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Earth Share | Grid for a Productive Classroom

When teaching in a classroom there are quite a few factors involved in maintaining a productive learning environment. Of these factors there is especially a need for patience, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. Every crystal has a multitude of properties in order to assist us in as many ways as possible. This grid will use only a handful of these properties geared towards creating a safe and productive classroom setting. This grid is made up of only six different stone types: Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

The larger, outermost Merkabah is composed of two stone types, Howlite and Blue Lace Agate. Howlite is being utilized for a few of its properties, it brings a peaceful, calming affect. In addition, Howlite works to improve the memory. Blue Lace Agate offers a similar peaceful, and calm energy to the throat chakra, or self-expression. Howlite works with the crown chakra, dealing with consciousness. By bringing a calm, and peaceful energy to the throat and crown chakras, emotions like anxiety are able to easily pass through the energy field rather than disrupting it.

On either side of the outer Merkabah there are two pieces of Black Tourmaline.  Having a large collection of people in a room guarantees the presence of imbalanced energies. These discordant energies manifest into things like frustration, and nervousness. Black Tourmaline works to alleviate the classroom of any negativity that may be floating around. It also promotes the understanding of others, and yourself while boosting confidence and dissipating fear. The design of the outer merkabah and tourmaline works with the energies of the class as a whole. It maintains a safe environment where students can flow freely.

The small, inner-most of the merkabahs is composed of Lapis Lazuli and Malachite. In this arrangement the Earth Tetrahedron (downward facing triangle) is Lapis Lazuli, and the Source Tetrahedron (Upward facing triangle) is Malachite. Here, Lapis is working as a thought amplifier, increasing memory as well as objectivity and clarity. Lapis also encourages active listening. Malachite is the grounding stone of the bunch. It helps us to establish boundaries, which many of us have experienced to be absolutely necessary in a classroom setting. Malachite eases the processing of information as well as the ability to absorb it. It also increases the skill of observation, and aids in understanding even the most complicated subjects. This inner Merkabah is configured to work on a personal level with each student so that they are able to get the most out of their learning experience.

Finally, we have a Clear Quartz Sphere in the center. Clear Quartz amplifies present energies. When in the center of a grid it intensifies the other stone energies. In addition to this, it offers an overall sense of clarity. Since this is a carved stone, the geometric attributes also apply. The spherical shape causes the energy to radiate outward, covering a larger area.

This grid is small so that it may be easily assembled in or on a desk, counter, or on the floor. With intention, the grid’s energy can be held over an entire classroom. It can also be made into a larger scale, perhaps around an entire school (you might want to get some larger stones). You may even want to build a layout like this for your own personal learning environment or office.

Earth Share | Faery Ring Grid

Legends whisper that the Fae live within the wild woods among the ocean of lavender and blue daisies. Their roots buried deep within Celtic Britain, where the lore of their existence seep across the land. Ruins hum to the rhythmic movement of their wings, traveling through the earths veins- into the fairy pools of silken blue.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetConnect to the Fairy realm and embrace the Fae energy. This is a modern Fairy ring that is based on grid work. You can place this in your room, garden, or scared space to root yourself to the fairies.

  • The Fairy Star- A seven pointed star the holds the magic of the Fae, connecting to the elements. It calls upon the fairies to protect you energy field.
  • Staurolite (Fairy Cross)- This is the portal into the fairy realm. It is highly protective and allows you to see the invisible world.
  • Clear Quartz- Provides clarity and opens your mind, body, and spirit into new energy fields.
  • Amethyst- This is the lavender field, the ocean of blushing purple. This connects to the fairies realm and deepens your intuition.
  • Preseli Bluestone- Connects you to Celtic Britain energy- the lands that hold the legends of the Fae- The beholder of fairy energy.

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ISIC | Reiki Boost Grid

Creating grids is something that can be very enjoyable, and is certainly an effective way to do energy work.

