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Earth Share | Mystic Merlinite

Mystic MerlinThis amazing stone is a composite of various minerals that can assist us in many ways. A form of Gabbro, Mystic Merlinite opens metaphysical abilities, helps us connect to the elemental realms, assists in healing past life karma, clears a channel to our higher self, shields against EMF pollution, and firmly grounds the soul into the body.

This is a stone of deep magic- formed from the knowledge of wizards, shamans, and elementals. It allows you to work with nature spirits and gives you the tools to see and communicate with them.

Place the stone under your pillow for intense lucid dreaming and even astral travel. This is a perfect stone for unlocking your past in order to manifest the future you desire.

Earth Share | The Home Environment

We all have the ability to perceive energy, and as we are entering a time of year in which many energies are shifting – the start of the school year, two eclipses this September and the movement into the peaceful, inviting fall season – it is the perfect time to cleanse the home environment in order to help ease the transition. Space clearing is a simple and effective way to clear lower energies and rise the vibration of a space so it is more positive.

Here are some of the steps you can take to clear your home or office.

maxresdefault1. Preparation.When preparing to clear your space, you must first do a thorough job of cleaning the area you are going to cleanse and clear. Get rid of clutter, make certain furniture is moved as you clean in order to catch those elusive dust bunnies. This is important because “lesser” energy likes dirt and dust.

Decide what tool(s) you will be using during your clearing.  Depending on the frequency of your clearing space (weekly, monthly, quarterly) you may want to use more than one combination of clearing tools. Listen to your instinct and choose what feels correct for your individual space and the energy level needing to be cleansed.

Optional Clearing Tools

Bells – Excellent tools, bells have the ability to dispel accumulated, stagnant energy by producing sound that permeates the molecules of space. Bell tones increase the flow of energy and restores vibrational balance. Long after the physical sound of a bell is gone, the subtle vibrations continue to fill space.


Tingsha Chimes

Chimes  – Hand held chimes create a very clear and focused sound. Strike the chimes sharply to create vibrations that can cut through the dullest pools of energy. After striking the chime move it as though you are using a paint brush, with long broad strokes to fill the space with sound.

Smudging – Bundles of dried herbs tied together with a string to create a smudge stick. Smudging is a common tool for clearing space. Sage is probably the most common herb used for smudging. The smoke of a smudge bundle instantly creates an enormous shift in the energy of a room. It’s also one of the best methods to use when you need to shift very heavy energy. Use an abalone shell underneath the herbs to catch any stray ashes and sparks. Use a feather (turkey, raven, eagle, hawk) to spread the smudge smoke. These two elements together (air and fire) create a powerful way to balance the energy in a space. Use your dominate hand to stroke the smoke, much like a paint brush through the space. Smudging is particularly effective method to use after an illness.

Incense – Incense is made from natural herbs and resins. Different types of incense can help your intention to manifest after a space has been smudged. Palo Santo is a South American wood that shamans often use when cleansing and purifying.

You yourself should prepare for the cleansing. Some people take a bath with a purifying salt bath or essential oils before clearing a space, and then smudge themselves after dressing in special clothing they have chosen to wear while cleansing their space. This is optional, but be advised if you are cleansing a space with heavy, dense energy. You should at least be showered and dressed in clean clothing when performing your cleansing. The more prepared and vibrationally high your energy is, the more profoundly it will effect your clearing.

Next, plan what steps you wish to take with your clearing. If you are enlisting other family members, discuss what each of you will be doing during your clearing. Have all items that you will be using ready to be used, then set an intention or goal for the cleansing of the space. Take some deep cleansing breaths while envisioning how you want the space to feel once your clearing has been performed. Where intention goes, energy flows, the easier to make that vision a reality.

If you have chosen an incense, light it and allow it smudge slowly.

