stars in sky; feeling of security within cosmos to soul; leads mind inward, strengthens its energies, makes it receptive to higher principles, joy at miracles of life, universe). Iolite. Moonstone. Tourmalinated Quartz. Sapphire (transparent indigo-blue opens mind to cosmic knowledge, eternal truths; purify, transform; builds bridge finite/infinite, clarity to souls in search of truth on spiritual path). Sodalite (lower: dark blue: purifies mind, enables think more deeply; helps dissolve obsolete patterns of thought, give trust, energy to stick to opinions, apply knowledge to life). Sugilite (higher). Clear Quartz. Clear, white, purple stones.
Nature Experience Nighttime sky.
Sensory Function All senses including extrasensory perception.
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, Hormones Cerebellum, ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, part of the nervous system, face. Pituitary gland (hypophysis). Vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone of the hypophysis).
Body Issues: Proper Functioning Clairvoyance. Intuitive knowledge available for help in making decisions. Reveals Divine within and reflects divinity within others. See light around head. Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna meet here: negative and positive equalized. Can destroy dark past, hasten golden future. Clear seeing and intuitive sight. Recognizing, conscious perception of being. Seat of higher mental powers, intellectual capacity to distinguish, memory and will. Physic plane: highest center of command of central nervous system. Seat of attunement of consciousness; can manifest and dematerialize matter, create new realities and dissolve old ones at physical level. With open heart center, can send out healing energies.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy
Body Issues: Insufficient Functioning If blocked considerably, see only reality and accept only external visible world; dominated by material desires, physical needs, unreal emotions; spiritual reflection is a waste of time. Extreme: thinking muddled and confused, completely determined by unresolved emotional patterns.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioning Top-heaviness: over-emphasis of mental; life determined by reason, intellect, rational mind; lack holistic way of seeing things, ability to integrate all experience into single cosmic law of balance. Intellectual arrogance; reject spiritual insight as unscientific and unrealistic. May attempt to influence humans and events by force of mind, to demonstrate power, satisfy needs; indicates solar plexus out of balance and heart and crown chakra only developed to a slight degree. When base chakra is disturbed and others are not functioning harmoniously, have access to subtler levels but not grasp true meaning of images and information. Due to unresolved emotional patterns, get mixed up with imagination. Subjective images become so strong, one considers them the only truth, projects onto external world, loses touch with reality.
Body Issues: Physical Problems Blindness, headaches, nightmares, eye strain, blurred vision. Easily lose one’s head in demanding situations; forgetful, impaired vision.
Sleep Mode Deep and half-awake sleep, about 4 hours.
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body) Female: right. Male: left.
Occupations Sensitives, clairvoyants.
Yogic Discipline Jnana yoga (path of knowledge: ability distinguish real/unreal, eternal/transitory; focus exclusive on Absolute). Mandalas and Yantra Yoga (Pictorial symbols depicting geometrical forms representing divine in all aspects; aid to visualization).

