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ISIC – Flowing with the Solar Flares

Many of us at Crystal Life have found ourselves being pulled in all sorts of directions due to the solar flares that are occurring this year. While we understand that these flares bring up emotional and behavioral issues that must be addressed, it can be both difficult and pressing at times yet with an end result that is very beneficial and for the better good. Working through these emotional and behavioral blocks is a lesson in itself to remain centered through all of these changes.

This is a merkabah grid, designed by Tammy and myself, to help ease this process of change and growth.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(1) Malachite

(6) Unakite

(6) Yellow Calcite

Malachite is the center piece for this layout. Malachite works to ground spiritual energy to the earth. When we are experiencing stress, malachite absorbs negativity while it harmonizes and balances. Also an aid in transformation, it assists in being receptive to insight from your subconscious. From there it is easier to see what is blocking your spiritual growth by getting to the core of the problem.

A Merkabah is an energy field which can be two dimensionally displayed by intersecting two opposite facing equilateral triangles (3-sided pyramids if you are working on three dimensions). A Merkabah is the complete balance of duality, light and dark. There are two complete Merkabahs being utilized as the structure of this grid. The inner-most composed of unakite, while the outer being yellow calcite.

Unakite offers a calm and gentle energy, which is crucial to maintain in your energy field at this time. Much like the malachite in this case, unakite integrates light into the field revealing insights regarding said blockages. It helps to uncover the root cause of any dis-ease and allows it to surface in order for the user to create change and transformation in their life.

Yellow Calcite clears the personal field as well as the environment with the purity and power of our sun. Growth and development are accelerated when using this stone. Using yellow calcite alleviates emotional stress, and connects the emotions with the intellect. When this is achieved, a greater sense of emotional intelligence is attainable. The light in this crystal helps to overcome setbacks, which is what many of us may perceive to be happening with these life changes. Then we may understand that set backs are really stepping stones for another reality.

The entire earth is currently experiencing these shifts, so I highly suggest the use of this grid in efforts to better the ability to flow in these times of great change. While a grid is ideal because it will work with an entire space, it would be advisable to at least carry this three-stone combination in your pocket or medicine bag. Most of all, remember that life is beautiful. Even the bumpy parts serve a beautiful divine purpose.

Staff Speak – At the Root of Friendships

More than a handful of people over the week have mentioned that they feel alone or like they have no friends. So I decided to bring this up and offer some insights into friendships.

To be someone’s friend, you must first be a friend to yourself. This means putting your needs first and fulfilling your need for happiness. It helps to be honest about what you like to do, and what is actually being done. Do these two coincide? It helps to be honest about your feelings. Pay attention to feelings when around friends. Ask: Am I happy right now? Why or why not? Does being with this person feel good or not? If it doesn’t feel right, why?

Then depending on the answer, ask: Am I willing to change to continue spending time with the other person? If not, that is ok. If it felt good for a while and now it doesn’t, what is needed to make it better? Can it be made better? Is there a certain scenario that keeps playing out with each new friendship? What is your role in that scenario? How can that scenario be changed? If it can’t, should you chose to find new friendships that feel good?

Then there is the issue of feeling like you do not have any friends. Many people find themselves in this predicament when they are going through a major growth period, when they are changing dramatically. This is normal and is needed for the person to gel into a new vibration. When this happens, your vibration is changing and the people who you call friends may not be changing at the same pace.

With such a vibrational change, people more aligned with the old vibration slowly drop away. At the same time, new people compatible with your new vibration will start showing up in daily life. It is up the individual to take notice of the opportunities that are right there and reach out to these new friends and work on cultivating a friendship.

Some stones to help when the time feels right to reach out to friends (old and new) are emerald, jade, malachite, lapis, and watermelon tourmaline. Emerald helps enhance unconditional love and promotes friendship. Jade helps attract friendship. Malachite assists in releasing inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings and helps alleviate shyness. Watermelon tourmaline assists in activating the heart chakra and fosters friendship. Pick a stone that resonates and take time to meditate with it daily while focusing on friendship. These stones can also be worn as jewelry to keep that vibration in your energy field throughout the day.

