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The Crystal Life Buzz

A personal reflection of my experience with Crystal Life Technology.

I have been with the crew for about five years, give or take, and I would like to share my experiences. We obviously have all grown over the years here, and many things have happened to each of us. So, even though it is a personal experience, I choose to say “We” because I believe it to be a shared by all the Crystal Life Technology group.

As we have worked together there has been a sharing and a trusting of each person’s abilities and desires. The staff has not remained fellow workers, but become a family that is truly interested in each other within the store as well as what is happening outside in our personal lives. We laugh at ourselves, and with each other, perhaps sometimes seeming to put the other down. We, however, know, and show respect to where each one is on his or her path, hopefully coming across as supportive.

So yes, I feel we are a family, and I trust that each of our guests feels the same when they walk through our door.

We (I) have seen many of you walk in slightly stressed, disturbed, or just looking for something, but not knowing what. The staff has greeted you, inquired if assistance was needed, and/or moved out of the way to allow you to find what you need.

Many have come in for the first time just to look around to see what we have, and very few (counting on one hand) have left dissatisfied. We, ourselves, having been stressed to our limits, have entered the store, and after a few minutes or having worked the day shift, have left in a totally different frame of mind from when we came in. We may be tired at the end of the day, but we are energized by the fact that you, our guest, have satisfied yourselves with the uplifting Crystal Life “Buzz”. So many of you have stated, “I walked into the store and was immediately uplifted. The energy in the store is great. The service is great, and I really do not want to leave.”

Again, let me stress that I am not simply writing this to promote the store. I am expressing my experience here, not only of myself, but of your response as well. I sometimes find myself to be “Mr. Motor Mouth,” but am truly interested that you are able to have your personal needs fulfilled in whatever way is necessary. The fact that you keep returning to Crystal Life, time after time, tells us that we are serving a true purpose in this community and beyond.

We will be waiting to see you again.

Cosmic Portal – Moving Outdoors Again

It’s time to start planning our outdoors living! Here are some natural energy tips from Crystal Life. Got any of your own? Email them to us, and we’ll post them in our library – friend us on Facebook and post there as well!
1. Talk to all the life forms in your yard. Everything in your yard is made of consciousness; it is aware and responds to basic universal energies such as love, and requests to contain one’s energy or to leave an area. So walk around your yard now and REALLY look at its energy. Talk to the insects, birds, plants and trees – send them loving energy. Request harmful energies to please realign, contain or remove themselves. Trees and plants love to know they are appreciated, and will grow better when you send them loving thoughts. An old dowsing tip: if you have invaders such as carpenter ants, select a part of the yard they can live in. Then connect to their 
energy and let them know they must move there within a week, because you need to spray/protect the house area; they now have the free will to move or suffer the consequences.

2. Introduce items that will enrich the natural energy of your yard. The simplest? Bury a piece of quartz near a plant or area of your yard that needs to be rebalanced. Before you do – program it – that is the great gift of quartz, it can be programmed to hold an energy or thought. So place the thought in the crystal that it will restore to balance and optimize the energy of this area of the yard. Other helpful stones , applying homeopathic protocols of like assisting like, are moss agate (in areas where you want to gentle down the energy) and tree agate (where trees need a bit of a boost).

3. Crystal Catalyst ceramic beads are great for placing in plants – houseplants as well as outdoors – as they are resonant tools that clear energy and enhance beneficial energies. The cobalt blue bead is excellent for general all around health, the turquoise bead for gentler plants. If you have one of our pieces of energy jewelry now well worn, you can return the entire piece of jewelry to the earth in your yard, with wonderful results.

4Slim Spurling copper rings are powerful sacred geometry tools for providing very healthy, balanced energy to seedlings. The rings are specially constructed even though they look simple and generate a standing wave of healthy balanced energy inside the circle. You can also place them around an ailing plant – just drop it over the plant, it should rest on top of the earth.

5. The hardest case scenarios do well with a Slim Spurling Environmental Harmonizer. If you have powerlines nearby, cell phone towers, a lot of local traffic, plants that need energizing on a large piece of property or a farm – this is the very best tool for you to invest in!

6. And…lastly…for those who have neighbors with whom you are not enjoying pleasant relations: we suggest hanging a simple bagua mirror on the side of your home facing their property. The bagua is an ancient feng shui remedy; it generates a steady, non-fluctuating field of positive energy that helps everything and everyone in its path to be more positive in their energy!