Reiki Grid by VictorThis particular grid is composed of various crystals that can amplify and assist Reiki energy. The goal here is to have an easily accessible ‘station’ where it is possible to receive a quick clearing and boost of energy. In this arrangement there is an area to place each of the hands. This is where the Reiki is transferred from the grid to your person. In the case that you are not attuned to Reiki, it is still possible to utilize this grid concept. Ask your guides, as well as any available Reiki guide, to assist you in activating and directing the desired energy flow. If you already are a Reiki practitioner, use the Distance Healing symbol as well as asking your guides for assistance.

The main crystals included here are Apophylite to increase Reiki flow, Aragonite to ground high vibrational energies, Blue Kyanite to clear and align the body’s meridians, and Clear Quartz to amplify the Reiki and to balance any discordant energies. While there are other stones in this grid (Amethyst, Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Specular Hematite, Lithium,  Rutilated Quartz, and Black Tourmaline), the four previously listed are the staples. When gridding, it is most beneficial to “make it your own”. Use stones that you are guided to use, or whichever make the most sense to you at the time.

All parts of this arrangement serve both a separate purpose and are also a part of a larger function. The straight line running from top to bottom signifies the central channel that flows through each of us, connecting to both the Earth and Source. The outer structure of the grid is a circle. The circle creates a sacred space, or Merkabah (where there’s a 2D circle, there is a 3D sphere), in which it is appropriate to place and conducive to the light patterns being crafted. The Large Quartz points are being utilized to direct the flow of Reiki and Crystal energies. The four carved Aventurine Reiki Stones surround the grid, and offer both the properties of the stone type, and each of the Reiki symbols.

Finally, notice the outward facing tiny Quartz points at each of the four directions. These are simply serving as doorways. When any sort of energetic grid is created, different energies are being gathered and locked into specific desired positions. As beneficial as this appears on the surface, the gridder must not tack the energies down. Rather, through the use of an open path, allow them to flow as freely as they wish, as everything in the Universe has consciousness and the right of free will. The energies are not there to be controlled. This is the foundation of the Interdimensional work we are constantly engaged in. We are to remain laterally cooperative, and should resist taking on hierarchical roles. In the case of this Reiki grid, these gateways allow for the obsolete energies to move out and return to Source, while creating space for the new energies to flow in.

With intention, this grid can provide a variety of uses. The original purpose was to offer a place where Reiki could be received by those in need. As I write, I realize that this grid may also be beneficial for the practitioner. Perhaps it can be used to establish an immediate connection to the Reiki vibration, or maybe a water bowl of sorts to perform a quick cleanse after a session with a client. The possibilities are seemingly endless. The most important part is to remember to have to have fun, and to follow your intuition.



ISIC – Vesica Balance Grid

For this grid, the intention was to create a tool that could aid in balancing the body’s various systems. The endocrine and lymphatic systems both run throughout the human body either releasing hormones or recycling blood plasma. The duties of these systems are far more complex than this synopsis. However, for the purpose of this blog, it is most important to understand that they play a large role in regulating your daily life.

With a specific physical target, I find it most appropriate to reference a crystal guide like “Crystal Prescriptions” by Judy Hall. The stones listed for the endocrine system that were decided to be most applicable were Fire Agate, Amber, Amethyst, Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Peridot, and Tourmaline. Tourmaline is also listed for the lymphatic system along with Moss Agate, and Blue Chalcedony. There are other appropriate stones, however these are the ones that intuitively “stuck out.” Blue Kyanite also wanted to be included in the group, as it very nicely clears energetic pathways.

As with most grids, there are different components which serve separate functions to complete the greater, complete function. Not only can crystals be used to map out the energies, but also other various items such as Slim Spurling Rings. Here there are two rings overlaid to create a Vesica Pisces. This works to achieve a couple of goals. First, the Vesica design offers an opportunity to analyze each of our sides, masculine and feminine. It then allows us to see our in-between parts, the places where our two sides mesh together. In this situation, with the directional aid of a few Clear Quartz Points, the Vesica is also being used as a figure eight infinity symbol. This creates a constant and balanced flow of energies. Standing with a foot within each side of the Vesica Pisces, the crystal energies follow the programed patterns (Vesica and Infinity) up, throughout, and back down your body and energy field.