Fifth: Throat Chakra

Name Vishuddha Chakra: “Pure”, “With Purity”. Neck or Throat Chakra, Communication Center.
Location Between inner collarbone and larynx; opening to the front. Connects to smaller secondary chakra with seat in neck, opening to back; viewed as one. Throat, neck, thyroid.
Symbol/Yantra 16-petaled lotus. Silver crescent within white circle.
Basic Principles
Creative. Resonance of being—creative. Divine love. Creativity: receive and offer direct messages from highest consciousness; ability to verbalize. “I speak the truth with love.” Capacity to offer divine message to world, receive direct message from highest, become mouthpiece for highest, become poet, singer, artist: all forms of art expressed through this center. Little risk here: mild center. Doesn’t interfere with other centers, and other centers leave it alone. Ability to verbalize, express truth through power of the spoken world.
Center of human capacity of expression, communication and inspiration. Links lower chakras with crown; bridge between thoughts and feelings, impulses and reactions; communicates contents of all chakras to external world. Ether is a basic element that forms lower chakras: earth, water, fire, air. medium of sound, spoken word, divine word of Creation; communicating element, mediator of information on all levels of being. Ether also defined as Akasha, the astral light where all events, thoughts, feelings since beginning of time are recorded. Throat chakra provides inner distance so you can reflect on thoughts, actions. inner hearing: perceive own inner voice, inspiration, develop unshakable confidence in personal higher guidance, become conscious of own real mission in life; recognize inner worlds are as real as material world; capable of absorbing, transmitting information from subtler spheres.
Communication, creative self-expression, openness, expansiveness, independence, inspiration, access to the subtle levels of being. Voice penetrates to heart of listener, pure sound affects listener by changing the space of their mind and being.
Ruling Planet Jupiter
Astrological Sign Gemini/Mercury, Mars, Taurus/Venus, Aquarius/Uranus.
Understanding Pure consciousness, beyond form. Evolves through chit (cosmic consciousness).
Element Ether (Akasha)
Sounds G (so). 392.0 cycles per second. HAM. Overtone music and song, sacral and meditative dance, New Age music, reverberating sound, echo effects. “eh” (sing from “ah”, heart, to “e”, mind, very, very slowly: “eh” emerges at a certain brief point: channels energies to outside. Requires most pressure of all chakra sounds, underlining the expression” of chakra.
Color Light blue of ether (calmness, expanse: open to spiritual inspiration). Smokey purple/blue.
Deity Panchavaktra Siva. Shakti: Shakini.
Animal Peacock, white elephant.
Plants, Aromas Sage (loosens tensions in throat chakra, lets us express in harmonious, energetic way, helping communicate inner message of soul). Eucalyptus (clears and widens 5th chakra: opens us to inner voice; gives creativity and naturalness to our communication).
Gemstones Blue Lace Agate. Amazonite (lower: perfecting personal experience). Aquamarine (higher: expressing universal truths; color of sea reflecting cloudless sky, soul reflecting expanse of spirit). Celestite. Chalcedony (white-blue: positive effects on thyroid gland; calming, blancing influence on mind and reduces irritability and hypersensitivity; opens door to inner inspiration, stimulates creative self-expression through speech, writing). Chrysocholla (lower: speaking one’s own truth). Blue Fluorite. Iolite. Lapis Lazuli. Larimar. Gem Silica (higher: conscious channeling higher realms). Sodalite. Blue Topaz. Turquoise (lower: clarity in communication; reunion blue of sky and green of earth; combines high ideals of spirit with primordial life energy of planet; helps express spiritual ideas, knowledge and integration with life on earth; absorbs positive energy, protects body and soul against negative influences). Clear Quartz. Blue, blue-green and blue-purple stones.
Nature Experience Blue sky (light, transparent blue of cloudless sky: lie on ground and relax), reflections of sky in water (widening and liberating effect on feelings; soft sound of waves make one aware of hidden emotions; mind, feeling augment each other). Gentle waves.
Age 28 — 35
Sensory Function Hearing. Perceive own inner voice, enter into contact with own inner spirit, receive its inspiration.
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, Hormones Lungs, bronchial, esophagus, vocal chords, throat, nape of neck, jaw, jowls. Thyroid gland, parathyroid gland. Thyroxin. organ of cognition: ears. Organ of action: mouth.
Body Issues: Proper Functioning Poets, singers. Understand cosmic laws, God and life. Calmness, serenity, purity. Communicating, transmitting. Find own individual expression of perfection on all levels of being. Completely open: express feelings, thoughts and inner knowing freely, without fear. Inner honesty towards self, others, express by upright posture. You can fully express self or remain silent. Voice full, melodious. Faced with difficulties, one remains true to self and says “no.” Others’ opinions do not sway you. Free of prejudices, possessing great inner spaciousness, open to reality of subtle dimensions. Capable of communicating directly with life from other spheres of being and pass on knowledge without fear. Ability to compose poetry, interpret scriptures. Makes one youthful and a good teacher of spiritual science. Cosmic laws of God and life understood and lived. Calmness, serenity, purity, melodious voice and good command of speech.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy
Body Issues: Insufficient Functioning Certain stiffness will set in as space behind self-built walls becomes small and restrictive. Are shy, quiet, withdrawn, and talk only of trivialities of external life. Stuttering frequent.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioning Blocked: communication mind/body blocked: 1. Find it difficult to reflect about your feelings, so you express unresolved emotions in thoughtless actions. 2. Shut self inside intellect, deny emotions and right to live; only feelings are those passed through own filter of self-judgment, and do not contradict judgment of people around you. Unconscious feelings of guilt and own fears prevent us from seeing true Self. As a rule, do not have access to subtle dimensions of being and lack openness, inner expression, and independence prerequisite for seeing.
Body Issues: Physical Problems Sore or stiff neck, colds, thyroid, hearing problems. Blocked: language either blatant and coarse or cool and businesslike. May stutter. Place self under pressure, raise shoulders/bring down neck.
Sleep Mode Alternating on right and left side. 4 — 5 hours.
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body) Female: left. Male: right.
Occupations Selfless souls. Exceptional artists and mystical poets.
Yogic Discipline Mantra Yoga (meditative sounds, phrases invoking various aspects of Divine, either silently recited or out loud; through repetition, thoughts and feelings are gradually transformed, connecting devotees to cosmic power of mantra. Not TM, which is different.


Sodalite Sphere

Sodalite Sphere

Sodalite clears the mind of mental confusion and is slightly sedative. Good for sensitive people, aids in communication and self-expression. Historical folk medicine: stabilizes thyroid glands. Helps you communicate your truth in a manner acceptable to your community. Encourages self-esteem and self-trust. Helps one to access the sacred laws of the universe and to communicate them to others as well.

Sodalite Pendant

Sodalite Pendant