Staff Speak -Throat Chakra Stones

The throat chakra helps enhance how we express ourselves in this world.  This chakra is about creative expression, and voicing one’s truth.  It is a portal to divine guidance and expression.  Located above the hollow at the base of the neck and extending up to the larynx, it’s color ranges from light aquamarine to dark blue.  The thyroid, throat, ears, and mouth are body parts that are linked to the throat chakra.

Communication is the key to this chakra.  Communication is not only about talking, it is also about listening and being able to fully hear others, whether they are the people in your life or your guides. The following are stones that will help in these various ways:

Angelite is a stone that can assist in making conscious connection with your angels and guides.

Blue Kyanite encourages you to speak your truth and assists in opening the throat chakra.  It also helps to connect to your guides.

Lapis Lazuli helps self expression without holding back.  It assists in releasing repressed anger that may be causing communication difficulty allowing for free expression of inner turth in a compassionate way.

Amazonite is useful in knowing your truth and provides the courage to both speaking and living it.

For more information on the throat chakra, including additional stones, please visit the Crystal Life library page.


Grandfather Buffalo – The Many Faces and Varieties of Quartz

Over the past several months we have looked at the many types of personalities that exist in the quartz family. There has been an abundance of shapes and formations, each with it’s own energetic level of purpose. Certainly we have not covered all of them. New ones are being discovered or renamed on a daily basis.

Apart from the many shapes that quartz takes, there are also many included quartz varieties. An included quartz is a quartz piece that contains any number of other minerals within its make up. These inclusions will affect the energy and coloration of the quartz. Many of these specimens are considered rare.

Some types are:

1. Lithium in Quartz – soothing, calming

2. Epidote in Quartz – dream stone

3. Limonite in Quartz – lifts one out of the mire

4. Sephiros Quartz – connects with nature, mental clarity

5. Hematite in Quartz – protective

There are far more beyond this list.

Cosmic Portal – Consciousness Products

Have you visited the Crystal Life Library? We have many informative articles there, including this one on how our products focus on different aspects of consciousness:

Environmental Protection

Environmental electromagnetic and microwave allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout our Western society. There is a need especially for cellular phone, computer, and EMF protection. Crystal Life Technology’s shop includes many devices to assist in healing and protecting you from the strong narrow spectrum energies on which these devices operate. These include computer and cellular phone tabs in the Space Clearing area of the Energy Tools department.

Whether you are being affected by too much technology in your work space, your commute or your living quarters, a growing number of people are becoming aware that our modern conveniences come with a heavy price to pay in terms of our health. Much of our modern stress, worry, dissatisfaction, negative emotions, and health issues such as e.b.v., chronic fatigue, fibermyalgia, brain tumors and cancers have a strong environmental component.

When you no longer have the environment to which the human body has adapted over millions of years, your whole energy field is thrown off-kilter. Together, computers, telephones, televisions, cellular phones, microwave ovens and the power sources needed to run them, are creating powerful short band energy grids, or frequency fences. These keep many individuals who work and live solidly inside these fields from being able to draw on the underlying natural cosmic and earth energies to consciously and autonomically restore their bodily health systems. You can find protective jewelry to wear throughout our shop, but especially in the five Energy rooms of the Jewelry department.

Crystal Life Technology uses resonant materials that soften the harsh narrow-band wave lengths. Using them can help restore earth’s natural healing harmonics to your personal and architectural energy fields. Our healing substances include a specially-formulated ceramic; natural materials such as stone, silk, silver and seed; and energy-potent images and shapes. Whenever you see any of our products made with the special clearing ceramic, you know these are especially effective for this use. To learn more, read the Energy Products article in the Crystal Life Overview area of the library.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred art is a very high, pure form of energy work. Whether your interest is ancient Egyptian, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, the Melchizedek teachings, wicca, reiki… you will find objects that embody and embrace these energy spectrums for spiritual, metaphysical and alternative healing and growth.

Sacred objects can be found throughout Crystal Life Technology’s shop. We provide products and jewelry that focus, through symbols, form and the substances of which they are made, specific strata of beneficial consciousness. These objects include prayer beads, meditative tableaus, merkabas and mandalas, crosses, and sacred images. You can search for a specific product via our Search Box located at the top of every page.

Crystal Life Technology also offers tools and objects recognized in many faiths to enhance beneficial consciousness and protect from negative or harmful forces. These universal substances include semi-precious gemstones shaped into pyramids, points, globes and hearts or fashioned into objects you can wear to help keep protective energies around you, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and barrettes.