You may wish to have a table, or mantle near the space being cleansed with items that represent your intentions for the space. This sets the tone and holds the energy for the entire cleansing ceremony, and is the physical representation of your intention.  This area should be both beautiful and inspiring, and include symbolic representations of the hopes and dreams of all the occupants of your home.  Some possibilities are red roses to represent love, rice for abundance, a candle for inner light.  A cloth can be used as a base, keeping in mind that the type of fabric you choose for it will influence the energy of the altar. A cotton fabric is earthy, red cotton is grounding. A more formal cloth in white would be more attuned to celestial energies.

2. Purification

Now that you have all your preparations done, you may begin the cleansing process. Begin before your table of intentions and speak to your guides, the house deva, and whomever else feels appropriate to you. Ask for their assistance and guidance during this cleansing, and ask to be open to the lessons and guidance they bring while doing this purification.

When you enter the space to be cleared, or the first space if you are attempting to cleanse more than one area, access the energy in that space. Energy that needs to be cleared can often feel hazy, or even heavy. You may first wish to walk in a circle around the room with your hands extended to get a feel the energy of the space. You may notice some areas don’t feel “right”, or perhaps they make your stomach turn, or perhaps you even sense a different odor. Return to the entrance to the room and find center by standing with your feet hip width apart, and imagine a long column of light running from the center of your head down through you and into the floor. Take some deep breaths, and breathe out of your mouth as you exhale. It is time to use your chosen cleansing tool. For this cleansing, a chime will be used.

Listen carefully as you strike your chime. If it doesn’t sound clear and crisp, continue to strike the chime until it is bright, crisp and distinct. This indicates you’ve cleared energy in that area. Continue to do this moving in a clockwise motion around the space until you return to your starting point at the entrance to the room. You may next wish to walk a figure eight in the room while chiming to further raise the vibration. Make sure to get all corners, as this is where stagnant energy accumulates.

3. Completion

Return to the entrance of the room and once again speak to the energies you asked to assist you at the beginning of the cleansing. Give thanks for their help. You may wish to add a preservation to the room once cleansed, such as a flower, or a small stone that represents the energy you set your intention on.

Clearing of space has such powerful results, it is best done on a regular basis and especially after an argument or an upset, after an illness, before and after an unpleasant visitor, prior to moving into a new home and even when you’re just feeling that life is a bit out-of-sorts.




ISIC | Cords, Anchors, and Intrusions

Many energy workers are well aware of the energetic structures that drain energy. While there are positive lessons to come from their presence in your life, it is wise to ensure that your energy field is clear of these obstructions after observing the lesson at hand. If you are unable to learn from them, they will continue to pose an issue in your life. As with anything in life, once you are conscious of the reasoning, the problem will be resolved.

There are many ways to interpret energy being drained. Sometimes this manifests as a cord. Cords come in all shapes and sizes. They can be described as tentacles that extend from the auric field, and burrow deep into the field or energetic body of the person being drained. Typically someone who you have a close relationship with is attached to you by a relatively thick cord. If you have an acquaintance that happens to drain energy from you, the cord would be much smaller than someone dear to you. This can be attributed to the length of your relationship, and how much you are willing to give up for this person. Most of the time, being energy workers, we are unconsciously willing to offer our energy for the benefit others. We must leave behind the martyrdom and decided to take care of ourselves. When “cutting cords”, a handy tip it to visualize not only the cord being severed, but also cauterized so that they may not reattach. It may also be helpful to silently offer a distance healing session to this person, or perhaps a prayer that they, in addition to yourself, may be wrapped in healing energy.

Anchors (or “Hooks”) are a slightly more aggressive form of cords that appear in people’s energy field. These require a bit more visualization and intent to remove. Before doing any energy work, it is crucial to keep in mind that you CAN do whatever you intend, and that it WILL work. Intent is where your power lies. After removing any form of cord, the hole in the field must be patched up. Depending on the strength of a given energy field, this may require a range of attention. Visualizing the gap being filled with white light (therefore restructuring the grid) should do the trick.

