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From Our Friends – Grandmother Rock Nature Spirit

Thank you to Ezra Gayatree Sky  for submitting these images of an Indian Woman Nature Spirit!

In Ezra’s words:

I saw this rock that looked like a sitting old Indian woman, looking towards the ocean. I later learned that she was commonly referred to as Grandmother Rock.

The magnificent Grandmother Rock seems to be sitting cross legged, she seems to maybe be pregnant. Her green trailing hair is made out of beautiful succulents which naturally grown on rocks in this part of the Pacific  Coast.







The other view of the Grandmother rock seems to capture her at an older age, looking up and maybe frowning a bit.








 The 2 Orbs appeared after I took more photographs of the rock from farther away, this photo has been cropped to see the orbs better, they both seem to carry some of the same tone of  green color of the rock’s (succulents) hair.


Grandmother Rock is located in Trinidad, California







2011 Nature Spirit Winners

The 2nd Annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest, sponsored by ISIC, Blue Papaya and Crystal Life Technology, had over 600 entries in two categories: adults and youth. Submitted photos included ghosts, orbs, faeries, tree manifestations and reiki energy. Many of the photographers specialize in a particular aspect of spirit photography, and corresponding energy work, and have a body of work in the hundreds and even thousands of images. Clearly, this type of photography, and the ability of digital cameras to enable it, is a growing field of interest for many people. Some photographers got their images by surprise, but others knowingly set out to record specific life forms, who accommodate by appearing in the image. Enjoy this selection of the top images of the top nature spirit entries in our 2011 contest.


1st Place-Adult

Hans Klemmer

This image of a very aware tree spirit energy has placed first in the 2011 Nature Spirit Photography Contest. Hans tells us of this image:

The photograph of the tree spirit was made at an orchard where I spent much of my youth. This tree lives in a section of the orchard that even 40 years ago was called the “old orchard.” Since my uncle passed away the orchard has gone fallow and the many hundreds of trees have gone wild, growing and changing to their own design. I found this tree near sunset on my first trip back after nearly a decade; it stands like a sentry on the western edge of the grove. The orchard is in Summit County in Eastern Ohio.

Hans writes he has been a chef, a carpenter, a firefighter, paramedic, photographer and teacher. He has been around the world making photographs that have generally dealt with places of power, places of prayer, and places of piety. Formerly of Elgin, IL, he’s currently living in Belfast, Ireland, studying and making art at the University of Ulster and having the time of his life.


2nd Place-Adult

Sharyn Gooder

This unusual image of orbs placed second in the 2011 Nature Spirit Photo Contest. It shows orbs under stress or who have experienced a combat situation. Note how the normally round orbs show missing sections. Sharyn states that she has seen similar orbs attacked and their life force energy drained, at which point they die. Sharyn manages Our Wooded Paradise in Rockton, IL and states it is a retreat not only for humans but for orbs as well – a place they can come for rest and restoration.




Third Place-Adult

Lauren Kricheff

Lauren Kricheff, is a Reiki Master and Nurse Practioner. Her sister Sheryl Simon, also a Reiki Master and Medium, had just performed a Reiki treatment with Lauren on Lauren’s pregnant daughter Kristina Harris. After working on Krissy for about a half hour, Lauren decided to take a picture and said “ok, everyone get in the picture”. Boy, were they pleasantly surprised when the picture was developed and all these wonderful interdimentional beings decided to join Sheryl, Krissy and husband Gary in the picture!



First Place-Youth





This is the first time Oriana, age 13, tried taking nature spirit photographs. This was a Blue Papaya outing in St. Charles, IL. Oriana excelled! Here she got a wonderful elf face – this is an orb whose life form inside was an elf – Oriana got the camera to move past the life form energy to the shape inside as well!




2nd Place-Youth

Ben Read

This was Ben’s first time taking nature spirit photographs. At age 8, he has already determined that he wants to thoroughly understand energy! He took this photograph on a Blue Papaya outing in St Charles, IL – none of us can figure out exactly what the complex energy is he caught on camera. Some suspect it is a gnome. Anyone out there know?


