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Staff Speak- Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, is located in the area between the naval and approximately 2″ above the pubic bone.  This is the energy center where creativity resides enabling us to go with the flow.  It is also where our emotions about inter-relations with our personal world (friends, associates, lovers) resides.

Some stones that assist with this chakra are orange coral, chrysoprase, orange agate and carnelian just to name a few.  “A stone of the sea,” orange coral is good for working on relations with others.  Chrysoprase helps to release any stored up feelings in the second chakra.  Orange Agate helps you to go with the flow of life.  Moonstone helps to soothe and understand the emotions that we have stored in the second chakra.  Carnelian helps stimulate creativity.

There are many ways to utilize these stones for the second chakra.  Get two of the same kind and put one in each of your pant pockets where they can be near your sacral chakra.  You can wear one as a pendant to have the energy in your field throughout the day.

For more information on the sacral chakra, check out the library on the Crystal Life Technology website.

Staff Speak – Self Acceptance

Each and everyone of us has many aspects of ourselves.  Our society and backgrounds have taught us that some are “good” and some “bad.”  In labeling different aspects of ourselves such as a fleeting thought or behavior that is different from the norm as “bad,” we start to have conflict within ourself.  This conflict comes from the inner-self needing to do something, but the aspect of ourself that may be concerned with what society deems “right” or “wrong,” starts to judge the behavior and may start feeling bad for acting that way.  A example of this would be a person who grows up in a college educated family.  The dad is a Doctor, the mother a lawyer and older siblings finishing grad school.  In this family structure it is frowned upon to pursue a career in Music.

Self acceptance is key to minimizing the inner conflicts.  An affirmation such as ” I love and accept myself as I am,” can be said daily to help manifest this into your life.  There are stones that help with self acceptance as well. You can hold the stone while saying the affirmation out loud.  Then keep the stone in your pocket as a reminder of your self acceptance throughout the day.  Agate gently helps with self acceptance.  Pink Peruvian Opal brings in unconditional love and acceptance.  Chrysoprase release judgementalism while stimulating acceptance.  Rhyolite assists with self-respect and acceptance of your true self.  Sodalite helps you be true to who you are.




Chrysoprase balances the physical and mental bodies. Augments communication, balances emotional problems.  Stability, youthful zest and happiness.

Said by the ancients to promote love of truth, chyrsoprase also promotes hope, draws out talents and stimulates creativity. Imparting a sense of being a part of the divine whole, chrysoprase is a good stone for meditation. Stimulating fluent speech and mental dexterity, this stone encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. Chyrsoprase is believed to help with feelings of security and trust, and is useful in supporting independence. Also excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep. Chrysoprase is believed to be a natural helper with mosquitos. Place stones in your garden, or carry it with you.