Much like a leech, an intrusion is a small being that feeds off of the light body. Usually these are not associated to another person, but rather they are independent. Intrusions also come in a variety of embodiments. They can show up like a worm, a cluster of tiny specs, or a spiked ball. There is a vast amount of different kinds. Salt baths, in addition to visualizations will get these out of your field. You may ask that they be joyfully returned to their source after expressing your gratitude for the lessons they offered to you. Sound healing like Singing Bowls, Tingshas, or humming certain notes associated to the Chakras are great techniques for disrupting dense negative energy that is difficult to manage with only visualization.

We all must remember that a majority of the time these cords and anchors are not intentionally sent out. They are, in a sense, a call for help. We must also remember to cut and remove the cords that we are sending out to others. Most people do not want to admit this, but I’ll be the one who says it, we all do it. Until we are fully conscious of our energy fields, there will be unintentional cords coming into and out of us. Let it go and cut the cords. Likewise, until we take control of the stability of our energy field, many energies are able to enter without our knowledge. One may say that the general purpose of these experiences would be to strengthen our awareness of ourselves and our varying energies.

Sensory Overload

I have a confession to make. I sometimes suffer from sensory overload. There are times it can be a common thing in a household full of indigos and crystals, and even for those who aren’t.  Not such a horrible thing to confess in my opinion. However, it has lately come to my attention that others view this matter very seriously and too harshly.

rootsSensory overload happens when we aren’t caring for ourselves properly – when life hits a higher stress level, when our diets aren’t properly maintained and our body’s usual cues are ignored, dismissed or go unrecognized.  When we continue to ignore these cues, it starts to affect us in various ways, one of which may be sensory overload.

Sensory overload is different for different people, but those I personally know, who from time to time have episodes, find it mostly centered in their ears. When it builds to high levels they snap, unable to handle one more thing in their energy field. Some may believe it is an anger or stress situation, but this is not true. What really is being observed is the individual not being aware of what is happening to them, and needing tools on how recognize and defuse a possible overload well before it happens.

My little family has been able to recognize that often we experience sensory overload when we’re tired. We need to step away from what we are engaged in, and then take a deep breath. We are always honest about what is happening  and we excuse ourselves from the room.

“I’m having a bit of a sensory overload,  I’m going to go take some time to myself.”

Everyone honors that honesty, and it also allows us to be aware of what is happening so that we can be respectful and honor that individual.

What do we do after we’ve excused ourselves?  Sometimes we lie down, other times we just enjoy sitting quietly looking out at nature, or actually sitting out in nature.  Some times we are active in nature, such as walking through grass in our bare feet, or we get our pet labrador and take him for a walk for at least 30 minutes.  It doesn’t matter what the weather, the connection with fresh air, nature and an ease on the eyes is essential. I’ve even sat outside on rainy days under an umbrella, the smell of rain soothing me and melting away tension.

Other times I may sit, plant my feet to the ground and imagine roots descending into the earth. A brilliant white light shines down into my head, I pull that light through my center, down my body, through my aura until my core is like a pillar. I breathe in to the count of 4, and exhale to 8 ten times. This never fails to help me feel more grounded, provide more oxygen and make me feel better.

The most important thing is that we choose to do something that brings us back to center and allows our senses to reset and generally our mood is better for it, too.  For me, nature is always the best option as I know being out in nature always sustains me; it is what I must do daily to feel whole and real.

What makes you feel whole, real? What feeds your soul like nothing else can? This is what you need to incorporate daily into your routine so sensory overload is more manageable. What gives you passion daily? What is essential to your being?  Identify those things, incorporate them into your day every day, for those things feed your soul and help to sustain you. When you feel the noises getting to you – instead of snapping, realize it’s because your body needs you to take a deep breath, take a break and reset.

Once you feel better, take some time to identify what might have led to the overload. Examine your diet. Have you not been eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you eating more processed food than normal or perhaps eating something that aggravates an allergy or sensitivity?  Are you getting enough exercise? Are you taking enough time daily engaging in what is essential to you?

