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Cosmic Portals | Working with Your Own Energy Field

We are all connected. That is a truth much recounted – and maligned – as part of alternative thought.

Being connected has special issues that come with it. It means you can sense the energy of the group, and this can subtly affect your energy field as well.

Energy FieldWhen you are working with energy consciously, and are now aware that you are being affected, it is important to know where your own energy starts, and stops. It is also important to be aware of your own weaknesses that you have not yet transformed, because it is these weaknesses that become especially stressed when confronted or opposed.

Many energy workers, such as myself, are seeking to reach that advanced state where all energy can flow through their own energy field unimpeded by any barriers, and continue on. This can only happen when the practitioner has become aware of the light and dark in all energy fields and is unmoved by either polarity; they are detached. Not uncaring, but detached. When practitioners have reached this level of self-awareness, they can step into any energy field they need to examine, get a good look at what is going on inside the energy field, make whatever adjustments are necessary, then safely step out of the energy field (because they are detached from their actions) and back inside their own field.

Today, with issues reaching crisis proportions in so many areas and frequencies, it is hard to get and stay clear. None of us are perfect, and there are always going to be frequencies moving about that we have not yet mastered.

I have found it is a great help, when facing many diverse energies at the same time, to be able to consciously sense, feel or see your aura around you, hold its membrane firm, and clear the energy inside. You can do this in a number of ways. You can bring forth universal energy from inside your heart; you can work with an energetic substance such as a crystal or sacred geometry image and identify with its energy to clear your own aura; you can invoke whichever guides and guardians you personally work with and ask their help to clear your aura.

Once you have cleared your aura, you want to focus on getting your aura to be pulsating, glistening and shining, to at least three feet out from your body, until your own energy has solidified, and you are ready to again enter into action.

If you have not yet studied any energy modalities and want help learning how to do this, now is a good time to start. Most bona fide energy modalities teach you what the human energy field is all about, and you can start learning to accurately access your own energy and that of the objects around you. The modality then provides you with some tools to adjust, protect and assist.

You will probably want to go on from wherever you start to study other modalities as well. Each has some of the truth but none has all the truth, since truth is infinite in scope.

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Staff Speak~How to Protect With Crystals and Photos

We parents sometimes experience feelings of helplessness when our children are away from us. For some, the separation is for a short period of time. However, for others, it may be distance as well as a lengthy period of time. We love our children, and we want to do everything possible to protect them, and keep them safe.

When my teen-age son moved to California – his first lengthy stay away from the family – I was very concerned. Not only was he 2000 miles away from home, he was nowhere near any of our family. My personal solution? I did a lot of praying, seeking for a way to protect him. I said prayers of protection every night, and I took a photograph of him and placed it in a crystal grid.

To begin this technique, I prayed and set my intentions for his highest and greatest good. It is very important to have your child’s best interest at hand, not your own. I chose the crystals that came forward, pulsating with the energy to protect him, and I put them around his photograph. The crystals that I chose were: Apophyllite, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Galena, Garnet, Howlite, Jet, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz. Please keep in mind that these stones came forward specifically to meet his needs, to protect him.

I have learned that sometimes it is better to let your intuition choose the crystals, rather than using a book to pick them out. I chose crystals who energetically came forward in answer to my prayers. Afterwards, I researched the attributes of the crystals using “The Crystal Bible,” and was astounded at the accuracy. Letting go of your own control, and trusting in your higher power, is an amazing lesson.

Meditating for Others’ Well-Being

When you want to pray and meditate for someone else’s well being, you need to assess your own attitude to the situation. As a former yoga teacher of mine was fond of saying: you have the right to the action, but not to the results of the action.

Once you pray and meditate very soulfully for someone else’s well-being, once you invoke the assistance of the spiritual figure or energy you are requesting the assistance from, once you identify soulfully with the person you are seeking to help, then you need to do two more things:

First, you need to pray that all action is done for the highest good of all involved. Then you need to detach yourself from the results. This is because it may well be that the person being prayed for desperately needed the situation in order to learn lessons they could not learn anyway else, or that they willingly took on the situation to help someone else in some way. You yourself cannot know the full ramifications of the issue.