The photos of the top finalists are on display as the current exhibit in the public submissions area of our gallery!

Cosmic Portal – Honoring the Fallen

It’s not only people who are honored as fallen warriors! At Morton Arboretum, IL there is a nature exhibit currently running, presenting works of art that interact with the environment. One sculpture, by a Native American, is formed of logs from a forest decimated by fire. The profound love and respect of the artist, and of the accumulated nature energy around the sculptural placement, is very strong.

I lifted my camera to take a photo of it, and was astounded by the wide range of colors and shapes that washed down over the sculpture, in the path of the afternoon summer sun. I took several photos, requesting the energies to please come forward to participate in a group photograph, and this was the third image. The energies are very strong in this image, and to me they were communicating their profound respect for these fallen warriors. There are streams of geometrics inside geometrics, of orbs/merkabahs inside each other, of clear translucent orbs and orbs with spots of rainbow colors inside.

There are some energy workers who acquire information from colors and lights, insisting they are communicating through this medium. Lightforms are a way to experience life force energy. So some questions to posit for answer: Why is it so-called light flares in cameras are so intriguing? Why is there even a Photoshop tool to insert a light flare in a scene? Why do we associate, although it may be sub-conscious for some, light flares with some special kind of energy, whether it is a dramatic air fight or a bucolic nature scene?

When light hits the sensitive camera instrumentation, is it an oddity that it creates these forms – or is the camera’s sense range changed, and it is picking up other information from the same space? Why do the forms attendant to what is seen in a light flare differ?

If above the frequency of time and space, all co-exists, then as our instrumentation gets more sensitive, and is used in the hands of a sensitive, it is my belief that we are going to start acquiring so-called “physical proof” of the co-existence of some of these other frequencies with us.

Our 2011 Nature Spirit photo competition is coming to a close, and again the judges are intrigued by the variety of “oddities” captured on camera, from orbs to ghosts to light beings. If you have any such images in your collection, do send them in. Details can be found by clicking HERE. Competition ends September 25!

Parallel Dimensions and Bleed Throughs

Wood Elf

Wood Elf

My work as an interdimensional communicator often brings me into contact with locations where “bleed throughs” from another world are occurring. Usually I have been called in because the person can no longer dismiss as imagination the fact that they see ephemeral, non-solid figures in their home or in their bedroom as they move from sleep to awake, or that these life forms are seen by other members of their family as well.

I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, where prairie and open farmland meets city. The energy here is gentle, peaceful and cooperative. Because of my work, I am discovering that this in large part is due to the energies of the land itself. The nature spirits are very active. There are imprints of the energy of generations of peaceful Indian communities who lived along the rivers and lakes of this area. And there are increasing incidents of bleed throughs from what appears to be a highly evolved nature-oriented civilization that exists in what appears to a human as a more subtle frequency world than ours. The two worlds overlap and co-exist, largely unaware of each other except at what I call bleed through points.

I am always so pleased to be called for a land consultation and have it be the opportunity to make contact with this parallel world. As I see this world, some of their buildings are very large and complex crystal light grids that sparkle brilliantly. Their inhabitants include the air, water and land beings in their subtle physical form. They have a complex hierarchical system, with palaces, cathedrals, a military and a commerce segment.

Why some of them travel into our world in humanoid form, and make contact with humans, appears to be based on their petitioning the owner of a piece of land to work with them to stabilize the common energies for the good of us all. There exist various energetic grid points and nodes where the two worlds are in close contact. It seems at these points our two worlds’ energies especially interact with and affect each other. I have on occasion either wandered into an area like this, or been called to it. It seems they know I understand their existence, so I suddenly receive a call from someone who was told about me from someone else and could I please come see what is going on at their land. Often it turns out to have actually originated from someone in the parallel reality getting this thoughtform to the contactee.