Once you’ve examined what may have happened, and noted what you need to do, be kind to yourself. Sensory overload happens to everyone. Teach these tools to your children with patience, compassion and love. In time, they’ll be able to recognize what is necessary for themselves so that they, too, can manage their bodily needs, and avoid sensory overload.



Trusting Your Gut

Trusting your gut, an essential tool for any one. Instincts, or your gut reaction, are an innate tool that everyone is born with. Not being able to clearly trust or perceive these built-in life cues can make life flow with less ease, more stress and potentially unnecessary difficulty.

Steve-Jobs-Opinions-Quote Instincts provide guidance as we traverse through our daily activities, our challenges, when making small and large life choices and through times of needed protection.  As parents and mentors to youth, we have the responsibility and opportunity to provide youth of all ages the tools and experience that will allow them to form a deep and abiding trust with this innate ability.

Children are pure, free from fear, pain and blockages that keep their instincts from being strong and clear. Due to this, at a very young age, they should be allowed to trust their gut. This also means we, as adults, must not question their choices in a ways that diminish their belief in their inner voice or teach them our own fears or prejudices for these dim and diminish this essential tool. By showing respect for their choices we help them to remain true to the very essence of who they are, build confidence in their decision making process and plant the seeds that will allow them to trust their instinct without doubt.

As young as 4 and 5 years old a child is able to discuss the reasoning behind their decisions. By this time the youth are already in some form of school and/or play group. They’re learning what children are the type they would like to share time with, and which are the ones they may need to draw firm boundaries with. We must respect who they choose as friends, but we are allowed to ask what makes them a good friend and have an open discussion that helps us to understand our children’s reasoning.  One young crystal child was told by another classmate she wasn’t allowed to play in the classroom kitchen, clearly staking her play territory. Thoughtfully, the crystal child listened to her instinct which told her why this child behaved as she did and what to do. After accepting this, she did as she wanted, not as she was told and made a clear boundary that she was not to be bossed around. Soon the situation with the other child dissipated because she listened to her inner guidance.

As a parent we often want to jump in to rescue our child(ren), not allowing them to learn through trial and error. We do a great disservice to their instinct and to the child when we are caught up in our savior mode. The only way our children can learn to trust their gut, their choices, is to have gone through some trial and error.  It is better for this to happen when they are young, in a safe and loving home environment, so that they have a more stable foundation when they get to the more challenging years of middle and high school and throughout the rest of their life.

Listen to your child, talk to them respectfully about the choices they make. You may be surprised, no matter what age they are, how sound and wise their choices are, and the process they go through to make a final decision.



Blue Papaya – Navigating The Transitions

Earth and her inhabitants are going through growing pains. Mother Earth and all of her helpers are working to raise the vibration of our planet, and to move away from the power-centered energies that have ruled for millennia.  Many individuals and leaders are resisting this change, while others are feeling the rising vibration in their lives on a daily basis. All of us at Crystal Life are feeling these changes, and often they’re so strong we’re all feeling the shifts and changes for days at a time.

One of our readers, Pam, asks, “What are some of the things we feel and how do we deal with them?”  Are the emotions and body shifts she and her family are experiencing “normal?”

Everyone is feeling a great deal of changes emotionally, physically and etherically, Pam, and they affect us all differently based on our own evolution, there is no normal. Often when there is a gathering of staff members at Crystal Life, we talk about the different shifts.  Sometimes we all feel very much the same but more often than not, we all note the shift we felt, and then explore how it has affected us quite differently.  By sharing this information not only are we learning from one another but we are also learning how to assist the many individuals who come into the store that are feeling the changes and are needing some assistance.

It is not uncommon to feel dizzy, or to feel as though you could walk on air during one shift while during others you may feel angry, despondent, or lethargic.  You may find your diet needs to be cleaned up, sensitivities to manmade products will rise, and a return to basics is necessary to feel optimal. Time spent away from technology is often more relaxing and grounding for your energy system. Friendships have also been changing for some of us – the need is quite strong to move away from people whose energy is no longer compatible with ours.