Interdimensional Science

Many of Crystal Life Technology’s products incorporate an understanding of interdimensional science. This includes the knowledge of how to establish beneficial resonances to create self-sustaining energy grids that fulfill specific functions. You can visit our Art, Books & DVDs room to find information on these topics.

Crystal Life makes extensive use of resonant devices that help diagnose and alter non-beneficial energy frequencies. These include pendulums, which can be used for alternative therapy diagnostic dowsing as well as esoteric energy tuning. We also have merkabas and sacred geometries. Other products, such as our gemstone energy jewelry, sustain a specific frequency in your personal energy field. You can search for a specific stone or quality via our Search Box located at the top of every page.

We also carry products that clear your architectural environment. A number of our products protect you from the frequency fences that are going up world-wide. Through various technical devices, such as televisions, computers, video games and cellular microwave devices, humanity is fencing itself in to limited, very strong bands of narrow wave lengths. These are preventing many from having access to more healing, nurturing, growth-inducing cosmic and earth energies. If you are seeking to prevent these limiting wave lengths from affecting your health and well being, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out the wide variety of products available in our rooms.

Conscious Living and Gemstone Therapy

Jewelry based on an awareness of light field structures is available throughout our shop, including gemstone therapy jewelry, prayer beads, sacred image pendants and ceramic catalyst products. Indeed, this is a major specialty for Crystal Life Technology, which was founded in 1996 to meet the growing awareness that energy structures underlie all life forms of the universe. We can powerfully affect our every day lives by what we keep around us, whether it is harmful or beneficial.

Crystal Life Technology’s products are concerned specifically with body, mind and spirit consciousness transformation. They assist with metaphysical consciousness raising. They also assist with energy field protection, helping prevent non-beneficial forces from taking up residence inside your personal fields and your living and working spaces. We work to provide the gemstone therapy, vibrational healing, dowsing, energy therapy and new age communities with high quality objects for their work. All our products come with a description of the energetic properties of the materials used.

Different gemstones and crystals have basic resonant molecular structures known by alternative healers to embody specific beneficial frequencies. These include love and compassion (rose quartz), balance (clear quartz), wisdom (amethyst), joy (citrine), protection (hematite), prosperity (turquoise), communication (sodalite), and specific combinations to align your chakras. You can learn about various stone properties through the Stones, Shells & Metals Index in our Library. You can use our Search Box to type in the name of specific stones you are interested in. A list of products will be displayed.

Whether you prefer to serve our earth through meditation or through active service, you can find appropriate objects inside our shop to meet the needs of your discipline.

Staff Speak – At the Root of Friendships

More than a handful of people over the week have mentioned that they feel alone or like they have no friends. So I decided to bring this up and offer some insights into friendships.

To be someone’s friend, you must first be a friend to yourself. This means putting your needs first and fulfilling your need for happiness. It helps to be honest about what you like to do, and what is actually being done. Do these two coincide? It helps to be honest about your feelings. Pay attention to feelings when around friends. Ask: Am I happy right now? Why or why not? Does being with this person feel good or not? If it doesn’t feel right, why?

Then depending on the answer, ask: Am I willing to change to continue spending time with the other person? If not, that is ok. If it felt good for a while and now it doesn’t, what is needed to make it better? Can it be made better? Is there a certain scenario that keeps playing out with each new friendship? What is your role in that scenario? How can that scenario be changed? If it can’t, should you chose to find new friendships that feel good?

Then there is the issue of feeling like you do not have any friends. Many people find themselves in this predicament when they are going through a major growth period, when they are changing dramatically. This is normal and is needed for the person to gel into a new vibration. When this happens, your vibration is changing and the people who you call friends may not be changing at the same pace.

With such a vibrational change, people more aligned with the old vibration slowly drop away. At the same time, new people compatible with your new vibration will start showing up in daily life. It is up the individual to take notice of the opportunities that are right there and reach out to these new friends and work on cultivating a friendship.

Some stones to help when the time feels right to reach out to friends (old and new) are emerald, jade, malachite, lapis, and watermelon tourmaline. Emerald helps enhance unconditional love and promotes friendship. Jade helps attract friendship. Malachite assists in releasing inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings and helps alleviate shyness. Watermelon tourmaline assists in activating the heart chakra and fosters friendship. Pick a stone that resonates and take time to meditate with it daily while focusing on friendship. These stones can also be worn as jewelry to keep that vibration in your energy field throughout the day.