At the same time, in my work as a nature spirit photographer, I am discovering an interesting phenomena. The trees and rocks can see these beings and besides capturing in their multiple faces images of humans and animals, they capture images of these life forms. So as I have started cataloguing my many photographs of nature spirits, many of which were taken at the request of the tree or rock (e.g. “Photograph here” “But there’s nothing there” “Photograph anyway”) I am beginning to get solid evidence (of sorts) of the forms of other worlds. As my own track record grows, and I identify more clearly with the energies of these other worlds, the trust from their side grows as well and I am sometimes called to make my way through a forest to a special grandfather tree or rock who holds great information for our world.

These parallel realities exist everywhere and I am now being shown their images in trees and rocks wherever I go. They have requested I serve as a portal between the human and the nature spirit world, and so my work is shifting into this realm. You can see some of these images in my Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography Gallery on the Crystal Life Website.

One of my recent delights was being told to stop the car, on my summer trip to New Hampshire, and go photograph what has always been since childhood one of my favorite trees, although I always enjoyed it from the road. I was astounded when I came close. It was an elf tree, and had captured in solid form in its bark many of the elf life forms I have seen and worked with etherically.  I am presenting a few of these images to you here, for you to see as well. The tree has captured very distinct personalities, here I am showing you an elfin prince (top image) and an elfin merchant (just below).

I am working with many partners in many worlds to present these images to humans, to demonstrate clearly that these other worlds are real. Besides the trees and devas, there is the spirit of my camera which attunes to my energy so that we can capture these images digitally; and the ability of new computer technologies to enlarge and sharpen sections of images so that details can be clearly seen.

I am writing this column from direct experience, not books of theory, and so am interested in our audience’s direct experiences as well.

Staff Speak – Ghosts of Our Forefathers

Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth:-
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.~
Native American Elder

My summers have been spent on a lake in the north eastern corner of Michigan’s mitten.  Clean and pure, set along side Huron National Forest, the area is rich in natural resources and history. Native American lore is strong in Michigan; myth and legend abound for many tribes. Their names and spirit echo in many ways, some subtle, and others so strong they are apart of the national language of our country.

The shore my family has been blessed to stay on was once considered sacred to the Chippewa tribes.  Once a year, during the Festival of the Harvest Moon, all the tribes came together on the shore line of which our home now rests. They came not only for tribal discussion and ceremonies, just as their forefathers had done, but also to chant, dance and sing in their full Chippewa ceremonial attire.  Indeed, the Chippewa made powerful offerings on the sacred burial grounds of their Chiefs.

When you were born, you cried
and the world rejoiced.
Live your life
so that when you die,
the world cries and you rejoice.
~White Elk

Whether we are conscious of it or not, energy is imprinted on the land, in the water, in the very air we breathe. The spirit and intentions of those who come before us resonates, and calls to us subtly, encouraging our souls to take on their lessons and wisdom so that future generations continue to grow and expand their consciousness.

As I reflect, I understand that bonfires along the lake that began as quiet evenings with family honored those who came before us. The dancing and singing around the fire that came later were inspired by the spirit of the Chippewa.  Our journeys to the top of the “mountain”, which we later learned were the site of their ceremonies, were a must on every visit. Once we reached the top, we more often than not sat in silent appreciation of the beauty surrounding us. The appreciation of the land; the desire to protect what was here before us is surely what the Chippewa felt about this area.

There are less obvious ways I know that this land speaks to me, has influenced my soul and life. The necessity to return yearly is a strong calling to not just me, but to all of my family. The feelings of home and of healing are distinct and palpable. This land that we converge upon annually is sacred to me, and I wish to pass that on to future generations.

Are we conscious as a people of the imprints on the land by others?  More importantly, are we aware of the energy we are leaving behind for others?  Other cultures continue to hold ceremony to their forefathers and nature spirits that have resided and continue to reside upon this earth. Is there a lesson for us all?  How shall we help and honor our earth and those who have come before us? What traditions do we need to embrace again to honor our Mother Earth?

