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ISIC – Human Energy 1: The Merkaba

In my half century of teaching, I’ve found I’ve needed to explain this topic in various ways, depending upon the orientation of each student.

merkabahI’ve also found that since we all have emerged from infinite spirit and are attempting to hold, realize and manifest spirit in the limited container of a physical body – no one method of understanding our work on earth will suffice. Each approach will add another feather to the wings of our personal flights between spirit and matter.

The merkaba – also called a star tetrahedron and a Star of David – is used by most traditions to graph what occurs when one source separates to understand itself, and to expand its abilities. It is the core geometric form in many sacred graphs, such as the Far East Mandalas and Yantras. In these traditions, the merkaba represents source examining itself – what it is and is not – the polarities that exist to hold energy in place. It is often used as the symbol for creation itself, and in some cases the central symbol for certain deities.

merkabaIn the West, the merkaba is often included in the symbol for various high esoteric orders, as their statement of recognition of the polarities underlying matter. Around two hundred years ago it also became a standard symbol of Judaism.

The merkaba is actually spinning.  It is actually two counter-rotating pyramids, each spinning in the same direction when seen from its origin point, but when facing each other they appear to be spinning in opposite directions. When the energy of each side is equal, the motion of the merkaba is continual and is self-clearing. But when one side becomes more active/powerful and over-rides the other side, the spin starts to slow down and energy gluts and gradually stagnates. Eventually, each side needs to be cleared of debris and brought back into balance.

You can see the effects of this in any situation where there should be an equitable balance and there is not. For instance, the recent (current in some places) inequity between males and females throws all of a society into imbalance. When the feminine is disparaged as inferior, it affects all the feminine energies in a situation: compassion, community, concern for all in the environment. The current efforts to bring the feminine back into equality with the masculine energies are seen in the great changes, and arguments over the changes, in all current events.

On a personal level, you are a merkaba as well. You are balanced between the feminine and the masculine energies of the universe, which have given you form. When you are in balance, your energy is spinning well. When something gets out of balance, your energy gluts and slows down. You can see the energy of a person’s merkaba – we call it the aura.

Besides our overall personal merkaba, we have many internal merkabas formed by our various actions and activities. This makes our personal energy field complex, subtle and manageable.

If you would like to learn more about how merkabas work, I recommend my book We Are Not Alone, which deals extensively with the topic and includes exercises to help you learn how to control your energy.

Trusting Your Inner Team

In times like we are in today, TRUST is essential. But TRUST in what? We have recently gone through times in which our leaders have been found wanting at the very highest levels: our religious and spiritual leaders, then our government leaders, and now we are down to our business leaders.

The consciousness of change is descending into the gross physical level of our earth. We should be glad instead of sad. All of us with metaphysical background have known for decades that this time would be coming – this time leading when our earth would be entering a new period of consciousness, one in which we would have the choice to be more aware, in terms of consciousness, or be “left behind.” We would have the choice. NONE of us knew what this world would be like, except in theory.

Well, the time is upon us and we are the ones being given the choice for all of time following, on earth, of how our civilization shall develop. The array of higher forces working with and through each of us is staggering. We are not alone and never have been. BUT we have to learn to listen, correctly. And act: that’s our job on earth, for our combined consciousness team. This is the hardest part of this time, for the actions we are all being asked to undertake are often bizarre, if looked at from the old earth consciousness.

To go forward, to move, requires authentic, reliable trust in those we are working with in the subtle realms. This can be done, but we have to learn to adjust our sight and our views on how the physical world has manifested itself, what is malleable and what is not. This is sometimes very hard to do. No matter whether you are just starting on this road to interdimensional cooperation or are very evolved, the issues match your level of awareness. We are in an infinite universe; every time we master one level of awareness, another whole playing field of energy opens up before us.

We must be aware, because very often the rules of the game change as we move from one field of consciousness to another. To succeed in one field might mean learning that force makes right, while in another it might be that cooperation is paramount. Which IS right? Or is it a subtle mix of all these, requiring the mastery of consciousness such as that of a master perfumer, who knows that a rich scent is often a combination with an undertone of not very pleasant scents mixed in.

Today, we need to develop that mastery of energy: we’re not afraid of the “bad” scent of force, which underlies our ability to peacefully cooperate. We also have to develop our ability to see and act on multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. Our ability to do so is pushed every time we seek to expand our awareness.

At first, it is sufficient to receive help from the universe when we pray for it, and to treasure it in our hearts. But soon it becomes imperative to receive help while in action. When we have to make serious decisions on the spot, we need to be able to check in with our team, simultaneously discuss the issue with them and receive a “team” answer for immediate action in the physical world.

Here is where trust in the team is essential. You have to have worked out all justifications for your trust in their opinions, their vision in their world, their ability to assist you in grounding this vision accurately in this world. IF you turn your back on them, when in action, you will find they turn their back on you when you next go in to converse with them at the round table of your soul’s mission. You will need to get them to turn back to you, and renegotiate HOW you and they are to accurately communicate so that the team’s mission is paramount when you, the physical element in the team, are performing action in the world.

This is often not easy, and you all know it. Listening to the inner team, which is supplying you with the knowledge of how subtle energy is moving around prior to entering physical form, is essential. But you have to be able to adjust to the different energy signatures or frequencies of your team very quickly, and that is hard while you are acting in the world.

This is why this time is known as the period when spirituality is moving out of the ashrams and convents and into the world. Before, it was enough to be spiritual in seclusion; now it is essential to be spiritual while in action.

In conclusion, let me state that we are all going through this issue at this time. You are not alone in your attempts to hear and see the proper way forward. Listen to your guides, request them to work with you so that you are in communication while you are acting in the world. Help the higher forces to change and transform earth right now, for a better way forward for all the energies of earth.