Third: Solar Plexus Chakra

Name Manipura Chakra: “The City of Gems”. Solar Plexus Chakra or Naval Center, Spleen, Stomach, Liver Chakra.
Location Two fingers above naval to sternum bone, opens forward/backward.
Symbol/Yantra 10-petaled lotus. Inverted triangle, red, in circle surrounded by 10 petals.
Basic Principles
Willpower. Shaping of being—power. Transforming, shaping, purifying. Conquer sorrow and suffering. Healing power. Positive use of personal power. “I am the source of my abundance.”
Dealing with main chakra with several secondary chakras; functions highly complex. Our power center; absorb solar energy which nurtures ethereal body, thereby vitalizing and maintaining physical body. Enter into active contact with people and material world. For ordinary people, the foundation of personality; social identity which seeks to conform. Purifies desires, wishes of lower chakras, consciously controls and uses creative energy, allows spiritual richness of higher chakras to manifest in material world. Direct connection with astral body (center of our wishes, desires, center of emotions).
Unfolding of personality, working on feelings and experience, shaping one’s being, influence & power, strength & plenty, wisdom, growing out of experience. If inner eye, crown also open, recognize all visible matter consists of varying light vibrations, wishes fulfilled spontaneously as so closely connected to energy of light in all things that attract everything in search of light.
Ruling Planet Sun (solar, masculine)
Astrological Sign Leo/Sun, Sagittarius/Jupiter, Virgo/Mercury, Mars.
Understanding Triangular
Element Fire (light, warmth, energy, activity, purification)
Sounds E (mi). 329.1 cycles per second. RAM. Fiery rhythms, orchestral compositions; if hyperactive, any type relaxing music. Long “o” as in “good”. Produces circular movement directed toward outside, inclines toward “A” of heart chakra thus expansiveness, abundance, joy.
Color Yellow–amber (strengthens nerves, thoughts; stimulates contact and interaction with others: if too dreamy, help become actively involved with life, aids physical and spiritual digestion), golden yellow, orange, green.
Deity Rudra/Siva. Shakti: Lakini.
Animal Ram
Plants, Aromas Bergamot, lavender, rosemary.
Gemstones Amber (warmth & confidence; conveys new insights. Physical: cleanses, purifies organism, digestive system, endocrine, liver). Apatite. Yellow Calcite. Citrine (develop self discipline to live in higher awareness). Malachite (emotionally responsive). Peridot (strengthen, regulate body). Rutilated Quartz. Sulphur (physical radiance). Tiger Eye (supports inner and outer vision, sharpens mind, helps us recognizes own faults). Yellow Topaz (confidence in expressing creative power). Green Tourmaline (strengthen physical to utilize spiritual force). Clear Quartz. Yellow and yellow–green stones.
Nature Experience Sunlight (corresponds to light of chakra), field of rape in bloom, ripe wheat field, sunflower (natural mandala).
Age 14 — 21. Selfless service helps.
Sensory Function Sight, eyes.
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, Hormones Lower back, abdominal cavity, digestive tract, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system/pancreas (liver), insulin (gall bladder). Organ of cognition: eyes. Organ of action: anus.
Body Issues: Proper Functioning Immortality, authority, name, fame. Visualizations useful. Conquer sorrow & suffering: no matter what happens, won’t feel sad or miserable. Healing power, power of transmutation: blessing or curse, depending on how used. Enlightened, full of joy when open. Amount of light determines clearness of vision, quality see. Through integrity, gradually transfers yellow light of intellectual understanding into gold light of wisdom and abundance. Harmoniously functioning; feeling inner peace, inner harmony with Self, life in general, your place in life. Can accept self completely, also respect feelings and character traits of others. No matter what happens, won’t feel sad or miserable as true contentment, faith tht what is occuring is for the best; power of transmutation (blessing or curse, depending on how used). Shaping of being: power, authority, name and fame, developing ego. If inner eye, crown also open, recognize all visible matter consists of varying light vibrations, wishes fulfilled spontaneously as so closely connected to energy of light in all things that atttract everying in search of. Self control, warmth, humor, laughter.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy Misuse of personal power, recognition, even at expense of friends; can create suffering for others. Need to feel important and achieve outside material identification in world. Control others through anger. Walk with proud air, drunk with vanity. Concentrate on being fashionable. Maintains control of others through anger. Can create suffering for others.
Body Issues: Insufficient Functioning We directly perceive vibrations of other people and act accordingly through 3rd. If confronted with negative vibration, sudden contraction of 3rd chakra warns us; temporary protective measure, becomes superfluous when own inner light is strong enough to envelop body like protective sheath. Insufficient: makes feel dejected, discouraged; sees obstacles everywhere; free unfolding of personality strongly curtailed as child. As afraid, lose approval of authority, hold back expression of emotions, and smothering solar plexus.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioning When blocked, feel gloomy, unbalanced; project same sensations into world around so life either bright or dark. One-sided or malfunctioning: want to manipulate everything in accordance with own wishes, want to control your inner and outer worlds, to conquer and exercise power. Driven by inner restlessness and discontent. Probable experience of late acceptance during childhood, so unable to develop genuine sense of own worth, seek rewards can’t find in self or material world. Enormous urge to be active to cover up. Need inner serenity. Attitude of nothing is impossible lets you suppress manifestation of feeling as undesirable. Emotions stopped up. Occasional break throughs. Get highly upset easily; agitation, expression of anger swallowed.
Body Issues: Physical Problems digestive processes, metabolism, emotions, sympathetic nervous system.
Sleep Mode On back, 7-8 hours.
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body) Female: left. Male: right.
Occupations Those performing at high levels mentally, physically.
Yogic Discipline Karma Yoga (Realization of God through dedicated service, work).


Malachite Specimen

Malachite Specimen

Malachite helps you establish both energetic and emotional boundaries. Can help to restore your physical strength, especially after a surgery. Draws toxins from the body. Helps with business success, vision quests, and meditation. Folk medicine: helps strengthen immune system.

Malachite Anklet

Malachite Anklet

Malachite provides powerful grounding energy that clears obstructions and blockages and helps avert confusion and apathy. Malachite helps with business success, vision quests and meditation. A very important earth stone: it helps one break unwanted ties and then connect to and work with healing earth energies. Malachite assists by absorbing negative energies, whether psychic or environmental, thereby clearing you of these energies.