The spirit of the Chippewa lives on in the guardians of the land here. Efforts are underway to have a nature conservancy purchase the sacred ceremonial grounds, and through this research and effort, traces of Mound Builders are being discovered. Relatives of the Chippewa remain, but they no longer canoe the lake, or hold their ceremonies here. Their names linger on street signs, school names or at state parks; but more importantly the spirit of their medicine remains here at the lake and in the people who remember.~Tracy Paddy

I do not think the measure of a civilization
is how tall its buildings of concrete are,
But rather how well its people have learned to relate
to their environment and fellow man. ~
Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe


Authors Note: This blog was never intended to be about the Chippewa or about the lessons of energy we leave upon Mother Earth. The spirits of the land used me as their instrument so their story could be shared and not forgotten.

The Chippewa called this sacred lake Bottomless Lake.  What we would call a shrine once was a part of these ceremonial grounds. Carved from solid rock was the form of a man, his head covering was the shape of a sailor’s sou’wester hat, which was removable.  Lifting the hat exposed a cavity underneath and into this cavity was placed tobacco, beads and other offers. In the 1890’s this idol was removed and parts of it were shipped to various museum’s.

Photo~Chippewa Chief  Rocky Boy (Stone Child)

The author with her elder sister at their beloved lake.

From Our Friends – Tree Images of Dogs

All four submissions this week came from Judy Curin.  Thank you, Judy!

Judy would like to know if anyone has any impressions regarding her tree root submission, what do you think this sign means?


This little Bear Cub seems to be peeking out at the Brier Lane traffic in Naperville’s Cress Creek Subdivision. For 3 days I drove passed those big eyes wanting to stop to say “hi!”. Finally with my 6 yr old granddaughter watching from the car, I stopped to take his picture. She was as excited as I was.



This tree is on my dog walking route in Downers Grove. I feel like it calls to me to visit every morning. I finally decided to share this communication. What’s the message?






~On the night of June 8, Downers Grove was hit by straight line winds which damaged this tree in my Condo courtyard. Early the next morning, I took this picture from my second floor balcony and at first I was disappointed with the image on the screen — very dark and white dots all over. Once I downloaded the image and applied some light and contrast these awesome orbs appeared. No matter how I tried to digitally “fix” the picture the orbs were there in all their glory. I really appreciate being able to learn and share my experiences with Crystal Life and friends.

Staff Speak – Awakening to Nature Signs

Most people look for the sacred in the unusual and the often dramatic, supernatural experience. But the irony is the Divine mysteries are found in the ordinary, the mundane and the natural aspects of life-softly whispering to us. ~Ted Andrews.

From day to day, season to season, nature speaks to everyone. Sometimes it’s a totem reminding us to tap into our gifts and power, other times it is a reappearing animal that our guides have sent with a message. Everything we come across in our daily way of life is a sign. Bird songs, a familiar shape seen with unusual frequency, sometimes even a familiar car is a sign of communication from the person you associate with that vehicle. Signs may come to you from your guides, or perhaps from spirit. These signs may be given to you in response to a wish or a prayer you’ve expressed, or perhaps they’re helping to give you a little push towards a healthy life choice.

Nature can also send messages from a loved one to let you know they are always with you, that the love you shared is eternal. Personally the robin has come to be a sign of my beloved father who has passed on. A neighbor has a specific butterfly that she feels is sent to her from her husband, while another has a shape that comes from a loved one passed too soon. Do not discount such impulses, the universe is a complex and wondrous place, it is completely possible for your loved ones to send you messages and care.

Do you have a sign that greets you every day? This too could be one of your totems, or it could be a sign about a life lesson you are currently going through. One of my totems is the cardinal, and it never fails that there is one in the tree outside my bedroom window when I awake, calling its glorious song to the world and to my soul.  A friend of mine was woken daily by mourning doves when her marriage ended, another had hummingbirds hovering near her frequently during a particularly joyous time in her life, while another came across dead birds every time she passed a hurdle during a difficult time in her life.  The messages don’t have to be so complex either, they can be simple. A cricket or a hawk may be letting you know a message, a communication you’ve been waiting for is on the way, while a butterfly may be telling you to flourish, to transform.