In my home, we’ve found the cleaner our food, the better we deal with the shifts. If we’ve been eating poorly, we have found we tend to be more tense, our thinking muddled and we are very disconnected to those around us. Making time to be outdoors is essential to us because we are all elemental-based people.  Are there things your family connects with well? Then these are the things you need to make sure you continue to incorporate into your life.  We have also felt like we’re traveling at the speed of sound – that sensation to hurry and rush to get somewhere but we aren’t sure of the destination. The where isn’t important, the flow and letting it happen is most key.  Taking time to meditate or sit quietly has been a life saver to many individuals I know, as is taking time to make sure you are centered.


double_flower_of_life_pendants-1If you’re wanting to wear a piece of energy jewelry to help with the different energy shifts we have been experiencing for quite some time, the Flower of Life is one pendant all of the staff at Crystal Life have chosen to wear as support. The Flower of Life is an ancient geometry found in all world traditions. This is a powerful piece of spiritual jewelry; it depicts light energy as it moves from spirit into form. Wearing this sacred geometry energy pendant naturally and gradually moves your personal energy field back into balance, at whatever level you are experiencing dis-ease. If you have strong allergies, especially to emf, this pendant helps you stabilize your immune system so that the medical protocols you are following will hold better. Available in different sizes, and in silver, gold or double foil medallion, as featured here.

Blue Papaya – Christmas Tree Spirits

Born into a family of Indigos and souls who associate closely with the nature realm, our home life and free time was spent sharing experiences that were in appreciation of nature. Each season brought different travels, different spaces and different traditions.   In December, one tradition was spending a day out looking for the perfect Christmas tree. We would trudge through inches of powdery snow, and end our day out with a trip to a favorite local restaurant for a hearty meal and hot cocoa.

At a young age, the sacrificing of the tree never really sat well with me. We’d passed many lots with pre-cut Christmas trees on our journey to the tree farm, and I always worried if they’d all find a home.

Now that I’m an adult with three Crystal children of my own, our tradition is to get a pre-cut tree.  It’s quite the experience for us, an Indigo with three Crystals in tow, as we move through the different types of trees. We hear the trees, and the elementals who reside within them as we walk through the tree lots, so we say hello, compliment the trees on their beauty and vitality, and listen to their tales.  They talk of their journey, their friends nearby, and the fact that they’re excited to become someone’s Christmas tree.

Yes, you read correctly, the trees are conscious of what is happening to them. They are very excited to possibly be chosen to go into a home, or outside a home, and to be decorated for the season. Every year, as we leave the tree lot, many goodbyes are exchanged and well-wishes are shared between the forest friends. It’s often quite moving to hear the various voices of the trees. You cannot help but to love them and hope that those who are left behind will find a home before the holiday.

It’s with great excitement and joy that the tree is welcomed into our home. Last year our tree was Frances, but in other years we’ve had a Tony and a Juan, a Samantha and a Chandra – the list is long and full of much love and blessings. We’re always lucky that our tree comes with fairies, or pixies. One year they were so thick in a tree, its branches would shake with the laughter of the pixies after they had successfully teased one of the family pets.  Two years ago we were not only aware of the tree, but of the guardians of the tree. This was an interesting experience for us, but it was also a pleasant way to expand our awareness of the relationships in nature that we as humans never consider.

 We become quite close to our tree friends. They’ve sung to us in happiness, they have greeted us every morning as we groggily move about the house, and they’ve taken absolute joy in being a part of our household. This bond, this blessing among friends, had caused quite a quandary for us.  It seemed wrong to strip their decorations off, and then leave a beloved member of our family at the side of the road.

We spoke to the trees, we told them what our city does with trees that are done with their path as Christmas trees, and to my surprise they were fine with being useful as mulch and to have a life supporting other plants. Yet, the idea of removing them from the home and leaving them curbside still greatly upset us, and so we formed another plan. Each year, after we took the tree down, we once again strapped it to the top of our car and drove to a wooded area where we could let it continue to be in nature with the elements. It may become a home for an animal, or perhaps the various nature spirits would make a home within its branches. In returning the tree to the wood, we were assuring our friends another chapter in their life, a chapter that may have been a possibility if they’d fallen over in the wood they came from.