 Experiment with logical placements and patterns, and also with intuition and aesthetics. The more beautiful the crystal layout, all the more it will resonate and become beneficial.

ISIC – Stress Relief Grid

With the energetic shifts and changes arriving along side of 2012, there seems to be an increased need for rest and recuperation. As these times require additional inward focus, this additional focus requires that we stay calm and relaxed. This layout of stones caters to this need, and recharges you for whatever may lie ahead.

This formation consists of only four different stone types and a 3 1/2 Cubit Slim Spurling ring.

The stones are all placed on the points of two superimposed merkabahs, each composed of like stones. Lets begin with the calming triad. The outer most of the three is larimar. It brings peace and tranquility which allows for a deep meditative state. Now is the time to use earth goddess stones like larimar, as they can bring guidance in times of stress and change.

The second and center stone in the triad is howlite. In preparing the mind for wisdom and insight, Howlite is also a very useful stone for meditation. It is extremely calming and soothing for the emotions, thus it offers us an opportunity to take a step back from the chaos. From that point on, it is much easier to center and function at our highest capacities.

The third and innermost stone of this merkabah is blue calcite. The calcite family has quite a selection of colors, each with unique properties. These color based properties are in addition to the structural based properties of calcite. These “generic” qualities cleanse the physical and subtle bodies and help to restore lost hope and motivation. Calcite also removes stress and replaces it with serenity. Blue calcite gently soothes nerves and anxieties. It facilitates relaxation and recuperation while absorbing, transmuting, and returning energy to the user.

At each point of the second complete merkabah is a piece of yellow calcite. Balancing and clearing discordant energies with the power of the sun, yellow calcite brings joy and cheerfulness into the field. It is uplifting, and induces a deep relaxing meditation. Stepping into this energy is like stepping into the light of the Sun.

I recommend making this grid large enough to stand or sit in. It would, of course, still be beneficial in a smaller size on your desk or under your chair. In these situations I would not use a Ring to circle to grid. If you are creating a larger scale grid, when not in use, remember to remove the Slim Spurling ring in order to allow the energies to flow as they wish. When in use, this ring will clear and charge everything cylindrically contained within it.

ISIC – Productive Office Grid

So you’ve found yourself caught up in the daily grind. Perhaps you’re feeling a little less motivated than usual, or maybe a certain coworker has been difficult to cooperate with lately – maybe you are that coworker. Setting aside any current and relevant stresses, it is important to remember that most work environments have these situations. Not only that, but if you are feeling tension, it is up to you to make a change!

The following are four stones that you can grid in each corner of your office or on your desk.

For all those procrastinators out there, sunstone is the crystal for you. It restores the sweetness in life, invoking joyful inspiration. This stone is also great for people who have difficulty saying no. It eliminates feelings of perpetual failure and encourages self-empowerment and self-worth. It gently removes hooks in the aura that drain mental and emotional energy.

Hematite is a great way to dissolve negative energy. It protects and harmonizes the body, mind, and soul. Hematite boosts confidence, self-esteem and will power. When in the office, these qualities boost reliability. Because it increases focus and enhances memory, hematite will also assist in any mathematical or technical endeavor.

Sodalite works to unite logic with intuition. Sometimes in work situations, it is easy to give in to others wants; sodalite helps you to stay true to yourself. If you work with computers, it clears and blocks EMF pollution from your energy field. Sodalite stimulates a working group environment by easing communication. This is accomplished by eliminating confusion, and helping to verbalize thoughts and feelings.