In my life, the more frequent visitor of late has been a beautiful green grasshopper who seems to have taken a liking to my hedge roses. He sits steady and sure as my daughter and I trim and dead head the flowers, a gentle heart song emanating from his energy.  We greet each other daily, and I’ve begun to notice more of his family throughout my fairy garden. Grasshoppers are unusual for me, and as they’ve been placed in my line of vision I know that I should pay attention to what the lessons this beautiful creature has been chosen to communicate with me. Grasshoppers are a nice positive message of uncanny leaps forward into sunny situations.

Nature works with our people to bring us encouragement, and information. How can you be sure it’s a sign? Frequency is often the first indication. Other times it is how the sign strikes you, impacts your awareness. If you are out in nature, bring a small note pad to jot down what you’ve seen, eventually patterns will emerge, and you’ll become more aware to how nature calls out to you.  Music players and phones should be left in the home when you are outside; this only desensitizes you to what nature is trying to communicate. Be patient, be open to everything, and listen. You’ll soon be well on your way to discovering what nature wishes to communicate to you.


There are a few books that help you understand nature messages, as well as help you learn how to discover your animal totems. Animal Speak and Animal Wise by Ted Andrews are two of my favorites.

Staff Speak – One Is Silver & The Other’s Gold

I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.

There are few things lovelier than a tree to me. Trees bring a sense of peace, contentment, and happiness to my soul, and help to calm my mind. Growing up in a state known for its great forests, being a part of a family where camping, back packing, and out of door activities were the norm, trees and their energy have played a great part in my life and have been an extended part of my family as long as I can remember. Exclaiming over a trees beauty, uniqueness, and intricacies were common place, especially with my father, as were tears being shed over their injuries, and anger expressed over their senseless deaths in the name of “progress”.

