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Working with Nature’s Vortexes

Hurricane IreneWhat would happen if humanity learned to “cap” a negative vortex by placing a positive vortex over it? Could we control and mitigate the fury of a hurricane? Fully capping a negative vortex would turn it into a merkaba – negative and positive balanced and controlled.

Here are three vortexes found in nature.

1. Hurricane Irene – a counter-rotating vortex. A negative destructive force.

2. Heart Portal – a clockwise portal. This is a root of a cottonwood tree that leads to the inner earth. It sends positive energy into the atmosphere

3. Three negative portals in the ground positioned next to three positive pine trees. A person can stand in the negative portal and offer all their negative energy to the life force energy of that portal, which drains it off and eats it. Then the person can go connect to the pine tree and fill in with the pine tree’s positive energy.

Something to think about as our world moves into great control of consciousness…