These endings for us are bittersweet. We are a family who would welcome having trees stay forever in our home, alive and remaining a vital part of our daily life. Instead, we give thanks often when they are in our home for all the wonderful qualities they bring, and when we return them to the wood, we shed many tears as we say thank you, whisper I love you’s sincerely and our friends say them in return.

As humans with elemental origins, the benefits of having a live tree in our home for a month far out weighs any negatives.  We love these trees, and we feel that adopting one is like adopting a pet from the local pound. Yes, the time together is too short, but the memories and blessings stay in our hearts forever.

If you are a Crystal, or an Indigo, or have youth who are Rainbows or Crystals, they too may have the same concerns that I once had, or they may sense the trees and their energies. Respect their perceptions and help them to accept that these trees are enthusiastic partners in the holidays, and good friends to be made and to be loved.


Grandfather Buffalo – Finding the Right Stone for Your Needs

Many of you, our customers, come to Crystal Life with a purpose. Depending on who is here, one question may well be, “Can you read me? What stone do I need?” or “I am having an issue, what stone(s) will help?” We are here to help you with all of your needs and will assist you in finding the stone that will help with your specific situation. Each person here can and will connect with your present energy alignment in his/her own way, and then are directed to the stone that will assist. The chosen stone then resonates with your energy system to either restore that which is missing or to clear the energy that is not serving correctly.

While we are here to help you in this way, our greater desire is to assist you in being able to find that stone or item which answers your needs through your own energy and perceptions. When you enter Crystal Life, you are obviously here to correct or strengthen a situation. May I suggest that when you enter the store, ask yourself and/or your guides to place you in front of the stone you need at the present moment. Now, while tuning into your own energy, pick up the stone. Has your energy changed or is it changing? If you are unsure, try again to get an answer. If you do not get information, call on one of us to help you.

We invite you to our free classes. Our Saturday classes are to provide knowledge and instruction so that you can come to rely on your own intuitive ability on your spiritual journey. Our hope is that these tools will allow you to find your stones using your growing and developing intuition.

Here is a technique you may want to try. Using your eyes, call in all of your senses. See with your eyes, feel with your eyes, taste with your eyes, hear with your eyes, smell with your eyes. What is your response to this technique? You may apply the same process to all your senses.

Above all, we are definitely here to assist you in choosing the correct stones and assist you in choosing what feels right for you.

Blue Papaya – The Eternal Emotion

The individuals who have come to our earth plane to help our species evolve further, the indigo’s, crystal’s, & rainbow’s, are all centered from their heart chakra, not from the gut or the third chakra from which power derives and where most of society chooses to exist.  For many of the new consciousness children it is abundantly clear that we are a planet that has dangerously forgotten the power of the love from which we come from, source or God. Our human egos and our fears have greatly stopped the flow of the most pure emotion, the only true emotion, the eternal emotion that is love.

Love is a secure and warm place to reside. Love accepts all, heals all, and never ends. The love we create flows vividly through the heavens, like the great lights of the Borealis and Australis. Eternal, infinite and beautiful.

What is REAL, genuine love? What does the love that the universe is created from and hums to feel like? There is actually a very good and often quoted guide in the book of Corinthians in the New Testiment of the Bible.

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”

When you have reached a level of real and genuine love, patience and kindness extends to all you meet, not just to members of family and close friends. You are patient with everyone, you are kind to everyone. This does not mean you must love every one of them as though they were a member of your family, for honestly, that won’t be possible in every situation. Still, to strive to treat everyone you meet in life with the same kindness, consideration and respect that you wish to have bestowed upon you is a good start.

Love also has healthy boundaries. Love isn’t needy, happiness isn’t dependent on another individual and their affections. You remain an individual when you have healthy boundaries. Love rejoices at success and supports interests, growth and happiness.  Love allows individual growth even if it means the possible loss of a relationship.