When life took me away from my forests, and brought me to the prairie, it was a conscious choice to find an area that still retained some form of nature, trees that were older than the neighborhoods that had developed over time. Finding a home on the edges of what was once a part of the Big Woods that extended down from Wisconsin into Illinois, I established time to visit those places which would feed my soul again, take me away from the burning, unfiltered sunlight and transport me into the realm of the tree which soothed my soul. Living on a street lined with stately ash trees, they too became a part of my extended family.   A few years back it was discovered that the emerald ash borer had invaded our county, and indeed my town.  As the name suggests this brilliantly green bug likes to lay its eggs inside of ash trees, eating the interior of the tree away. Unfortunately for the tree this is not a situation that has a mutual benefit. Once a tree is infected there isn’t much hope for the trees survival, and our neighborhoods and their energy are being ravaged by the emerald ash borer. Entire neighborhoods lose their hospitality, their feeling of being established and warm when the trees slowly die and must come down. This year alone I will lose six trees to the emerald ash borer. Many of these trees are old friends who call a greeting to me daily, have laughed in delight at the antics of the children and dog at play, sheltered a curious kitty and sung in happiness and contentment as trees do. They’ve been witnesses to the changes of my neighborhood, seen many a family come and go, delighted in the energy of young children as they walk to and from school, and so much more.       Trees are beings that generally are very happy with their life, and situation. I have come across trees horribly disfigured by well intentioned individuals trying to save the tree while hacking away the majority of their body to allow electrical or phone lines have the room they need to be placed right in the path of the trees life energy.  Still the tree sang and was content because they were close to their friends and partner. It did not bother them that they were not whole; instead they’d found a way to accept their life and be happy and asked me to please not feel sorry for their plight. Truly trees are an inspiration for change and an example to us all as how to accept life’s evolution and flourish. I have no doubt that my trees know they are fading, being eaten alive by this bug. I have no doubt that they have accepted their fate, as I still hear them take joy in the day, hear their beautiful voices mixing with the cricket at night, and send me a loving hello when I am near. Last fall I lost my first ash tree, the emotions surrounding it complex, and beautiful. I’d gone out to say good bye a few days before the city was scheduled to come to take my friend away. Have you ever said good bye to a tree?  It’s a very beautiful experience, no matter how many tears you may shed. I lay my hand on him, and said hello. I felt his gentle hum of pleasure, and I communicated what was to happen. I thanked my friend for his years of beauty, for his pleasing shade, his delightful song, for helping to watch over us and for being my friend.  And in turn his love was gifted back to me, and flowed through me, and expanded my heart.  When trees know they are dying they want to share with us their wisdom and knowledge, they want us not to forget, and to learn history.  Touching a tree and allowing your heart to be open to them, they in turn can fill your soul with their wisdom, and appreciation for their life, what they have witnessed. You are filled with their energy, and their love, and come away with a feeling of humility and awe. Some weeks later a new tree was placed, Archibald. A silver maple, he is considerably smaller than the other trees on my street, but he does not lack for spirit. His singing is quite loud, poor, and pure. He sings because of the joy of life, of his happiness at having a home and a purpose. Imagine my delight when he sang hello over and over as I walked out to greet him. Always welcome a new tree into your neighborhood. They so want to be a part of the activities there, and while you may not hear them; they clearly come to know our names, our vehicles and our livelihoods.  Give thanks for their coming, tell them you find them beautiful, and tend to them faithfully so they will prosper. You, too, can say good bye to a tree, to give thanks for its life, and experience, for the blessings it has brought to the earth. Whether it is a tree on your property, or one you come across in a wood, a simple touch with the open palm of your hand touching their bark will start the process. Open your heart to them, let it fill with love, say hello and see what happens. More often than not they are eager to share and welcome your touch. When the exchange is through, make sure to thank them for their life, and their exchange. Wish them well, for they have done the same to you.~Tracy Paddy Some facts about the emerald ash borer: The emerald ash borer has nearly wiped out the ash tree in the lower peninsula of Michigan, and are  very aggressive, having spread through most of the Midwest. Some cities have put traps in ash trees in the hopes to lower the population and save the non-infested ash trees remaining in their area.  Moving firewood from one area to another is no longer recommended, as this is one of the ways the ash borer has so successfully spread. The introduction of EAB was truly an environmental disaster. Ashes are (or were!) part of, or dominant in, many forest types. They are easy to propagate and very tolerant of urban conditions Green ash dies more quickly than white ash. Some, but not many, white ash specimens in prime condition survived the first wave of borers. The uncommon blue ash has a better survival rate, but is usually disfigured. Control treatments are more successful with isolated specimens. Commonly the first sign of insect attack is the activity of downy woodpeckers, who seek out the larvae under the bark. Yum! Small d-shaped exit holes are diagnostic, but when these are found on the main trunk at eye level, the tree is probably beyond saving.

Staff Speak | A Friend by Definition

“I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.”

~Henry David Thoreau

The neighborhood reverberated with the sound of curb ball cheers, jump rope rhymes, the laughter of children, and the wonderful chaos of the summer season. Play was the only agenda for children in those days. Going down to the wood to find snakes or possibly some late tadpoles, riding your bike for hours aimlessly with your friends; such an ease and contentment with life and yet, like Thoreau, my day was never complete without a visit to my favorite Sycamore.

Standing tall, and proud in the middle of my back yard, it’s branches were a favorite haunt on those days when I wished to travel to another place in time, be it through the written word or my imagination. Most of the time it was to escape the happy chaos of the neighborhood and simply watch the leaves dance gracefully with the wind in silent communication with my gentle giant. For years that tree and I shared a kinship that many may not recognize as friendship, but to me, he was all that and more.

Soothing, and warm, he had a hum to him that allowed me to melt into a part of his reality, and dream of a world where only nature spirits and elementals existed.  It did not matter what was going on in my little world when I found comfort on my favorite branch. That tree and I were together in silent, agreeable companionship.

How lucky are we who can find a place in nature and sit in silent communication?  It is a blessing that is affordable to everyone of us. Nature has a way of clearing away the stresses of daily life, and allowing us to reset, to dream, to find magic in life that we often forget as we get caught up in life and its demands. Yet nature is always patiently waiting for us to come and embrace it’s magic, it’s friendship that is filled with no other goal than shared peace. Where ever your inner spirit is calling you, remember your nature spirit friends, and give thanks for their silent acceptance and care.