Every now and again we encounter people who call for a lot of patience. Magnesite helps to overcome intolerance and irritability, bringing a calm tolerance for emotional stress. It shows egotistical people how to take a back seat and truly listen to what other people have to say. In addition to that, magnesite harmonizes the hemispheres of the brain, stimulating ideas and their applications.

Grandfather Buffalo – The Five Master Crystals

There are, perhaps, many master quartz crystals. We will be talking about five of them. They are amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine, rose quartz, and clear quartz. While they are all quartz, they will have many basic qualities as well as specific qualities for each one. We will discuss these properties as well as ways to use them.



Traditionally used to ward off drunkenness, to assist in releasing repetitive issues such as obsessive compulsive, drinking, addictions, etc., amethyst may be used as a dream stone to assist with insomnia as well as to recall dreams. It works to relieve headaches and migraines. An aid against self deception, feelings of guilt, or fearfulness. It helps one to heal emotionally and to achieve emotional stability.

A spiritual stone, Amethyst assists one in connecting to source, or higher consciousness. A stone for achieving spiritual wisdom, and/or inner wisdom on a deep level. Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps in focusing the practice.

An excellent stone for healing, folk lure states healing problems with the blood or with the breathing process. It also clears negativity in the home.

Smokey Quartz

Helps to provide the ability to move forward under stress or emotional turmoil. Smokey Quartz assists you to be more aware of sound and it’s affects on you. It emotionally elevates moods and mood swings, transmuting those negative emotions. Relieves stress, fear, jealousy, and anger. In meditation, it helps one to reach higher states of wisdom. Physically, Smokey Quartz assists with all lower body issues and organs. It removes toxins as well as assisting with ADD and hyperactivity.


Called the “Success Stone”, citrine promotes success, prosperity, and abundance by aiding in manifesting one’s desires and hopes. Citrine dissipates negativity of all kinds and on all levels, clearing those unwanted energies. It enhances mental clarity, confidence, will power, and creativity.

Emotionally, citrine relieves depression, self doubt, anger, and mood swings. Physically, it helps with digestion, the stomach, nightmares, and the removal of toxins. It also brings awareness, clears the aura of negativity, and provides protection. It is an excellent dream stone, and assists in dream recall.

Rose Quartz

The “Unconditional Love Stone” opens the heart to all forms of love. It provides the link to the “Heart Mind.” Emotionally, rose quartz provides gentleness in the area of forgiveness, compassion, and kindness, it also enhances tolerance for others. Rose quartz raises self esteem and self worth. It balances the emotions and related wounds, removing the fear, grief, and anger.

Physically, rose quartz attracts love and relationship stability. It eases the transition process for self and others on all levels. An excellent stone for dream work and dream recall.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz enhances energy on all levels. It absorbs, stores, and amplifies energy. It assists in enhancing the thought process. An excellent stone for meditation, manifesting, healing, and providing protection. By its nature, it is a stone that may be programmed for specific uses.

Clear quartz works to balance and harmonize the environment. It will clear, energize, and amplify other crystals. A stone of clarity, it dispels negativity and negative energies. Clear quartz will act to purify and clarify mental activity on all levels, enhancing spiritual growth and wisdom. Clear quartz is an excellent stone for studying as all as for retaining what one has learned.

Physically, clear quartz is a power stone that protects one from negative energies. It assists in clearly connecting to spirit guides or other entities. Excellent for dreaming and dream recall. It also provides access to ancient wisdom.

An all purpose master healer, clear quartz amplifies healing energies, draws out pain, and fortifies and strengthens healing work on all levels.

One may use these in a Medicine Wheel Pattern:

East – Beginning – Morning- Spring – Eagle

South – Growth – Noon – Summer – Wolf

West – Elder – Evening – Autumn – Bear

North – Wisdom – Midnight – Winter – Buffalo

Use the five Master crystals in any position of the wheel that you intuit.

You may also try them in a pathway, in a straight line.