Love understands that everyone grows at their own rate. What is easy for one, is being worked on by another. Patience and compassion are both qualities of working from a state of love when recognizing this in another.  Mocking, judging, excessive pride in self and making derogatory comments of others are all examples of NOT coming from a place of love.

For the new consciousness children the reality of love is as unique as they are. Some vividly remember or know what love should be like, while others have no idea and still others are somewhere in the middle. For those who are fortunate to remember genuine love or have a innate sense of what it should be, they have very high ideals and are often disappointed in peers and mentors who give a facade of being evolved but upon closer inspection have yet to work beyond the baser human ego issues of pride, ego, fear, accepting responsibility for their choices and ultimately, self love.

This is a dilemma for some. Their disappointment palpable and often disguised as anger.  Crystal’s and early rainbow’s can decide to separate themselves from individuals such as this. They want to be surrounded by those who are not held down by emotions that are only illusions.  Unfortunately for our youth, the environment in middle school and beyond is often very toxic and the antithesis of love.

As parents it is in our best interest to begin to be an example to our youth at a young age so that they can handle these disappointments with grace and compassion. Explain people and situations as honestly as possible and without judgment yourself. Be an example of tolerance of others but still have strong personal boundaries. Allow conversations about situations and individuals as they happen and then let it drop. You may find by doing this your child is using their perceptions wisely and often with more compassion than you realized they possessed. The more often they are aware of the deeper meanings behind an individuals chosen actions, the more likely they are to view the individual honestly and from a place of love, than to fall into a trap of toxicity. This also will allow them to hold onto that core of innate love. By practicing it daily, talking through those rough spots openly and with compassion, it will be easier for our youth to continue their mission to raise planets vibration and move our human species towards living from the heart.


Our next Blue Papaya gathering will be Friday, April 20th. Have you ever wondered about Crystal Skulls? What is their history, what were they used for, and what are their benefits today? We’ll be tackling all this and a few experiments too! As always, Blue Papaya is an event for youth ages 8 – 23, adults welcome when accompanied by a youth! Join us at 7 pm at Crystal Life Technology. 121 S. Third St., Geneva IL. 



Grandfather Buffalo – The Imperfect Crystal

There are many who are new to crystals and have had an occasional class that have been instructed to find a crystal of perfect proportion. This means there should be no imperfections, no inclusions, no obstructions, no cracks nor chips, and most importantly NO broken points. I will agree to this to a point. It is great to have a perfect crystal, perfectly clear with no damage, in fact, several would be nice. There is nothing wrong with that approach. However you would be hard pressed to find one out of ten crystals that have perfect proportion.

Let’s look at two of the neglected crystals and their properties.

The Empathic Crystal

This crystal comes to you perhaps severely damaged. It may be chipped, gouged, broken their points chipped or missing totally. You will be thankful to have one on the day you wake up perhaps depressed or feel unloved by family or a friend. When you have that feeling because your son or daughter has not called you or stopped by for some time, pick it up. What do you feel or hear? It says to you “I know how you feel, look at me, see how I have been treated. Guess what, I am still here. Life has treated me badly, but let me help you. Let me help to rescue you. Let me be your blankey”. They will clear the stress, in times of change they will help with transitions. Help with empathy towards others without the need to take on their pain. They will teach you to help others as well as yourself.

The Warrior Crystal

This crystal is related to the Empathic Crystal. In fact they may be one and the same. If you put the two side by side they will have the same or similar impurities, breaks, fractures, or broken tips. You can ask yourself, “Do I need empathy today, or do I need the warrior?” The Warrior says “I have been through a lot of battles. I was treated disrespectfully and abused many times. But look, you are holding me in your hand. I am still here. Let me help you with your wounds to help them heal. Stand up straight, be proud of who you are. You have been through the school of hard knocks and you are still here. Stand up and fight. Be strong physically and mentally”.

These two have much to offer you. Do not neglect them. Oh, and have that perfect crystal too.