What is Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works with crystals, gemstones, and minerals – all of which have wonderful energies to include in your life and around your living and working space. These products set the space to positive natural frequencies which is especially good today when the stress of modern living is bringing us back to a valuing of natural products, and often necessitates protection from the many artificial frequencies of our modern technology.

Often used interchangeably, the items included under the title “crystal healing” do differ technically. A basic definition: mineral is the most inclusive term; some minerals are beautiful and precious so are called gemstones. Some but not all gemstones are composed of a chemical substance whose molecules are arranged in a regular geometric pattern which makes them a crystal. In addition, there are organic non-mineral substances informally included in the category of “crystal healing.” These include lapis lazuli, amber, jet and petrified materials such as wood, bone, sea creatures and plants.

Crystal healing is a subtle energy discipline. Its base is the knowledge that crystals, gemstones and minerals have special properties that can assist humans to maintain health and balance in their lives. There are literally thousands of crystal healing products available for you to use, on Crystal Life’s website. You can see the specimens themselves in the Healing Crystals area and view jewelry made of  healing crystals in the Jewelry with Purpose area. Check out our many informative articles on healing crystals throughout our library and in our blogs; and also specialized posts on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterTumblr, and Pinterest. To get a visual overview of all the gemstones, scroll through the very clear photographs and descriptions we’ve provided in the website’s Gemstone Dictionary.

Staff Speak~Finding the Motivation

Now that we are in the second week of 2012 and working with our New Year’s resolutions, I thought it might be good to touch on a couple of stones that will help one keep the energy of motivation in their field, help to de-clutter one’s space, and to help build healthy habits.

Red Tigers eye is a good stone to help keep motivation alive and it helps bring energy levels up so goals can be worked on or accomplished.  Amethyst is also helpful in motivation and assists in making realistic goals.

 I have found that when making a resolution, if it is broken down into attainable parts, it is easier to keep following through on than if it is one big goal.  For example, “I resolve to be healthier this year” is very broad and could mean many things like, eating healthier, exercising, getting more sleep, taking time to relax, etc.  When I broke it down to individual resolutions and then picked the top two or three, it made it so much easier to stick with my clearly defined goals.

Yellow Calcite is a stone that helps one joyfully reach towards their goals.  Plus it assists with clearing one’s field which is always helpful when clearing out the old or no longer useful items to make space for the new.  If the resolution is to de-clutter and organize, I recommend a prehnite specimen.  If it is for aspects of one’s life, then a pendant would work well.

We love to learn from our customers.  What helps you keep up motivation and follow through with resolutions?

Stones Provide Stability During Change

unakite jewelryThere is no doubt that our world is in extraordinary turmoil now, between social upheavals and earth changes. The question for each of us is: how are we to adapt quickly to these changes, and to assist our selves, our loved ones, our community and our world.

There are times when staying centered and holding strong are needed, and times when staying centered and swaying with the flow are needed. We need the oak and the willow, the bear and the snake, black onyx and green unakite, power and peace, stability and flow.

We also need to keep returning to center, so that we can readjust, bend, flow, and are able to act in strength from within the lines of change themselves.

Commonly available stones to work with during times of change are unakite – the stone of change from within earth stability; and the calcites – stones that keep clearing debris from our energy fields so that we have the energetic freedom and free will to adapt.

Look through your own personal collections of stones and jewelry to find any items of unakite and/or calcite. Bring them forward, give them a good energetic wash, and start using them.

If you don’t have any, visit our website and do a search for jewelry and stones of unakite or calcite. Our energy jewelry that includes a maroon ceramic catalyst bead is also good – the energy of that bead helps us change and adapt.

You can “sit” with these stones, holding them in your palms so that you pull in their energy to clear and strengthen your own.

If you have unakite and calcite as jewelry, start wearing them again. Don’t forget to honor the stone energies for their assistance to you; this strengthens your own respectful adaptation to that energy, and also encourages the stones to be more active themselves.

Also, be sure to give the stones some rest if you are working with them strongly, and clear them as well. These are not stones that do well with a salt bath – they are soft and can disintegrate – so either put them in a glass bowl that is resting on the salt, or clear them by passing them through incense (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense are good incenses for this), or place them in the moonlight, or on a bed of soft moss (either harvested in the wild, or available from a craft store or florist).