ISIC – Grid Your Garden

As we approach summer of 2012, it is wise to keep in mind that this year is a reintegration of the masculine and feminine energies, sky and earth. This means that nature is going to be taking back its role in the lives of humans. It is time to show the Earth and its beings the same respect that we give to ourselves and to fellow humans.

This is a small grid that is easy to assemble and is intended to be placed in the center of your garden. The combination of these stones will amplify your plants’ energy as well as proliferate their growth.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(2) Moss Agate – Harmonizes masculine and feminine energies. Strong connection with nature. Reduces sensitivity to environmental pollutants.

(2) Rose Quartz – Peace. Balances discordant energies with love. It also releases any impurity in the system.

(1) Copper – Harmonically connects the physical and astral bodies. It works to magnify energy transfer.

(1) Clear Quartz – Balances and amplifies energy.

(1) Unakite Donut – Powerful Earth stone with an affinity for nature. It offers a pleasant grounding energy.

This is a layout with four points in order to honor the four directions of the Earth. For this reason, the square shape supplies a stable platform for energies to ground effectively.

Though the donut variation of unakite is not necessary, it was chosen because of its toroidal shape. Merriam-Webster defines a toroid as “a surface generated by a closed plane curve rotated about a line that lies in the same plane as the curve but does not intersect it.” This is the path of our energy fields – everything from a grain of sand to the entire earth itself. Incorporating this into a grid eases the energy flow, and with intention can expand the area covered. A flat tumbled piece of unakite would do well to replace the toroid.

The final component of this grid is a piece of clear quartz. If there are any plants that may require an additional energy boost from this grid, I suggest placing a clear quartz near the roots. Quartz will amplify the energy of the plant, thus allowing for it to grow with more efficiency. The quartz will work with the plant itself, as well as channel the energy of the grid to the plant.

ISIC – Flowing with the Solar Flares

Many of us at Crystal Life have found ourselves being pulled in all sorts of directions due to the solar flares that are occurring this year. While we understand that these flares bring up emotional and behavioral issues that must be addressed, it can be both difficult and pressing at times yet with an end result that is very beneficial and for the better good. Working through these emotional and behavioral blocks is a lesson in itself to remain centered through all of these changes.

This is a merkabah grid, designed by Tammy and myself, to help ease this process of change and growth.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(1) Malachite

(6) Unakite

(6) Yellow Calcite

Malachite is the center piece for this layout. Malachite works to ground spiritual energy to the earth. When we are experiencing stress, malachite absorbs negativity while it harmonizes and balances. Also an aid in transformation, it assists in being receptive to insight from your subconscious. From there it is easier to see what is blocking your spiritual growth by getting to the core of the problem.

A Merkabah is an energy field which can be two dimensionally displayed by intersecting two opposite facing equilateral triangles (3-sided pyramids if you are working on three dimensions). A Merkabah is the complete balance of duality, light and dark. There are two complete Merkabahs being utilized as the structure of this grid. The inner-most composed of unakite, while the outer being yellow calcite.

Unakite offers a calm and gentle energy, which is crucial to maintain in your energy field at this time. Much like the malachite in this case, unakite integrates light into the field revealing insights regarding said blockages. It helps to uncover the root cause of any dis-ease and allows it to surface in order for the user to create change and transformation in their life.

Yellow Calcite clears the personal field as well as the environment with the purity and power of our sun. Growth and development are accelerated when using this stone. Using yellow calcite alleviates emotional stress, and connects the emotions with the intellect. When this is achieved, a greater sense of emotional intelligence is attainable. The light in this crystal helps to overcome setbacks, which is what many of us may perceive to be happening with these life changes. Then we may understand that set backs are really stepping stones for another reality.

The entire earth is currently experiencing these shifts, so I highly suggest the use of this grid in efforts to better the ability to flow in these times of great change. While a grid is ideal because it will work with an entire space, it would be advisable to at least carry this three-stone combination in your pocket or medicine bag. Most of all, remember that life is beautiful. Even the bumpy parts serve a beautiful divine purpose.